Comment retire les say ?

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    MIKA doo ex membre
    bah je voudrais bien savoir comment faire pour retirer tous les say, say_team lorsque l'on visionne une démo ? ( est ce possible ? ) et si aussi il y a moyen de retirer les pub AMX ?

    et aussi désactiver les voix lorsque kkl un parle pour ne pas que son micro s'affiche ...

    merci pour vos réponses :)
    MIKA doo, 14 Novembre 2004
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    Matth- o_O
    Désactiver les voix : voice_enable 0
    Enlever les say : hud_saytext 0
    Matth-, 14 Novembre 2004
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    GUMBAL 1337
    // °°° Four-Kings Intel in_eyes demo script for CS
    // °°° -------------------------------------------
    // If you dont want to use viewdemo
    // or just like to have slowmotion/fastforward
    // binded to a single key.
    // Also very usefull for when people are timing rounds
    // or you want to get rid of those annoying long pauses

    // °°° Keys being used
    // °°° -------------------------------------------
    // mouse1 - shows scoreboard
    // f6 - extreme slowmotion
    // f7 - normal slowmotion
    // f8 - pause
    // f9 - normal fastforward
    // f10 - extreme fastforward
    // just press a key twice to go back to normal playback mode

    // °°° Binds & Aliases
    // °°° -------------------------------------------
    bind "MOUSE1" "+showscores"
    bind "e" "endmovie"
    bind "q" "starmovie nice 30"
    bind "s" "starmovie moua 30"
    bind "d" "starmovie nike 30"
    bind "f" "starmovie bugs 30"
    bind "g" "starmovie kool 30"
    bind "h" "starmovie yhea 30"
    bind "j" "starmovie noob 30"
    bind "k" "starmovie wtfd 30"
    bind "l" "starmovie okff 30"
    bind "m" "starmovie lofl 30"

    // The following commands will allow you to fast forward
    // in two differant speeds binded to f9 and f10

    alias fw2on "host_framerate 0.05;alias fw2 fw2off;developer 1;echo Extreme Fastforward;developer 0"
    alias fw2off "host_framerate 0.0;alias fw2 fw2on;developer 1;echo default playback speed;developer 0"
    alias fw2 "fw2on"
    bind "F10" "fw2"

    alias fastforwardon "host_framerate 0.015;alias fastforward fastforwardoff;developer 1;echo Fastforward;developer 0"
    alias fastforwardoff "host_framerate 0.0;alias fastforward fastforwardon;developer 1;echo default playback speed;developer 0"
    alias fastforward "fastforwardon"
    bind "F9" "fastforward"

    // The following command will pause the game and bind it to f8

    alias pauseon "host_framerate 0.0000000001;alias pauser pauseoff;developer 1;echo paused;developer 0"
    alias pauseoff "host_framerate 0.0;alias pauser pauseon;developer 1;echo unpaused;developer 0"
    alias pauser "pauseon"
    bind "F8" "pauser"

    // Two differant speeds for nice slowmotion action shots
    // one is really very slow and the other one is a bit faster
    // binded to f6 & f7

    alias slowmotionon "host_framerate 0.0025;alias slowmotion slowmotionoff;developer 1;echo Slowmotion;developer 0"
    alias slowmotionoff "host_framerate 0.0;alias slowmotion slowmotionon;developer 1;echo default playback speed;developer 0"
    alias slowmotion "slowmotionon"
    bind "F7" "slowmotion"

    alias sw2on "host_framerate 0.0005;alias sw2 sw2off;developer 1;echo Extreme Slowmotion;developer 0"
    alias sw2off "host_framerate 0.0;alias sw2 sw2on;developer 1;echo default playback speed;developer 0"
    alias sw2 "sw2on"
    bind "F6" "sw2"

    echo "mouse1 - shows scoreboard"
    echo "f6 - extreme slowmotion"
    echo "f7 - normal slowmotion"
    echo "f8 - pause"
    echo "f9 - normal fastforward"
    echo "f10 - extreme fastforward"
    echo "just press a key twice to go back to normal playback mode"

    hud_saytext 0
    gamma "10"
    brightness "5"
    gl_overbright "1"
    gl_overbrights "1"
    hud_centerid "0"
    max_shells "500"
    max_smokepuffs "500"
    hud_drawhistory_time "0"
    hud_saytext_time "0"
    hud_saytext_interval "0"
    hud_draw "1"
    net_graph "0"
    hud_classautokill "1"
    cl_himodels "1"
    GUMBAL, 14 Novembre 2004
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