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    Dopefish "The Countdown EP"
    Release date: 03 SEPT. 2008

    1- Dopefish "The Countdown" - AUDIO
    2- Dopefish "On The Crime Side" (Wu-Tang Dope mix) - AUDIO
    3- Dopefish "Y.A.R.D.C.O.R.E." - AUDIO
    4- Dopefish "They Call It Murder" - AUDIO

    Between Fidget-house and dirty Breaks, the beats keep
    coming thick and fast on this new EP of the 'Fish' himself.
    "Countdown" is dirty and wrong with the basses bouncing
    throughout the track. Dopefish brings his Hip-Hop
    influences on the third track with some Wu-Tang lyrics
    over a dirty Fidget-house tune. Another piece of crooked
    beats comes with "Y.A.R.D.C.O.R.E.". Ragga flavour,
    bad lyrics and phat wobble basses is the menu of this
    "They Call it Murder" is a little different but no less
    effective, sampling the famous "Jamrock" lyrics in an
    original, melodic but powerful Breaks track.

    Myspace : www.myspace.com/dopefishisdope

    Available from Wednesday 3rd September at your favorite store!

    www.beatport.com / www.junodownload.com / www.djdownload.com / www.beatsdigital.com / www.trackitdown.net / iTunes ...
    DJ SYSTEM-D, 25 Août 2008
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