Portez vos morts !

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    The company can extract enough purified carbon from a single cremated human body to synthesize up to 50 gems weighing one carat (200 mg) each, or up to 100 diamonds of smaller size, while sending remaining ashes to the family.[5] Diamonds made from the remains of pets are priced the same as those made from human remains, but the size of the animal may be a limiting factor. According to Rusty van den Biesen, when enough carbon is not present in the sample, extraneous carbon is added.[6] As of March 2005, LifeGem said it had served 1,000 customers since the company's founding.

    - Glauque mais fun :dead:o_O:D
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    Vu le mal que tu t'es donné pour rédiger ce topic ...
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