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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Tant que je passe par ici :))


    - Categories: extented choice of the function of the old "all" tab,
    switchable to Video,Audio,Transferring,Erroneous,...
    - Upload-, Queue- and Knownclientlists are titled with the number of the listed clients
    - different trayicon when serverconnection with a lowID (emule with blindfold, from emule+)
    - Webinterface: category support
    - Webinterface: displays completed transfers
    - Fixed mem leak when downloading server.met via HTTP [UVman]
    - Fixed another bug where an unwanted client could become a friend.
    - Fixed minor glitch with icons in tab controls on server and message window.
    - Added standard shortcuts to log and debug listview controls (Copy=Ctrl+C, Select All=Ctrl+A)
    - Websearch Filedonkey.com now supports filter by filesize-limits
    - Rewrote entire packet processing code to use exception handling and proper memory cleanup.
    - Rewrote most of the meta tag processing code to support new meta tags.
    - Fixed downloading of stopped or paused files.
    - Added passive source finding for files in download queue which were just started and not already
    in shared file list.
    - Fixed minor mem leaks and improper usage of delete operator [NoamSon]
    - Webinterface blocks IPs after 5 failed login attempts for 15 minutes
    - Filenamecleaning: customizable substringfilter (.ini : FilenameCleanups= )
    - option to auto-clean filenames on downloadstarts
    - If the connected server has a filelimit, announce not more files than accepted
    - Fixed bug with empty shared directories and OP_ASKSHAREDFILESDIR.
    - First Run Time wizard finally gets a "Finish" button.
    - Links in Chat (hypertextctrl) dont break on special chars anymore
    - better URL decoding (e.g. for special chars in ed2k links)
    - Fixed bug with OP_ASKSHAREDIRS where a client could ask for shared directories while there is a
    currently a shared files list received. Note: The viewing of shared directories of remote eMules was reset
    to 0.28+ because of a bug in 0.27.
    - Fixed major memory leak with compressed packets (thx Blackstar2)
    - Fixed bug with new meta tags of type "float" which were sent by servers which are offering shared files
    from Hybrid's 0.48+
    - Scheduler Fixes
    - Schedules can be activated directly via hotmenu (Ctrl-X) , (de)activating of the scheduler as well
    - identical shared folders are not sent multiple times anymore (under circumstances)
    - added: accurate speed measurement also on busy CPU [based on Ottavio84+Badwolf]
    - small GUI-fixes
    - Fixed resizing bug in log list controls
    - Fixed potential winsock termination bug
    - added option in extened prefs to disable source exchange messages in verbose log
    - added scheduler controls to hotmenu
    - cleared control of expand/collapse by key
    - Scheduler: fixed saving settings
    - fixed resumesame-cat & dontRecreateStatGraph - settings
    - fixed changing category-title when downloadinfos on tabs is activated
    - Fixed bug in preferences/directory control which was deleting the system's icon image list.
    - Fixed bug with non existing shared directories which could not be unshared in preferences/directories.
    - Double click in shared files list opens file with associated application.
    - When opening a file from download list or shared files list, the open command used is the same as when double clicking in Windows Explorer.
    - Fixed bug with log messages not shown at startup.
    - Added filetype icons to search- and shared files listviews.
    - Fixed bug with wrong nr. of search results shown in search tabcontrol when viewing files of different directories from remote client.

    Download ici
    Tavar3s, 12 Mai 2003
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    vohmpire Bouhh!
    elle est plus stable que l'autre version car avec la 28a j'ai que des blem avec il me fais déconnecté à chaque fois :?:
    vohmpire, 12 Mai 2003
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    HuK_ Touriste
    cool je dl pour tester ca ...
    HuK_, 12 Mai 2003
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    H@des ex membre
    H@des, 12 Mai 2003
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    GreG[silly] Touriste

    mais emule suxxx depusi longtemps chez moi...
    GreG[silly], 12 Mai 2003
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    Nicool_ Motherfucker
    Me disais justement qu'il faudrait que je fasse un brin de shopping :D
    Nicool_, 12 Mai 2003
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    XKisssss aka Mireille is back !
    idem :?

    enfin ... Friends Powaaa ca marche aussi bien :p
    XKisssss, 12 Mai 2003
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    Draxx Elite
    Draxx, 13 Mai 2003
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    Draxx Elite
    je viens de remettre la version precedente car apparement avec la 28b : il ne trouve pas mon port 4662 ouvert --->donc j ais une lowid

    J ais fait le test:depuis kelle est sortie: ke des lowid; je reinstalle la 27C O² ---:pfrt:lus, ke des HIGHid

    faudra un peu attendre enkore :-(
    Draxx, 16 Mai 2003
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    moi la 28 foire grave, autant la a que la b. :-(
    Sig le Troll, 18 Mai 2003
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    ProfX Elite
    jusqu a present pas de bleme speciaux avec la 28 a

    sauf ke bon ca dl pas des masses
    j ai du mal a faire plus de dl ke de up

    la je suis a du 1 up pour 1.09 de dl
    ProfX, 18 Mai 2003
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    Helyopses Touriste
    y a des moid qui marchent bien avec?? si oui lesquels??
    Helyopses, 19 Mai 2003
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