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    LoXTieD Oh, really?
    You: i'had 22 years old
    Stranger: no
    You: have* ?
    Stranger: i AM 22 years old
    You: ho yes :p

    LoXTieD, 2 Juillet 2009
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    slide056 Elite
    Connecting to server...

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: hi!

    You: hi

    Stranger: how r u???

    You: fine thx you

    Stranger: i'm great :D

    Stranger: where r u from?

    You: Belgium . Do you know gamerz.be???

    Stranger: no

    You: what 's a pity

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    slide056, 2 Juillet 2009
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    Sigmund Philololologue
    ptin je viens de me faire owned grave

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: ALLES GUT?
    You: yup
    You: i do agree
    Stranger: haha yeah
    Stranger: i do agree, too
    You: nice then
    Stranger: that youre a fag

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    Sigmund, 2 Juillet 2009
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    Benji It's caturday!
    Benji, 2 Juillet 2009
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    Kaiou Marc Hassin
    omg jsuis tombé sur une fille de 7 ans :eek:
    Kaiou, 2 Juillet 2009
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: hi
    Stranger: Fod make the best vans
    Stranger: what do u think?
    Stranger: Ford
    You: I prefear Honda :p
    You: i'm not that in to van :D
    Stranger: kyle i knew scotish people were gay
    Stranger: never knew u was this fukin gay
    You: omfg
    You: i didn't know that i was gay
    You: :pfiou:
    Stranger: lol
    Stranger: hows ur van/?
    You: big
    You: very big \o/
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    haxion, 2 Juillet 2009
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    midef Njosnavellin
    génial !

    Stranger: hey girl

    You: hey boy

    You: sims like DJ

    Stranger: here we goo

    You: here we go !

    You: :p

    Stranger: hehe i was faster
    midef, 2 Juillet 2009
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    Benji It's caturday!
    Ahahaha :cool:
    Benji, 2 Juillet 2009
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    midef Njosnavellin
    Stranger: hey

    You: yep ;)

    You: ça farte ?

    Stranger: huh?

    You: ça roule ma poule ?

    Stranger: sounds perv

    You: oh no !

    You: its french

    Stranger: :D

    You: to say "how are you"

    Stranger: i thought it was "ca va"?

    You: yes we say at most "ça va"

    You: "ça farte" and "ça roule ma poule" its better, the young people say that

    Stranger: oh? and how do you answer on that?

    You: ça farte ? Ca farte !

    Stranger: oh yea

    You: ça roule ma poule ? Alaize mon poulet !

    Stranger: :)

    Stranger: so f/m?

    You: we say to : "j'aime pas ta gueule"

    Stranger: i like/love sumthin?

    You: "j'aime pas ta gueule" its in english "i love the sun"

    Stranger: :)

    Stranger: so u teach random ppl french here? :D
    midef, 2 Juillet 2009
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    midef Njosnavellin
    ce site est terrible !
    midef, 2 Juillet 2009
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    Benji It's caturday!

    J'discute avec un type (21, UK), j'me fait passer pour une fille au Burkina Faso (ah ok), on blabla, il me file une photo genre mannequin, j'lui demande de me filer une photo avec date + heure sur papier, il me file la photo avec bête retouche avec Paint :cool:
    Bon, après il insulte genre "suck my dick" etc

    J'recommence une conversation, j'demande une photo, il m'envoie la même qu'avant :cool: J'lui dit "owned, i'm the Girl who live in Burkina Faso" :cool:

    Puis il quitte la conversation, j'en recommence une, Stranger: "Burkina Faso?" moi: Yes

    Putain :cool: Pas possible, 3 fois le même type :cool:
    Benji, 3 Juillet 2009
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    midef Njosnavellin
    enfoiré benji ! C'était moi :-D
    midef, 3 Juillet 2009
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    gun_shaft Bicky 3 Sauces
    je dois avouer que je m'amuse bien sur ce site :-D
    gun_shaft, 3 Juillet 2009
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    Benji It's caturday!
    Tu fake là :-D
    Benji, 3 Juillet 2009
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    0megear CHAROGNARD
    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: sup dude
    You: Hello ?
    You: Where are you from
    Stranger: creepy question to ask right off the back
    You: mh ?
    Stranger: im from boston
    You: ok
    You: im from belgium
    Stranger: cool stuff
    You: Why did you click on this link? lol
    Stranger: i didnt, i typed it in
    You: oh ok
    You: i've just looked up on this link from a forum
    You: mhh
    You: So you're a stranger haha
    You: male or female ?
    Stranger: male
    Stranger: male stranger
    You: male 23 stranger
    You: <-
    Stranger: very cool
    Stranger: you smoke weed?
    You: yep
    You: check this out : www.omegear.be
    You: it's my stuff
    You: what kind of weed do you smoke ?
    Stranger: thats a mad creepy site.........
    Stranger: i think im going to have nightmares now
    You: lol
    Stranger: i smoke california medical, purple haze, super silver haze, kush, KB, headies, piff, white widow, blueberry hash
    You: white widow is the shit man
    You: i love it
    Stranger: i smoked a white widdow/ white harrow hybrid
    Stranger: messed me up
    You: right now ?
    Stranger: few days ago
    Stranger: i cant seem to score any bud here in France
    You: You are actually living in france ?
    Stranger: nah, here on vacation
    You: oh right
    You: ok
    Stranger: im going to amsterdam on saturday tho
    You: nice
    You: first trip to europe ?
    Stranger: nah
    Stranger: i go every summer
    You: Amsterdam is.. top deluxe prostitute
    Stranger: red light man
    You: hehe
    Stranger: i just watched some dutch CNN, and its got a new rule for coffee shops
    You: really ?
    You: what's up with it
    Stranger: you have to be over 18 (duh) but you also have to live in the town the coffee shop is in
    Stranger: they dotn want torists there anymore
    You: rofl
    You: I don't think they'll check every coffee shop don't worry
    You: Maybe the first week
    You: then..
    You: XD
    Stranger: yeah thats what im thinking
    You: Ok, dude i gtg
    You: nice to meet a stranger like you
    Stranger: peace
    You: peace bro
    Stranger: nice talking
    You: yeh
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    0megear, 3 Juillet 2009
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    Bowman 2busy4u
    Super silver haze, putain ça sort d'où ça? :proud:
    Bowman, 3 Juillet 2009
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    .MalixXx ex membre
    You: but Brazil is a very good team

    Stranger: haha

    Stranger: most of brazilians don't think so :p

    .MalixXx, 3 Juillet 2009
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    DeviL Elite
    merde, j'connais un mot en turc et vala...

    You: yo

    Stranger: türükmüsün

    You: turkish boy?

    Stranger: yes

    You: tammam

    Stranger: ::d:d:d:

    Stranger: nerden bildim bea

    Stranger: içime dogduu

    You: beskitas :x
    DeviL, 3 Juillet 2009
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    >>AkA<< Elite
    Putain je tape une disuc avec une meuf, j'ai son msn, elle est vraiment sympathique, chouette site:)
    >>AkA<<, 3 Juillet 2009
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    .MalixXx ex membre
    laisse moi deviner : elle vient du Brésil, a une forte poitrine, blonde, lèvres pulpeuses ?

    .MalixXx, 3 Juillet 2009