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    kelete I'm the f*cking game.
    Voila la line up est terminée apparement (rien d'officiel sur leur site mais ils ont publié la liste sur leur page facebook... )


    24 Octobre (oui le jour du changement d'heure, 1h de mix en plus :love: )

    Flanders Expo (Gand)



    La description des salles:
    Fidget house is the hippest dance style of the moment. Thanks to the blog culture – it is also called blog-house – this exciting mix of stuttering house beats, deep bass lines, ravey synths and close-cut vocals is on the up and up. Hottest fidgets of the moment are CROOKERS.. These Italians became chart food thanks to their remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” after which they got permission to do something nice with songs by U2, Chemical Brothers and Moby. As a matter of fact, Crookers are also taking care of this year's I Love Techno mix CD, which is out at the end of September. More Italians at the Orange Room: THE BLOODY BEETROOTS are presenting their latest album “Romborama”. An I Love Techno exclusive!. FAKE BLOOD, DJ Touché's alter ego, scored the crossover hit of the year with “Mars” on Cheap Thrill Records. And this is the label of Hervé, king of the London fidget house scene, who will be spinning records under both the THE COUNT and the SINDEN moniker. The fidget virus is spreading across Europe. Hailing from France: rising stars DON RIMINI and BIRDY NAM NAM, an impressive turntable collective with roots in hip-hop, who have evolved more towards electro on their latest album, which was produced by Yuksek and Justice. BURAKA SOM SISTEMA from Portugal are flirting with kuduro (an exciting musical style from the capital of Angola, i.e. a mix of zouk and house.) One of the club hypes of the year. Belgium is represented by SOUND OF STEREO, known for their releases on Dr. Lektroluv's label and on Dubsided, the English label of top producer Switch.

    In the world of techno, another evolution seems to be looming round the bend. The familiar minimal sound is increasingly mixed with more organic sounds and different styles. DEADMAU5 aka Joel Zimmerman is the perfect and particularly successful example. He just inked a deal with EMI/Virgin. His mix of electro, techno, house, trance turned him into one of the most laureated producers at the Beatport Music Awards and one of the top dance names of the moment. PAUL KALKBRENNER has been a the craze on Ellen Allien's prominent Bpitch Control label and scored a nice radio hit with the enchanting “Sky And Sand”. JORIS VOORN from the Netherlands takes deejaying to another level on his mix CD “Balance 014” mixing tiny fragments of techno, deep house, disco, electronica, jazz and even folk together and next to each other, so as to create new compositions. JOHHNY D is considered the next big thing of the post-minimal techno era by connoisseurs. This year's techno institutes in the Green Room are ADAM BEYER, CHRIS LIEBING and LUKE SLATER.. Along with Lekebush and Mull, Beyer is one of the founding fathers of the Swedish techno scene and the man behind the Drumcode label, who has evolved from a hard to a more minimal sound. Liebing has gone through a similar evolution, as he is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his label CLR this year. Luke Slater signed for an impressive comeback this year under the Planetary Assault Systems moniker, on the hip Ostgut Ton label. The Green Room will be opened by FADER, the man behind the excellent Curle Recordings.

    Headliners at the Blue Room this year are BOYS NOIZE and TIGA, 2 acts who – along with acts like Erol Alkan and Justice – heralded a whole new era in the electro/techno scene. Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize is without any doubt the most popular DJ of the moment. His second full-length album “Power” is out in September. Tiga made quite an impression with his second album ‘Ciao!’, featuring the Dewaele brothers and James Murphy. He is also the man behind Turbo, the label of Russia's THE PROXY, who scored major club hits with ‘Raven’ and ‘Dancer In The Dark’. And of ZZT, the joint venture of Tiga and ZOMBIE NATION. On “Zombielicious”, the latter has perfectly bridged the gap between electro and rave anno 2009. Now the fuss about the electro of Kitsuné and Ed Banger is dying out, the focus is slowly moving to the States, where labels like Mad Decent (Diplo), Dim Mak (Steve Aoki) and Fool’s Gold (A-Trak) are tops. A-TRAK is a five-fold turntablism world champion and Kanye West's personal DJ, but he is as least as involved with electro and related styles. Belgian ravers in the Blue Room are THE SUBS who are really making a name for themselves abroad as well, and PARTYHARDERS SQUAD, a group of electro wizards annex graphic designers from Liège who can show off with a residence at the trendy Social Club in Paris.

