Diablo III

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    linkiller aka Mayoche
    Ouaip c'est du aux tests, normalement je suis à 30k unbuff.

    J'hésite souvent à passer avec un boubou, je perds le life on hit de l'épée mais au final je perds que 600 dps car j'ai 350 dex sur le boubou...

    Mais bon je vais chercher des bagues, si pas je prends celles de mon hunt
    linkiller, 9 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    premiere vente sur le rmah: immortal's king belt à 70e :cool:
    zoheir, 9 Septembre 2012
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    titoum GMZ Crew optc 970.342.646
    c bien tu as rembourse ton jeu :D
    titoum, 9 Septembre 2012
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    Bartel つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    Et concrètement, si tu veux récupérer ton argent tu en touche combien avec les taxes?
    Bartel, 9 Septembre 2012
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    Skarbone I would rather be snowboarding
    (70 - 1 ) * 0.85, donc 58 et des poussières :)
    Skarbone, 10 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    View profile #1) Drops suck, and they suck bad. Anyone arguing otherwise is suspect. It drains the fun out of the game. Blame it on me using the auction house if you want, in the end the drops are bad. In the last hundred or so hours of playing I farmed act 3 to death, filling both characters inventories and 3 pages of my stash with unid ilvl 63 rares multiple times. I came away with nothing noteworthy. This was done with my character at 250%mf or above the entire duration. In the end, I didn't want to pick anything up at all...

    #2) Builds suck, and they suck bad. It is 95% gear. Once you hit a certain point late into your playing, you are left with very few builds that are effective and efficient. I haven't wanted to touch my barb in a long time because unless I play as a ww barb I know I am selling myself short in the farming department.

    #3) Magic find. Seriously, what the hell? I have played with high levels of magic find since release and all I can say is nephalem valor strangely seems to trump it. If I was farming inferno with maxed or near-maxed mf and coming away with garbage 99.9% of the time I can only imagine what others must feel like who play with less. It's a never-ending letdown, with few exceptions.

    #4) Boss fights. They are counterproductive. Beat an inferno boss, find an ilvl 51 item. Yay. Is this Diablo?

    #5) The artistic direction. It feels like WoW. I find it somewhat insulting to both my tastes and expectations of the franchise. It feels like a saturday morning cartoon. Most monsters look like they could be Pokemon. The only thing I like are the effects, which leads me to another issue...

    #6) In a 4 player game, when the heat is on, I can't tell half the time where my mouse pointer is, or what my character is doing, or where the frozen/arcane spawns are, until it's too late. I have this problem playing on a decent 42" lcd screen and sitting 2-3' from it. It's nice to see all the pretty lights and explosions, but to use a tired cliche, this isn't a Michael Bay movie, it's Diablo. It's also funny/sad, because the spells feel so much less effective than Diablo 2.

    #7) No necromancer? Instead we get the witch doctor? I know it is a personal preference, but c'mon. He was by far my favorite character, and many others feel the same way. The witch doctors spells also seem silly to me compared to the necromancers. Skeletons and golems vs. bears and bottled spiders? No contest.

    #:cool: Speaking of characters, why only 5? I have read somewhere that an employee of the company stated they had no plans for an expansion at this time. Well, Diablo 2+LoD had 7 characters. Why do we have LESS than before? Was there not enough time? Was there not enough creativity? Did they think less would be more due to the millions upon millions of builds we have to pick from? No excuse in my book. None at all.

    #9) The music. Actually, almost any audio this game produces. It's all amateur. It ruins the atmosphere, and that is where the audio matters most. Don't get me started on the voice acting, which will segue into my next point nicely.

    #10) The story. This is totally unacceptable. Who wrote this? Who approved of it? Fire them. I'm insulted by it to be honest.

    #11) Online only. Good job with this one. If you thought I was going to forget the release of this game, joke is on you, I remember. Now, any game released by this company will not be purchased by me anywhere near its release. I can and will wait. Another point in this category is that I played Diablo 2 more than any other game ever, and 99% of the time I was playing it offline by myself or many times in a lan. Not this game though.

    #12) Attaching real money to the game. This one is controversial to me. On the one hand I have made over a thousand dollars from my time playing the game. On the other hand, once I started making money in the game, it lost most of it's appeal as a game and became more like a job. That sucks. Way to commercialize.

    #13) The game director. I am not a fan. I'm a Detroit Lions fan, and we had a similar situation. The guys name was Matt Millen. We got rid of him a few years ago. Now look at the lions, they went from the worst season in NFL history to the playoffs. Amazing what getting rid of bads in power can do for a team.

    #14) Acts. What is the point of playing acts 1, 2, and 4 in inferno? Where is the incentive? How did you not see this coming?

    #15) Progression. I start the game with a world of possibilities, many things to look forward to, many paths to take. As a character hits around level 30-40, everything changes. Builds start to wither, methods become ineffective. In the end I feel less powerful than when I was playing normal, I feel like I have less options, and the options I do have involve buying gear, which at that point becomes too expensive to afford. When upgrades cost tens or hundreds of millions in gold, but I am nowhere near satisfied with what I currently have, it sucks.

