14/10/09 - PART CHIMP + VANDAL X @ DNA, Bruxelles

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    14/10/09 - DNA, BXL :

    PART CHIMP (uk - rock action)

    Part Chimp are a band from Camberwell in London, playing rock music with elements of noise. Both on record and live, Part Chimp have a reputation for sounding extremely loud. Their records are released by Rock Action Records (founded and maintained by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai). Part Chimp's next album, titled "Thriller", and an ep, "Trad.", are due for release on Rock Action in September 2009.

    Current line-up: Tim Cedar (ex- Ligament, Penthouse, Sophia), Jon Hamilton (ex- Ligament, Shit&Shine, Th' Faith Healers), Iain Hinchliffe (ex- Sawyer) and Tracy Bellaries (ex- Ikara Colt).

    VANDAL X (be - vlas vegas)

    ED WOOD JR (fr - synesthesic experience)

    DNA: Plattesteen 18-20. 1000 Brussels
    19h // 7 €
    iamxiu, 9 Octobre 2009
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