[Ambient] Darkmoon - Spacemusic for the Millions (a d/l)

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    Elian Techno Mofo
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    Voilà une fois de plus une manière très agréable de se faire connaitre. Darkmoon propose à l'internaute de télécharger gratuitement l'entièreté de l'album. Et le geste permet de nous faire découvrir un monde sonore très complet, appaisant, émouvant et, je trouve, agréable :). A tester !!


    [IMG] 1 Mekmek Polkisnok
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 5"22' | 7.38 MB ]

    [IMG] 2 Hier Pak Aan
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 5"54' | 8.12 MB ]

    [IMG] 3 Lift My Left Leg
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 9"10' | 12.6 MB ]

    [IMG] 4 Distress Your Bowel
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient, Electro | 5"41' | 7.81 MB ]

    [IMG] 5 Behutmakandat
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 5"08' | 7.06 MB ]

    [IMG] 6 Abandoned Kindergarten
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 3"04' | 4.23 MB ]

    [IMG] 7 Kwajer
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 4"49' | 6.63 MB ]

    [IMG] 8 Nebula
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 4"08' | 5.69 MB ]

    [IMG] 9 Tenger Doch Endelstomp
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 5"33' | 7.64 MB ]

    [IMG] 10 Farewell
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 2"44' | 3.77 MB ]

    [IMG] 11 Sudan
    By Hardmoon
    [ Ambient | 2"51' | 3.93 MB ]

    All music offered for download on this website is © 1996-2003 Sublogic Corporation

    Cliquez ici pour arriver à la page de téléchargement de Spacemusic for the Millions

    Sublogic is proud to present to you an 11-track ambient LP, guestreleased by Arjen Schumacher a.k.a. Hardmoon. We can only guess how his artist handle relates to the music he makes, but there are some things that we do know - some history and facts:

    When Arjen heard Autobahn from Kraftwerk back in the 70's, he was immediately hooked onto electronic music. In the late 80's he started composing his own electro-tracks using Obarski's Soundtracker on the Amiga. After some years he made the switch to hardware and built a large studio around him over time.
    In 2000 Arjen decided he wanted more livingspace and dived into software synths. He sold most of his equipment again. Nowadays, he only has two computers, a laptop and a desktop computer which is all that is left of his studio. Only two synths still keep the old studio in remembrance.
    As for the musicmaking itself, Arjen's main goal is to achieve an epic feeling within (almost) every track he writes. On rare occasions he co-produces with Ruud and Peytr, about whom more information can be found on the Hardmoon project website.

    The album gently takes off into the airborne with the rather oddly titled track Mekmek Polkisnok, quite a newage meditational trip.
    After this, Hier Pak Aan (that's Dutch for "Here, take this") is somewhat stronger in certain parts, and has a sense of provocativeness, as the title would imply.
    The third track is the first to have a sense of rhythm, constant logic, with melodies that are present throughout the whole first parts of the (long) track. The latter part is another ride with no destination on a tapestry of pads woven into pads... almost until the very end.
    Distress your bowel takes on quite a different approach, with heavy rhythms and dirty synths, without actually becoming too fidgety for its own good. Instead of bouncing off, it keeps to the task at hand, which is earthbound, and telling its musical story.
    The next track, Behutmakandat also features a lot of percussion, but is a tad more gloomy. It is followed by the sad piano-based track Abandoned Kindergarten.
    Kwajer fuses a remarkable combination of song, strings, haunting winds and arabic influence, and does so remarkably well: the actual music (as is often the case - especially on this album) far supersedes these mere words here used to attempt a description.
    Track 8, Nebula, takes us way into outer space, and then all the way back again. Tenger Doch Endelstomp starts with drones, pads and broad chords of strings, which gradually decay into a myriad of weird noises.
    Next, Farewell sounds exactly the way it's called: a sullen yet beautiful string symphony, and lastly, Sudan leaves you alone in the gloom with its fearful sounds and dark choirs.

    Of coarse, these are just one man's interpretation of the music in this album, which should be invitation to hear for yourself. At any rate: it's worth it, as there is obviously a lot of work and a lot of emotion put into it. Also, we would like the title to reflect reality as much as possible, so we're hoping for some 500,000 downloads in the first week. ;)

    All music offered for download on this website is © 1996-2003 Sublogic Corporation
    Elian, 27 Mai 2004
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    [SinGe] Touriste
    je telecharge tt ca des que chui chez moi :D
    merchiiii :D
    [SinGe], 27 Mai 2004
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    II doki- II Prof de maths !
    Hardmoon :)
    II doki- II, 27 Mai 2004
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    Zwane Elite
    j'en dl une voir le style :D

    edit: j'aime bien :D

    assez calme et ça me fait un peu penser a clint mansell :)
    Zwane, 27 Mai 2004
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    Jereck Procrastinateur
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    Grmbl, je vais devoir finir le mois en 64K
    Jereck, 27 Mai 2004
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    pl3ym0zz ex membre
    bon bah on va un peu dl tout ca avant de faire des coms :) je connais pas des masses ;) on va découvrir :)
    pl3ym0zz, 27 Mai 2004
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