DOPE018 - Dopefish "Where's Your Hives...? / Must Be The Music"

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    Label: Dopefish A.U.D.I.O.
    Cat.: DOPE018
    Artist: Dopefish
    Release date: 16th February 2009

    Dopefish is back on the breakbeat side! Dirty bounced
    basslines, old school breaks and classic samples... "Must
    Be The Music" is another massive dancefloor track
    without a doubt. "Where's Your Hive in the Blur?" is all
    about mashing-up the genres with that rock guitar mixed
    on a pumpin' beats / bass combo and glitched pop vocals.
    Another devastating release to kick '09 with a bang!



    01. Where's Your Hive in the Blur?
    audio :
    02. Must Be The Music
    audio : / / / / iTunes ...

    >> PROMO VIDEO'S :

    Dopefish "Where's Your Hive in the Blur?"

    Dopefish "Must Be The Music"


    incl. remixes from Electric Soulside, Acid Jacks, Mr. Pher, Fafaleroi, Dopefish.
    (16th March 2009)
    DJ SYSTEM-D, 12 Février 2009
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