Cheaters démasqués !

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    Carambar He once forgot how to cry
    HMU est un clan CTF InstaGib qu'on a affronté il y a quelques temps. Hier soir, ils ont eu deux matchs officiels et ils sont tombés sur, non pas un cheater mais bien deux :D. En fait, pour ceux qui connaissent pas, AntiShockHo détecte les binds standards des aimbots les plus connus et ces gros fades n'ont même pas pris la peine de les modifier :p . Dans le premier cas, il s'agit du funbot (assez vieux comme aimbot) et, dans le deuxième, il s'agit bot fameux bot Z* qui fonctionne même sur UTPure (le système anti-cheat de UT).

    "HMU v TLB

    Well this was due to be our first iTDM war..but durong Server testing to got a little shock LOL...and it goes like this ....

    -HMU|Reporter- [15:23]* AntiShockHo: [AIMBOTKeyBind]: 2 TLB-SiLVeR_BuLLeT 66 B AimCheat
    -HMU|Reporter- [15:23]TLB-SiLVeR_BuLLeT: AIMBOT KEYBIND: 66 B AimCheat

    and also

    -HMU|Reporter- [15:21]* AntiShockHo: [AIMBOTKeyBind]: 2 TLB-SiLVeR_BuLLeT 68 D AimTeam
    -HMU|Reporter- [15:21]TLB-SiLVeR_BuLLeT: AIMBOT KEYBIND: 68 D AimTeam

    both these binds are from the FunBot a early bot but with some Mods can still work

    Bot Explanation :-


    1st / 2nd bit missing they explain 2 much LOL

    3rd - Now open your User.ini file and type these in front of any key you want
    AimCheat (This when binded to a key turns on the aimbot when the key is pressed)
    AimTeam (This when binded to a key turns off/on aiming at your own teammates)

    Also we got the it wasnt him it was someone else story I mean come on LOL ....

    End of Story LOL"

    "Well LOL ....was meant to be our Second war.... war one iTDM we caught a botter

    Now looking forward to this.... we catch another one

    -21:07:17- (@HMU|Reporter) [20:00]-inf\M3R: rofl thats dev
    -21:07:19- (@HMU|Reporter) [20:00]* AntiShockHo: [AIMBOTKeyBind]: 4 -inf\M3R 72 H zToggleAimBot | zToggleTriggerBot | zToggleAimMode 2 |
    -21:07:21- (@HMU|Reporter) [20:00]-inf\M3R: AIMBOT KEYBIND: 72 H zToggleAimBot | zToggleTriggerBot | zToggleAimMode 2 |

    basically LOL this is wot it mens ..and it can come from a fe of Z* Aimbots.

    zToggleAimBot - Activate the bot
    zToggleTriggerBot - Activate the Trigger Only Feature
    zToggleAimMode 2 - use for Servers with Pure 59 or above LOL

    Basically we got I dont have a AimBot LOL ...Ten we got I installed the bind to piss of admins LOL.

    Then he tells others he did it for another reasons Just for got to take it out LOL ...

    Ah well LOL .... No war"
    Carambar, 27 Mars 2003
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