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    Guest ex membre
    j'ai recu hier soir un mail me proposant de telecharger la version de base de everquest 441 mo et un account key d'une durée d'un mois pour essayer ce jeu , histoire de tester et se faire une idée , mail recu de ign , le voici :
    Greetings Adventurers!

    Have you heard about EverQuest? You might have seen it on the evening news, or in an article in a magazine like Time. Maybe you read about the hundreds, even thousands of people from all over the world who gather together to play over the Internet in a world rich with quests and fantastic creatures like Dragons, Elves, and Goblins. Maybe you've even played EQ in the past. More and more people are discovering the excitement, fun and community of EverQuest and the online world of Norrath.

    Now, you're invited to sample EverQuest to see just what you've been missing...for FREE.

    Below is an account key that will open the world of EverQuest to you with a free 30-day trial (regular account charges applicable thereafter). Need the software? No problem. Now till June 30th, you broadband users can download the full version of Classic EverQuest for free! (Please note that the download is 450 MB and may not be feasible if you do not have a broadband connection). If you're unable download the game or prefer to own the original CDs, you can buy Classic EverQuest in CD-ROM format from your local software retailer or from the Station.com Store for just $9.99, plus shipping and handling.

    It's never been easier to see for yourself what great adventures await you in the world of Norrath.

    Download Classic EverQuest now!

    Single 450 MB self extracting file (recommended for broadband users)

    Series of smaller 15 MB files
    Guest, 26 Juin 2002
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    Guest ex membre
    j'arrive pas a copier les liens pour le telechargement , comment je fais?
    Guest, 26 Juin 2002
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    PulpFact Touriste
    A quoi tu t'es inscrit pour recevoir un mail pareil?
    Station? moi j'ai rien recu en tout cas ?(
    PulpFact, 26 Juin 2002
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    titloup Elite
    Moi aussi j'ai reçu un email pareil il y a 3 semaines....
    titloup, 26 Juin 2002
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    Guest ex membre
    IGN sent this email to you at xxxx@skynet.be because you asked to receive exclusive offers and information from IGN PC partners.
    Guest, 26 Juin 2002
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    Guest ex membre
    ca serait cool d'avoir le lien sur gamerz et des accounts comme demo d'un mois , votre avis???
    Guest, 26 Juin 2002
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    Guest ex membre
    fini de dl depuis hier a 02h30 jusque aujourd'hui 23h30 plus ou moins a du 5ko ca nous donne 21h de dl , dezipper,maintenat l'install et la key que j'ai recu ,je vous dit koi , si c'est bien
    Guest, 27 Juin 2002
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