[GOA MELODIQUE] Do U Like Melody, 2h03 23 tracks pour un voyage...

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    P a l GoaPal

    dragon twins - the third wave
    dimension 5 - omega centaurus (imba remix)
    Psysutra - Air Trance Corporation
    Artha - Saikol
    Afgin - From The Heart (Tribute To wonderboy)
    PharaOm - Cellar Door (Imba Remix)
    Crossing Mind - Modulated Self Reminders
    NEBULA MELTDOWN - Encrypted Illusion
    Lunar Dawn - Golden Arms Of Kresnik
    Aerosis - Cape Quetzal
    Ethereal - Moondawn
    GoaMech - Synthesized Not Yet
    Antares - Aurora
    Lunar Dawn - ananke (screwloose remix)
    Nova Fractal - Connect
    celestial intelligence - perpetual energy
    Javi & Sko0ma - Emotional Overload
    Artifact303 - Energy Waves
    Javi & SkoOma - Totoro
    Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction
    Mindsphere - Fly High
    Ephedra - Smiling Sun (2013 Edit)

    BCP MOINS AGRESSIF que mes mix acid :D relax and enjoy (non y a pas de piege!)
    P a l, 16 Septembre 2015