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    fabian123 ૮(⋆❛ہ❛⋆)ა
    fabian123, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Skarbone I would rather be snowboarding
    Jeu fini, joué en bourse, je dispose d'un patrimoine de plus d'un milliard sur chacun de mes persos :D
    Skarbone, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Chamallow Awh Shieeeeeet !
    For real ?
    Chamallow, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Sebulba Dieu
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    Online démarre pas , saturé ... Re essayerai demain ....
    Sebulba, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Chamallow Awh Shieeeeeet !
    Ouai bon, je lance le Online. Plus de perso !
    Chamallow, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Skarbone I would rather be snowboarding

    ouep, et ca a pris moins d'une heure...

    J'ai terminé le jeu, puis j'ai fait toutes les missions d'assassinat de Lester, chacune d'entre elle te permet de multiplier ta mise de départ: x1,5 x1,8 et x2.

    De plus a un moment on peut faire du x3 (en dehors des missions d'assassinat).

    Du coup avec les 35 millions que tu possèdes en fin de partie, tu peux monter super vite.
    Skarbone, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Angy \o/
    j'ai eu pareil il y a 1h00... :colere:'
    Angy, 3 Octobre 2013
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    DeflaMental [-_-]
    C'est bien toi qui m'a roulé dessus :[] ?
    DeflaMental, 3 Octobre 2013
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    Moul@LamZ Elite
    je me suis aussi mis dans le crew
    pseudo : moulvinc123 ... (pour ceux qui veulent m'ajouter ;) )
    Moul@LamZ, 3 Octobre 2013
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    DeflaMental [-_-]
    Pseudo deflamental pour ceux qui veullent.

    Perso j'ai déjà perdu deux profils, donc j'attends de voir quand le cloud sera réactivé pour savoir ce que j'ai réellement perdu.
    DeflaMental, 3 Octobre 2013
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    koubiak Retk Bitch!
    Lol non en faite je voulais te def mais en voulant sortir le mec de sa bagnole mon perso est monté derrière -_-