    #16) Why are most lines of dialogue in the game lies? Or at least false? My character, all the bosses, many npc's, they all are wrong when they open their mouth. Except maybe ZK, but then he gets his head bashed in by us anyway. If the goal was to make everyone seem like an idiot then it was a success. Azmodan takes the cake here for sure.

    These are the things I can come up with off the top of my head. Anyway, I am cashing out, selling all my pieces of gear, and not looking back. Overall I had fun, and in the end the game paid me to play, and paid quite well, but in hindsight, this game is a 6/10 at best.

    It can be fixed in the future, sure, but I am an old school gamer. I expect a finished product when I purchase the game, not in the future at some unknown time, with descriptors of "soon." When Blizzard used to say "soon" it meant they were adding awesomeness to the game to exceed expectations. Now "soon" is a cop-out they use as they try to figure out what the hell they are doing. It's a damn shame, and one I will not forget. Neither will anyone who feels similar, I hope, for the sake of quality gaming, now and in the future.

    Peace out.

    Forgot to add my favorite part of the game. By far it was the forum. More entertaining than the game. Truly an accomplishment to be noted.

    ce post de rage <3
    zoheir, 10 Septembre 2012
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    titoum GMZ Crew optc 970.342.646
    en même tps: 100% true
    titoum, 10 Septembre 2012
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    b3nSs Elite
    Abusé je vois tous le monde ce stuff comme des porcs et bien loot depuis le patch mais pour ma part pas le cas au contraire plus je farm plus les loots son mauvais . :s

    Paragon 27 -> 0 set / 1 légendiare correcte - 3-4 daube poubelle aucun jaune 63 correcte pour up mon barbare ou supérieur a 1 M a HV .

    Bref je vais monté jusqu'au paragon 30 et si pas amélioration sur mes drops bon bah on attendra le prochain patch car la abusé ce manque de LOOT .
    b3nSs, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    tu farm quel acte?
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    b3nSs Elite
    acte 3 arma ....

    Je fais en général profondeur 1-3 évite le 2 trop kamikaze me gonfle / pont krakkis/ briseur a asmodan ! J'en ai déjà fais plusieurs différente cela change rien les loots reste moisi et les légendaires porte bien leur nom sans parler des sets même pas une légende pour moi cela n'existe PAS . (sauf a HV )
    b3nSs, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    no luck quoi

    je farm pas mal en ce moment, je fais entre 1-3mio par jour en vendant des items
    tu devrais check l'ah pour te re-stuff, les prix ont pas mal chutés
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    b3nSs Elite
    Oublie je joue barbare ;) les stuff qui me fais réellement up coute entre 50-200 M . (j"ai meme pas 50M :-( )

    Ou alors je stuff mon Sorcier avec mes 40 M et farm acte 3 arma mais je t'avoue que suis pas calé du tous sur le stuff sorcier donc ...

    Voila sa fiche d'ailleurs :


    Cela me coûtera chère de le up suffisamment pour le mettre a niveau pour acte3 amra ? un perso stuffé sans hv donc forcément pas opti :p
    b3nSs, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    bah c'est meme chose pour moi hein,

    je dois acheter une witching hour, lacuni bracers, une nouvelle source (chantodo surement) et ptet une ring stone of jordan
    en gros les items les plus chers du jeu :cool:
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    b3nSs Elite
    Qui m'énerve la que j'ai l'impression ta aucune chance de up ton personnage si tu ne check pas HV . . . . Mais vu les prix suis complètement découragé pour ma part .

    La qui me maintiens a jouer est le paragon toujours sympa de up et voir une marche de progression en stat (même si cela reste minime ) mais après la les loots j'ai envie flingué le jeux tellement mal foutu !

    Comme hier sur ma run 4 élite a la suite avec les 5 nephalem et bien aucun a refilé un idem 60 . . . (vive la daube 52-55...)t'imagine 4 de suite allo quoi :/ et des trucs comme cela de plus en plus régulièrement j'ai sans oublié que les 63 qui drop son encore plus pourri du 61-62 une fois identifié :-(.
    b3nSs, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    j'avoue ca doit etre relou, je joue avec pas mal de mf, donc je drop souvent du 62-63 :cool:
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Lagwagon Jésus
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    Wow != Diablo3.
    Lagwagon, 11 Septembre 2012
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    linkiller aka Mayoche
    linkiller, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    surtout merci aux bots goldfarm chinois ://
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    cb de resist?
    life on hit indispensable vu ton dps, avec mantra de heal ou de dodge
    zoheir, 11 Septembre 2012
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    linkiller aka Mayoche
    J'ai 490 all resist et 750 arcane.

    Pour ce qui est de la vie par coup, c'est chaud de trouver avec en plus du degats de crit :/
    Le life steal ca vaut quoi? Je mets souvent des 80-100k donc 2% ça fait tout de même 2k pv nan?
    linkiller, 11 Septembre 2012