Danmagine (moteur de shoot'em up)

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    Version: v0.2

    Même si ce forum est en français, vu que toute la documentation n'est pour le moment qu'en anglais autant rester dans cette langue pour la suite de ce message :)

    Voir le site web (wiki) du projet

    Here is the release of Danmagine v0.2. So what can you do with it?

    I'd say almost everything you might expect from it. It is stable, powerful and everything can be scripted. There are lots of tools and a few libraries. On the project Wiki there is a full documentation, with tutorials, and a forum where I'll be happy to answer in case you have a problem. It is a complete and working version, you should not have any problem getting started.

    Then why is it not v1.0?

    Because it needs some polishing. Although technically speaking you should be able to do almost anything you can think of, for some complex tasks it might not be very convenient to do it with the tools you have now. v1.0 will mostly need to have larger libraries. To do that, I need a lot of feedback. Up to now I'm pretty much the only one who used it. As a result, I don't know if what I've implemented and the way I've implemented it is what you will want. Thus, please, don't hesitate to send some feedback on my email or on the forums. Whether its simple remarks, suggestions, feature requests or just general thoughts about the engine, I'd really like to hear them to improve the engine :)

    Have fun scripting (^-^)/
    Mjonir, 16 Février 2011