Groupe sur malonne cherche guitariste et synthétiste

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    dolores0808 Touriste
    Groupe situé sur Malonne cherche un deuxième guitariste et un synthétiste.

    Pour reprises et compos (pop/rock)

    Groupe composé de 4 personnes (guitare, batterie, chant, basse)


    [FONT=&quot]I can’t be with you – Cranberries
    Zombie – Cranberries
    In the gheto – Elvis Presley
    Starlight – Muse
    Californication – Red hot chili peppers
    Wake me up when september ends – Greenday
    In my place – Coldplay
    Come as you are – Nirvana
    I love rock ‘n roll – Johan Jett
    7 nations army – White stripes
    Another brick in the wall - pink floyd
    Creep – Radiohead[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Yellow – Coldplay
    4 no bonde – what’s up
    Everybody’s hurts – REM
    Loosing my religion – REM
    Still loving you- Scorpions
    Wind of change – Scorpions
    She couldn’t laugh – Twarres
    Sweat Dreams –
    Stiltskin – Lemon Yellow Sun
    One of us – Joan Osbourne
    What a wonderful world – The ramones
    Smells like teen spirits -Nirvana
    Just my imagination – Cranberries
    America - Razorlight
    It means nothing - Aerophonic
    Promises - Cranberries
    Pork and beans – Weezer
    If you were a sailboat – Katie Melua
    Somewhere only we know – Keane
    Sunday, bloody Sunday – U2
    Talking about a revolution – Tracy Chapman
    When a blind man cries – Deep purple
    Dreams – Fleetwood mac
    Baby can I hold you tonight – Tracy Chapman
    Losing my religion – REM
    June – Indochine
    Imagine – John Lennon
    Linger – Cranberries
    Hotel california – Eagle
    Nathalie Imbruglia – Butterlfies
    Nelly Furtado – I’m a like a birds
    Blondie – Call me

    + autres....

    Me contacter:

    dolores0808, 4 Février 2009
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    SkankerS Groove Master
    Bon courage les Malonnois :)
    SkankerS, 5 Février 2009
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