HLDS Preconfigured Virtual Machine available.

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    With the power of a standard PC and the speed of the Internet connections that a end user can have a home it is now reasonable to so have his own HLDS server at home. So I created HLDSVM it is a preconfigured virtual machine running the HLDS gaming server with the counter-strike 1.5 modification patched for WON2 and installed on a Ubuntu Server 10.04.1 optimised with the 2.6.31-11 real time kernel to deliver high FPS to the players. The preconfigured HLDS server have also the adminmod, podbot, high ping kick, metamod, amxmod and hlguard preinstalled.

    If you would like to give me feedback, remarks or report a problem, feel free to mail me at hldsvm@gmail.com or at http://code.google.com/p/hldsvm

    Release note:

    dafttitan2, 17 Octobre 2010