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    voila je sais pas si c'est dja posté :? , mais voila pour les intéressééé emulateur dreamcast en download

    et ici une liste des jeux deja emulé

    Border Down: Works almost perfectly, may crash after level 1 (Thx Wovou & Turbohao2)
    Cannon Spike: Works, near perfect in game, some errors in textures/menus, seems to crash after level 2 for me
    Capcom vs SNK: works, almost perfect, slower in menus, full speed in game (Note: Music doesn't work)
    Capcom vs SNK 2 (J): Works, minor glitches (slow loading) it is also slower on the rotating level (Added by myself & DuDe) Pic
    Coaster Works: Nearly perfect, can't get it to work myself though
    Confidential Mission: Works, almost perfectly (a few transparracy issues) use original emu version Pic
    Charge N' Blast: Runs perfectly, apart from the sound effects, may give you an I/O error, but still works (thx lenselijer)
    Cosmic Smash: Works full speed, very minor glitches (pause menu)
    Crazy Taxi: Works, graphics look perfect from screenshots (thx vex)
    Crazy Taxi 2: Runs pretty well, occasional slowdown when picking up passengers, few minor graphical glitches (thx MurrMurr)
    Dave Mirra Free Style BMX: Works, minor graphical glitches
    Daytona USA 2001: Works (Added from Waan2k's Post)
    Demolition Racer: Works, but the exit doesn't function right, and a few fx errors
    Digi Charat Fantasy (J): works, near perfect (Added from Wovou's post)
    Disney's Dinosaur: works perfect, and fast! (thx lenselijer)
    Donald duck quack attack: Works perfect, full speed, minor graphic glitches, use normal chankast version (thx lenselijer)
    Dream Passport 3: Works, 3 Functions Available (From dc++ list)
    Ecco The Dolphin: Works, use original chankast (thx brainiac)
    Eldorado Gate: Works, fully playable (Thx Wovou)
    Exibition of speed: Works (From zouipe sof's Post)
    Fighting vipers 2: works, but the menus/life bar doens't Pic
    Fire pro wrestling D (J): Works, graphics errors, try capcom version (Thx waan2k)
    Frame Gride: Works (From dc++ list)
    Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge: Works perfectly, full speed too
    Gigawing 2: Works fine with the capcom version of the emu (thx lenselijer)
    Guilty Gear X: Full speed, graphics are almost perfect, runs with no music (CDDA not supported), also seems to close the emu when i win a round
    Gundam: Renpou vs Zeon DX (J) - Works with some 2d graphics problems
    Gundam: Sidestory 0079: Works fine, some graphical errors, but very playable (thx lenselijer)
    Headhunter: Works, full speed and no graphics errrors, no sfx though
    Heavy Metal Geomatrix: works but graphical glitches ingame (Added from Wovou's post)
    House of the Dead 2 (U/E): Works, but the jap version doesn't
    Ikaruga : 35 - 40 FPS, slowdown when levels end, minor graphical glitches in the menus (thx DuDe) Pic
    Incoming: Works with very minor glitches (thx A-F)
    Industrial Spy - Works perfectly apart from the text errors, full speed
    Jet Grind Radio: Works perfectly on my PC, full speed and perfect sound Pic
    (Added from steamover's post)
    Kao the kangaroo: Works with slight graphic errors (Added from zouipe sof's post)
    Kanon: Fully playable (thx steamover)
    Love Hina: Runs almost perfect, text errors (Added from steamover's post)
    Marvel vs capcom: Works perfect, and fullspeed! (thx lenselijer)
    Marvel vs capcom 2: Works, almost perfectly apart from layer issues, full speed too, crash reports have been made, so be aware (thx Sodders) Pic
    Metropolis street racer (E): almost perfect in game (but the menus have GFX errors)(Added from PsyMan's Post)
    Mr. Driller: Works perfectly apart from the title screen (use capcom version)
    My Tennis Life: Works (From dc++ list)
    Namco Museum - Works (Added from Wovou's post)
    Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami Rei Ikusei Keikaku: Fully playable with sprite transparency problems (thx steamover)
    Phantasy Star Online: Works almost perfectly on an ATI card, geforce owners use wireframe (W key)
    Phantasy Star Online ver. 2: See above
    Power Stone: Works, May crash after round (Added from rcgamer's & SJR's post) Pic
    Power Stone 2: Some glitches, FPS unstable, and may crash at round 3 (Thx steamover & xbox)
    Project Justice (Rival schools 2): Works, almost full speed, may crash after 1st round (thx foxhound) Pic
    Psyvariar 2 - Works, fully playable, has some menu issues, crashes when you die (Thx Wovou)
    Puyo Pop Fever: Works perfectly (Added from from Wovou's post)
    Puyo Poyo 4: Works, graphical glitches in the menus (Added from from Wovou's post)
    Quiz Oh! My Goddess: Works perfect (from dc++ list)
    Ready 2 Rumble: Works, verry chopy and no sound, graphic tranparency problems, otherwise OK (Added from Xbox's Post)