    Mais je t'ai vengé je l'ai kill 2 fois après :D
    koubiak, 3 Octobre 2013
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    fabian123 ૮(⋆❛ہ❛⋆)ა
    Live opérationnel depuis 2h, ça a l'air de mieu marcher ?
    fabian123, 4 Octobre 2013
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    eyeless Gunslinger
    T'as déjà fini, sale fou. :-D
    eyeless, 4 Octobre 2013
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    General Pro Tips:
    ·******** Dying costs 5% of your bank (maxing at 5k) so try to avoid getting in fights with random players. This includes dying in any jobs. Not sure about death match, need confirmation.
    ·******** Passive mode is not invincibility. You're still vulnerable to being shot from a car and being run over.
    ·******** When robbing a store, you can kill the store keeper and take the money out of the register but you will make less.
    ·******** Typically the farther the store from Los Santos, the more it pays out. That's where most of the bigger stores are.
    ·******** You can sell cars to any auto-shop once every in-game day (around 48 minutes) which usually goes for 4-9k.
    ·******** Luxery Sedans and high end SUVs are the highest paying car when selling cars to the auto-shop.
    ·******** You can withdraw/deposit cash safely from your phone.
    ·******** All your progress online before the brown sync icon appears will be lost on turning off your console, selectingLeave GTA Online*will save your progress.
    ·******** The*Radio Mirror Park*radio station is the best station.
    ·******** You can also shut down your console if you lost a great sum of money and haven't synced yet to restore your previous save.
    ·******** When you find a good farming mission, repeat as much as possible. Most good farming missions you cannot choose to join and usually end up joining by random.
    ·******** You run faster with no weapons out I think?
    ·******** Gerald's missions seem to pay the highest. Would like to know if anyone has found any higher paying missions.
    ·******** I found a crowbar on the death-match mission on the boat and got to keep it afterwards. It's awesome.
    ·******** If you're not finding good matches on*Quick Job*try swapping sessions by pressing*Find New Session.
    ·******** Buying Armor before a session is usually worth it. It's cheaper then the 2k death penalty.
    ·******** Blue moving objective points that aren't auto GPS tracked will appear under*Quick GPS.
    ·******** If a player in your passenger sets a GPS route on the map, it will also appear on your map.
    ·******** Simeon's missions are time consuming and not worth the payout compared to Gerald's missions.
    ·******** Use*Find New Session*to quickly warp back to your garage/apartment.
    ·******** If you get a phone call from an AI, your characters lips will move, it's pretty funny.
    ·******** When buying an apartment/garage, you will sell your already owned property and get about half the value back to contribute to the purchase.
    ·******** Only the host needs to be the required level to start a mission. Anyone can play with anyone regardless of level requirements.
    ·******** Press RT to vote for replay mission after everyone has liked even if the option is not shown.
    ·******** Mashing jump up hills is faster then running.
    ·******** Sports/Super cars must be bought through the ultimate motors website to keep in your garage, sell or modify.
    ·******** Don't quit golf/tennis/shooting range etc. because you are losing. You still get rp (experience) for losing and for being a good sport you will get monetary rewards. Plus you still get points towards your skills. Races can be done solo. They can give 500-1000 rp each time alone which can be a great experience booster. Keep in mind though that it costs 100 each time.
    ·******** Players drop 100 every time they die, in addition to any funds they are carrying.
    ·******** You have to start a solo/private game from the pause menu.
    ·******** Blowing up other players owned vehicles deems you a bad sport, so be careful on your drive-by stick-bomb sprees.
    ·******** On the other hand, shooting the all the tires out of a players personal vehicle is totally okay.
    ·******** Heritage can influence character height in Character Creation.
    ·******** How you set your time spent in character creation can affect how you look, though apparently some of these can be removed when you get an apartment.
    ·******** Stores can be re-robbed immediately if you swap sessions.
    ·******** Driving a car into an auto-shop gets rid of your wanted level, if you're not currently spotted by the police.
    ·******** Your garage/apartment is also a easy way to hide from police if you enter when you're not spotted.
    ·******** Cops will sometimes chase you if the car you are driving is stolen.
    ·******** All clothing stores have the same options for different items.
    ·******** To unlock car upgrades you need to run races with that class of car and level up.
    ·******** Holding back allows you to split up money that you get from robberies.
    ·******** Wearing a mask while wanted and then removing it drops your wanted level by 1 star, more depending on the mask.
    ·******** In races, holding Y/Triangle to spawn back to the last checkpoint also repairs your car.
    ·******** Pressing down the the d-pad enlarges the mini-map to give a good view of nearby players.
    ·******** Putting a car in your garage makes it your personal vehicle, repairs it, and gives it a free tracker.
    ·******** Singing while in the shower in your apartment gives you RP. Leave music playing into your mic overnight to exploit this.
    ·******** It seems rolling (X while zooming-in) will cause the AI to always miss you, need confirmation.
    Good Money Farming Missions:
    [Violent Duct*~ 2-3 Minutes ~ 9k Payout ~ Gerald Mission]
    ·******** Fastest money making method right now.
    ·******** Run on easy for the fastest run.
    ·******** Don't immediately gun at the start, instead sneak in from the left entrance and you can do a sweep in like 20 seconds.
    ·******** Recommended 3-4 person party. Host must be level 15+.
    ·******** Remember to quick Restart (RT after everyone has liked). Continue after 3-4 rounds so everyone can restock on ammo.
    ·******** Nice, now keep yo mouth shut about me, ya hear.
    [Meth'd up*~ 3-4 Minutes ~ 5k Payout ~ Gerald Mission]
    ·******** Recommended 3-4 person party. Host must be level 7+.
    ·******** Drive/run straight to the RV and drive straight to the drop off. Driving off road to the objective will make your life a lot easier by avoiding most of the enemies.
    [A Titan of a Job*~ 6-9 Minutes ~ 10k Payout ~ Trevor Mission]
    ·******** Recommended 4-6 person party. Host must be level 24+.
    ·******** Run on easy for the fastest run.
    ·******** Have your team attack the hanger from both sides as you make your wait in, move the truck that's in-front of the aircraft and take off. Enjoy your smooth flight back and don't crash.
    [Down the Drain*~ 1-2 Minutes ~ 3-3.5k Payout ~ Race]
    ·******** Can easily be ran solo.
    [American Cycle*~ 1-2 Minutes ~ 6k Payout ~ Race]
    ·******** Good way to train your stamina stat too.
    zoheir, 4 Octobre 2013
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    eyeless Gunslinger
    Ca a l'air bien cool tout ça. Si ça marchait!
    eyeless, 4 Octobre 2013
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
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    bOweL Intestin
    Le bug du garage est résolu ?
    bOweL, 4 Octobre 2013
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    fastyy Elite
    pff le live ne fonctionnait pas ce matin en tout cas ... fais chier :-(
    fastyy, 4 Octobre 2013
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    eyeless Gunslinger
    Patch pas encore dispo sur 360 et sur PS3 il semble qu'il n'arrange pas grand chose et apporte quelques problèmes lors de son installation...

    Ils ont décidément totalement raté leur truc chez Rockstar.
    eyeless, 4 Octobre 2013
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    Sebulba Dieu
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    le online : c'est visiblement pas leur truc... Je reteste ce soir...
    Moi je parviens pas a passer l'intro, ca plante (console freezée).
    Donc a part faire mon perso j'ai rien su faire.
    Sebulba, 4 Octobre 2013