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    iKeq Elite
    j ai une carte mere msi kt3
    j aimerai mettre un amd 2500 barton
    pour ca on ma dit de flasher mon bios pour k il la supporte
    donc j aimerai avoir votre avis
    vos conseil seront les bien venu
    iKeq, 11 Septembre 2003
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    Ventilo Elite
    Ventilo, 11 Septembre 2003
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    Ventilo Elite
    AMI Flash BIOS Procedure

    1. Check your BIOS for BIOS FLASH Protection & DISABLED it, some boards have this function.
    For Example:
    K7T266 Pro (MS-6380) -BIOS setup/chipset setup/BIOS protection/disabled

    2. Know Your model number
    a. Open your case and look for the MS-XXXX number on the motherboard between the PCI slots, also check the version number that is written there as well. (some motherboards are named like K7T Turbo, make sure you have the right version number)
    b. Boot up your system & take a look at the top left screen during POST, you should see something like "A6380MS v1.7 122101" This means the board is MS-6380 with BIOS version 1.7
    Hint : Many systems are clearing this message very fast, the bios version is then unreadable, you can either press "PAUSE" or disable the "Quick Boot" in the BIOS setup.

    3. Download the BIOS that matches your motherboard AND version number (some motherboards are named like K7T Turbo, make sure you have the right version number).

    4. Extract the BIOS-archive that you have downloaded by double clicking to c:\test

    5. Boot your system from a Win98 or WinME boot-floppy.
    How to make boot floppy in case your don't have it ready:
    For Win9X, You can type [C:\ format a:/s] from the DOS prompt.
    For WinMe, You can make a boot floppy from control panel--> add/remove program-->make boot floppy. Remove autoexec.bat & config.sys file if there's any.
    For Win2000, there's no way to make boot floppy, so you have to either use Win9X or WinME boot floppy.
    For WinXP, you can make a DOS boot disk. Go to Your Computer, right click drive A:, select Format, select copy system files.

    6. When you get the A:\ prompt, type the following sequence:
    C: <enter>
    cd\test <enter>
    C:\test> amifl827 a6380vms.330 <enter>
    (a6380vms.330 refers to BIOS file, this will depend on the board model)
    (to save or not to save old BIOS is the user's decision)

    7. Reboot your system when prompted

    P.S. If your system doesn't boot after you flashed, please refer to the BIOS recovery method as described
    Ventilo, 11 Septembre 2003
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    DinGuoT Touriste
    J'ai essayé de flasher ma k7s5a mais avant tout faut se rendre compte du RISQUE et s'y connaître un minimun ! Car si vous plantez, la cm subira :pfiou:
    DinGuoT, 11 Septembre 2003
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