    Ready 2 Rumble Round 2: same as above (from dc++ list)
    Record of Lodoss War: Works perfect (from dc++ list)
    Red Dog: Works perfect, sound problems (from dc++ list)
    Rent a Hero No.1: Functions perfect, some graphic problems (from dc++ list)
    Revolver: Works (Dcemu)
    Rez: Works, with minor graphical glitches (Added from Waan2k's post)
    Rippin' Riders: Works perfect (dc++ list)
    Roommania #203(J): Works at a good speed, menus are invisible, try the original chanka (Thx Shadowclone)
    RPG Maker: Works, and should be full speed (From Waan2k's post)
    Samba de amigo (All versions): Works, full speed, with bearly any issues (only transparracy)
    ScummVM 0.2.0: graphics are flashing, the rest its perfect (thx lenselijer)
    Sega Bass Fishing 2: Seems to work with no gfx problems in game, may be slow, use original chankast (thx brucelee & lenselijer)
    Sega Marine Fishing: Works perfectly and full speed ingame, but the main menu is invisible
    Sega memory card disk utility: Works (thx rcgamer)
    Shadowman: Works, the cut scenes and sound don't seem to work, other than that, the graphics seem ok and also does the speed (thx galning)
    Shikigami no shiro 2: Works (Added from steamover's post)
    Silent Scope (U): Works almost perfectly, apart from the cursor is messed up, full speed though
    Snow Surfers: Works, some texures are corrupt and the some sound probs (from dc++ list)
    Sonic Adventure: Works (From dc++ list)
    Sonic Adventue 2: Works, has some 2D errors, may crash after 1st level, Nvidia users (like me) see nothing but a blue screen ingame
    Soul Calibur: Seems to work very well on the screenshots, my version however, doesn't work, Apparently IP.bin needs to be replaced to fix the error (thx lyonhrt)
    Spiderman: Works flawlessly (thx Xbox)
    Street fighter 3 Third Strike: Works, with minor glitches (graphics layers) Pic
    Street Fighter Alpha 3: works (Added from french forum)
    Stunt GP - works around 40fps, near perfect (Thx Wovou & spaffdog)
    level (Added from gcnfan's post)
    Star Wars Demolition (U): Works (dc++ list)
    Super Magnetic Neo: Works, some graphical glitches (dc++ list)
    Super Puzzle Fighter II X (J): Works perfectly and full speed apart from the background errors in-game Pic
    Super Street Fighter II X (J): Works, fully playable at a high framerate. Only minor graphic bugs (Thx refraction)
    Surf rocket racers: Playable, some graphic errors, runs at about 15fps for me, use normal chankast (thx lenselijer)
    Suzuki alstare extreme racing: Works, around 30FPS, graphics are almost perfect (Thx spaffdog)
    Sword of the Berserk - Guts Rage (U): Works, minor glitches in 2d, may crash on the 1st boss
    Tee off: Works fine, graphics seem perfect from screenshot (thx lenselijer)
    Test Drive V-Rally: Works perfectly and full speed (Thx picolo)
    The Grinch: sound doesnt work, some graphics errors, but very playable (thx lenselijer)
    Tokyo Bus Guide: Works with some errors in the menu's (dc++ list)
    Tokyo Xtreme racer 2 - has some graphical problems in menu and ingame, but very playable. Use the normal chankast version! (Thx lenselijer)
    Tony Hawk's pro skater 2: Garbled title screen, bad sound in menu, ingame sound is perfect, some graphics glitches, fullspeed and playable! Use normal chankast (Thx lenselijer)
    Ultimate Fighting Championship: Works, a few text errors, but runs perfectly and nearly full speed in exibition mode, no sound effects though Pic
    Unreal tournament: works, requires a hi-spec machine for decent gameplay (full speed on a athlon64)
    V Rally 2: Works with some graphical problems (dc++ list)
    Vampire Chronicles: Works, and should be full speed (Thx lenselijer)
    Virtua Athlete 2k: Works, with some graphical errors (Thx lenselijer)
    WWF Royal Rumble: No visable graphic errors, almost full speed
    XingHong VCD Player: Works, haven't got any VCDS at the moment, so i can't test it
    Zero Gunner 2 - Works, some menu problemss and texture problems Pic
    Zombie Revenge: Works, took a bit longer to load, almost perfect ingame, full speed (Added from Wovou's post)

    voila j'espere que je n'est rien oublier :D
    DEKO70, 7 Juin 2004
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    euhh... pour les autres jeux jeux (cest a dire encore 2 listes ),cest encore a venir car deja la premiere liste qui est deja pas mal tout les jeux ne sont pas emulé a 100 % alors encore un peut de temps pour jouer corectement :) ,ceci dit j'ai downloader via p2p rival school 2 project justice et la c'est la claque super bien emulé , je vous le conseille :D
    DEKO70, 7 Juin 2004
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    DEKO70, 7 Juin 2004
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    pitit apercu de rival school 2 :

    DEKO70, 7 Juin 2004
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