19/11 Big Starcraft 2 Tournament@Outpost Brussels

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    OPB Fanatique
    Hi everyone,
    Here comes another Starcraft 2 Tournament ! It would again be a great occasion to meet and play against the best players in Belgium so don't hesitate to come and have fun ;)!
    When: Saturday 19/11 at 12h00
    Format: 1 vs 1
    Where : Outpost Brussels
    Rue de la tribune, 8
    1000 Brussels
    Entry Fee: 10 Euros (which includes Free Outpost membership and free gaming on the Outpost computers during the tournament)
    Preregistrations: opblan@outpost.be
    Prizes (for 32 Players):
    1st 100 Euros
    2nd 50 Euros
    3rd 35 Euros
    4th 25 Euros
    First Stage: Players will be divided in Groups (Best of 1 Match).
    The first 2 players of each group will advance to the final brackets
    Final Brackets will be best of 3.
    Map pool is listed below, and selection will be done by players.
    Maps: Most current official 1 vs 1, so for the moment: Shakuras Plateau, The Shattered Temple, Dual Sight, Xel`Naga Caverns, MLG iCCup Testbug v3.0, Metalopolis, Tal'Darim Altar LE
    15 minutes late for your match will count as an auto loss.
    Good luck and See you soon ;)!!!
    The Outpost Brussels Team
    OPB, 5 Novembre 2011
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Haha! ca peut être sympa ! Faut un niveau minimum?
    Till0u, 5 Novembre 2011
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    L@rgo_XIII G33K
    A 50m de mon école ... pourquoi pas me déplacer si quelques gamerz y vont ...
    L@rgo_XIII, 8 Novembre 2011