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    Dj Did - Shake It EP
    - Original Mix
    - Amine Edge Remix
    - Mugwump Remix
    Samples Available On
    After a few months of silence , french imprint Brown Eyed Boyz Rec is back with a new EP from Marseille's wonderkid Dj Did ...
    Shake It is a track that has kept the old school vibe we were all fan of a decade ago .
    Dizzy Synths , Powerfull Bassline wil drive you through this track which has already been played & supported by the likes of Radio Slave , Jamie Jones , Dirt Crew , Tiefschwarz , Sarah Goldfarb to name a few ...
    With this EP , we took somekind of a new route coz we thought Did needed recognition for this track ..
    Coming alongside the priginal mix are two splendid remixes by Bruxelles Homeboy Geoffroy aka Mugwump & Brown Eyed Boyz Co- Owner Amine Edge ...
    Both remixers decided to explore the track in different ways to give two wonderfuls piece of material at the end ..
    Some Reactions So Far :

    Sarah Goldfarb / Roman Photo / Triebstoff : Awesome EP from Did , really happy to see a nice EP coming from Marseille , full support ...
    King Roc / Mutual Society / Simple : The Mugwump remix is really nice. Trippy and hypnotic. Sounds great ...
    Chloe Harris / Further / Mashtronic / BEBR : Original is very funky and has good breaky beats , the remix is deeper and more tripped out but still has that under lying groove. like the break.its cool ...
    Federico Epis / Audio Therapy / Groove Collection / BEBR : Mugwump Remix for me, nice, deep and melodic, I like it !
    Bruce Aisher aka Gutterstylz / Bedrock : Loving the minimal 80'e retro cool of Shake It. Both mixes do the job nicely for me ...
    Neil Quigley / Urban Torque / Renaissance : Love the Mugwump remix, groovy funky tech soul ...
    Hernan Cattaneo / Renaissance : I like the original Mix but the Mugwump Remix is definately my fave of the bunch , the breakdown is wicked ...
    16 Bit Lolitas / Renaissance / Audio Therapy / Bits & Pices : Like the groovy / underground sound of it , mugwump mix is my pick , will play ...
    Phonique / Dessous : It's really groovy & underground , i really like both mix , will play ...
    Danny Howells / Global Underground : It's Underground & incredibly Groovy !! Both Mixes are great ...
    Will Saul / Simple : Really like this , groovy & efficient , loving Mugwump's Remix ...
    Blendbrank / Avangardia : I love the original mix , very good tune mate. its bring me to the underground 80s. super!! i love it
    BP Zulauf / Helvetica : Like all the mixes , the Mugwump Remix works really well for me , cheers .
    Radio Slave / Renaissance : Dude , really like this !!
    Dj Naughty : Played this remix and it rocks !!!
    D'Julz : Thanxxx...In da box !!
    James Flavour / Dirt Crew : I think this is totally cool !!!
    Ali Tiefschwarz : Thanks, i Like...
    Eelke Kleijn: original ! Funky, breaks, 80s... Got everything wohoo!
    Jeffrey Collins (Ascension Records): Just wanted to say thanks again. I'm feeling the Mugwump remix the most.
    TJ Kong (Compost): Love the original version! Will play it out
    Abyss (Forensic Records / Buzzin' Fly Records): LIKE THIS VERS. dj did - shake it (amine edge remix)
    Desyn Masiello (EQ Grey / Balance 13 SOS): feeling the original mix in a funked up way
    Joel Armstrong: Amine Edge Remix is the best for me
    homesart, 2 Mai 2008
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    Y a déjà un thread d'ouvert avec le jeu du c/c incompréhensible...
    BelZe, 2 Mai 2008
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