Emission sur le P2P à RTL-TVI

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    TyphZ BuzZ Young Deejay :)
    heu g vu ca dimanche moi !!!
    c t en début d'apres midi
    c t bien expliqué on voiyait le patron de kazaa et tout mais bon c t pas splendide non plus koi
    on voiyait qq types qui essayaient de chopper des pirates et bon c un peu tout ;)

    lisez ca c de tom mc rae ;)

    .. copy protect issue...
    February 16, 2003
    Some of you are complaining about the copy protect mechanism on the international release of the new album.... well unfortunately it's BMG policy for all new cds. It's expensive, pointless, and makes the audio data sound worse... so how do you think I feel? If you want to complain to BMG then feel free. It's also a hideous green logo on the front of great album art work... and shows just how out of touch major labels are. It's the only business that punishes legitimate purchasers of their product. And all you have to do is copy the cd via analogue instead of digital and it's yours to do what you want with. So how about buying albums so that artists who don't get played on radio stand a chance of survival and then copying the MP3s from a website of your choice. If you're waiting for the music business to start treating you decently you'll be waiting a long time...... you have my sympathies.
    TyphZ BuzZ, 12 Janvier 2004
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