Offre d'emploi : Deskside engineer

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    Lagwagon Jésus
    Une fois n'est pas coutume, je partage une annonce de mon taf.
    C'est en anglais mais après tout l'anglais est requis pour la fonction ...
    Contactez-moi en mp si vous avez des questions :)

    Dear all,
    We are currently looking for a Deskside engineer to strengthen our backup Team. Responsibilities
    ● You will be primarily responsible for supporting users, assisting them with hardware, software and companyprovisioned Software, and to provide infrastructurelevel support for our clients.
    ● We seek a detail oriented individual who can work closely with both on site and remote staff.
    ● The ideal candidate will have previous experience in this area, high level of responsibility
    and demonstrated ability to work with others both within and outside of the organization
    Technical Skills:
    ● In general good knowledge of Desktop and Laptop Hardware
    ● Microsoft Operating System and Office
    ● Knowledge of mobile OS : IOS, Android, Windows phone
    ● Basic Networking/Server administration
    ● Good customer service traits
    Other Skills:
    ● Communicative and customer/service oriented
    ● Excellent interpersonal skills
    ● Analytical, process oriented (ITIL)
    ● Ability to work with all levels of personnel
    ● Ability to work with minimal supervision on daily tasks and project work is definitely a plus.
    ● Ability to work for work in different environments for different customers
    ● Flexibility in time and location
    ● Very good communication skills, both verbal and written in D utch, French AND English
    ● You have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, or related
    field required.
    ● Minimum 1 year of IT technology experience in networking, telecommunications, or
    technical support
    Lagwagon, 18 Mai 2016
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    K3tr1ck Jupiler 4 Life
    Ca ne m'interesse pas moi-même ... je cherche plus coté infrastructure ... mais j'ai au moins 4 collègues qui correspondent au profile demandé et qui cherche plsu ou moins .. mais par contre tu ne fais pas mention du package :p ;) donne plus de détails ... pour les collègues je peux leurs donner ton mail pour qu'il t'envoie leurs CVs ?
    K3tr1ck, 18 Mai 2016
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    Lagwagon Jésus
    Go en mp. :)
    Lagwagon, 18 Mai 2016
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    K3tr1ck Jupiler 4 Life
    c'est ce quz j'avais essayer de faire .. :p
    maintenant c'est bon je pense ... :)
    K3tr1ck, 18 Mai 2016