Doom III : Intervieuw de Todd Hollenshead

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Ferrago a fait une intervieuw de Todd Hollenshead (en anglais) que je vous conseille d'allez lire si vous êtes fan de Doom!

Ferrago: What are aims with Doom III with regard to the first-person genre as a whole?

TH: Quite simply, we want Doom III to be the scariest game ever.

Ferrago: From what we've seen of Doom III so far, it looks like it's going to have a decidedly chilling ambience. What devices of graphics, sound and storyline are you using to create this experience?

TH: The technology is an entirely new paradigm, which is why it stands alone among games with it's visual quality. Dynamic lighting, bump-mapping, real-time 5.1 sound mixing, and realistic physics are what drive the technology. We've hired a professional science fiction novelist to help us with the story. And we've taken a cue from the film industry and story-boarded out the entire game.

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