GoaPal - VERSUS ONE - Round 1 - M - Run VS Artifact303 - FIGHT

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    bon pour une raison qui m echappe le copier/coller cay tray male sur gamerz, mais un truc encore plus mal c est de ne pas use la previsualisation nerf... bref apparement copier/coller ca passe si ca vient du notebook plutot que directement du net oO

    2h14 140bpm, wav dispo en dl

    and now...


    in the left cdj... having a given weight of 74.2gr... from HUNGARIA and fighting for SUNTRIP RECORDS... the one & only... ARTIFACT303 - BACK TO SPACE.

    and in the right cdj... his opponent... he weights 90.4gr... he comes from CROATIA... some call him SUPER MARIO (i do, really it s a great guy!!)... fighting for CRONOMI RECORDS it iiiiiiiiss... MMMMMMMMMMMMMM-RUN - SOME RUN JUST FOR FUN.


    ROUND 1 - FIGHT!

    artifact303 - magnetic fields
    m-run - return to yourself
    artifact303 - trancemission
    m-run - etheral resosantor
    artifact303 - they will communicate
    m-run - cognitive disorder
    artifact303 - for a better world
    m-run - custodian
    artifact303 - mysterious fantasy
    m-run - galactic hunt part 2
    artifact303 - beyond lightspeed
    m-run - abduction phenomena
    artifact303 - close encouter
    m-run - alien brain train
    artifact303 - delirium
    m-run - twin sister
    artifact303 - tropical sunset

    P a l, 8 Janvier 2015