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    source: RAGE3D

    CATALYST™ 3.5's - 12:29 pm EST - G.I.Bro
    Alright boys and girls! Just like what Catalyst Maker told yeah. It’s Monday and the newest CATALYST™ Drivers are ready for your enjoyment. Here are some quick notes on what these drivers bring to the table.

    Driver Contents:
    The CATALYST™ software suite 3.5 contains the following:
    • RADEON™ display driver 7.90
    • MultimediaCenter™ 8.5
    • HydraVision™ 3.21
    • Remote Wonder1.5
    Operating systems supported:
    The latest version of the CATALYST™ software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Millennium Edition (ME)
    • Windows 98/98SE through the ME driver

    Performance Improvements:
    As with most CATALYST™ releases, the performance has increased in numerous situations. Here are some examples observed in CATALYST™ version 3.5.
    Improvements in the ATI OpenGL drivers have experienced performance gains such as:
    • GL Excess performance improves 12-14% on the RADEON™ 9700 PRO and 9800 PRO. Modest benefits are noticed on our other graphic products as well
    • Unigraphics performance (ViewPerf Ugs-03) improves 27% on the RADEON™ 9800 PRO, 52% on the RADEON™ 9700 PRO, and 79% on the RADEON™ 9500 PRO
    • Data Explorer performance (ViewPerf DV-0:cool: improves 9% on RADEON™ 9800 PRO, and the RADEON™9700 PRO. The RADEON™ 9500 PRO improves by 14.5%

    Some compatibility/stability fixes include:
    • Playing the game Nascar Racing 2003 in OpenGL mode no longer results in the display going black.
    • Playing the game Serious Sam 2 with the display resolution set to 1024x768 32bpp no longer results in the wrong OpenGL renderer being listed when setting the graphics to OpenGL.
    • Enabling Pixel Shaders in the game Asheron's Call 2 no longer results in display corruption appearing as the game is played.
    • Playing the game Project IGI2: Covert Strike with a RADEON(tm) 9700 series card installed in the system results in the ground terrain disappearing and re-appearing as the character is moved.
    •Running the ATI Tranquility screen saver found at DriverHeaven, on an ATI RADEON(tm) 9000 series card, no longer results in the system not responding under Windows XP.
    z3r0, 23 Juin 2003
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    personne n'est intéressé :?:

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    z3r0, 23 Juin 2003
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    admix G!v3 m3 a 60v3rnm3n7
    admix, 23 Juin 2003
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    Duk3 Fou des bois
    j'espere qu'ils sont moins buggés que les 3.4 :evil:

    Duk3, 23 Juin 2003
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    z3r0 ex membre
    ben j'ai fait plaisir a 2 personnes c pas mal :wink:

    z3r0, 23 Juin 2003
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    Siluro Touriste
    bah chui pas cher ATI donc ... :D
    Siluro, 24 Juin 2003
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    admix G!v3 m3 a 60v3rnm3n7
    ben ils fonctionnenent c bon...
    admix, 24 Juin 2003
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