    Just like last year, the Red Room is hosted by the Don Of Techno DAVE CLARKE and his White Noise radio show. He is accompanied by the likes of Pascal Arbez-Nicolas aka ‘the Wagner of rave’ but mainly known as VITALIC. September will see the release of the eagerly awaited follow-up to his classic 2005 debut “OK Cowboy”. The album might be titled “Flashmob”, it might be inspired by disco and sound like a mix of R‘n’B, Jean Michel Jarre, Justice and Metro Area. Expectations run high, since he has promised to come to I Love Techno with a spectacular live show. LEN FAKI serves a mix of techno, minimal, house and dubstep and is a resident at Berlin's Berghain (and related label Ostgut Ton), which was elected best club in the world by dance bible DJ Mag. SPEEDY J has done way more than just earn his stripes in the world of dance. He was one of the first techno producers from the Benelux countries to spread the style across Europe, he managed to release his stuff on labels such as Plus 8 (Richie Hawtin) and Warp and was particularly influential thanks to his particular mix of DJ and live elements in his sets. Nowadays he is running the Electric Deluxe label (on which the Collabs series with friend Chris Liebing have been released) and he is hosting the coinciding parties. Closing off the Red Room is CARL CRAIG, probably one of the most innovative and varied artists of his generation, doing both sublime Detroit techno, electro, house and even terrific jazz under various monikers (Paperclip People, Innerzone Orchestra, 69, ...)

    France has been producing some fine dance for a while now. LAURENT GARNIER is still the French godfather of techno. His latest album ‘Tales Of A Kleptomaniac’ is his most eclectic and best album so far. YUKSEK, who for his debut album could already count on the assistance of good folk like Chromeo and Amanda Blank, will also be present at Yellow Room. His single “Tonight’ charmed fans of Justice and Daft Punk. The very Yuksek also has a hand in the productions – on Tiga’s Turbo label – by BRODINSKI, who recently showed off his turntable skills on the new Bugged Out mix CD. SURKIN and SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM are related as well. The first is seen as one of the names to look out for next year, when the release of his debut is planned on the Institubes label. Sound Pellegrino is a sub-label of Institubes, where Orgasmic & Teki Latex (of pioneer electro hip-hop outfit TTC) do the the musical selection. An as yet unnamed genre which keeps the middle between minimal techno and groovy house. From Cologne but tributary to the French school which teams up house with electro, is TOCADISCO. By now it is impossible to count his radio hits on one hand. By mid September his brand-new album “Toca 128.0 FM” will be released. “The Way Of Love” will be the lead single. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO are coming to present some new material at I Love Techno as well. Big names such as Beth Ditho (Gossip), Jamie Lidell and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor are present on their latest album “Temporary Pleasure”. A steaming techno set by KR!Z, the man behind the Belgian Token label, will close off the Yellow Room this year.
    kelete, 20 Août 2009
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    kelete I'm the f*cking game.
    Perso je reste sans mots, y'a de quoi passer 2-3 nuits rien qu'avec ceux que je veux voir, pas d'autres solution que d'y retourner encore cette année :love:
    kelete, 20 Août 2009
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    Benji It's caturday!
    J'y serai!

    Y a du bon :-D

    C'est juste dommage pour le prix qui augmente chaque année :-(
    Benji, 20 Août 2009
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    StarflaM Elite
    Rien que pour SpeedyJ je ferai le déplacement :)
    StarflaM, 20 Août 2009
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    Liono kivientdufutur
    Ptin de line up !

    Va encore falloir choisir et faire des sacrifices =/
    Liono, 20 Août 2009
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    kelete I'm the f*cking game.
    Oué cette année d'office y'a des grands qu'il va faloir ratter, mais au moins on se retrouvera (enfin j'espere) plus si souvent avec des salles completes
    kelete, 20 Août 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    Présent normalement pour une line up énorme :-D !
    [ KL3R ], 20 Août 2009
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    hop hop hop présent aussi cette année :) Bloody beetroots et Tocadisco en vue :)
    haxion, 20 Août 2009
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    .MalixXx ex membre
    actionblood is in da place :-D
    Y a deux ans c'était déjà 47€ non ?

    Bref, y a de fortes chances que je sois de la partie cette année :-D
    .MalixXx, 21 Août 2009
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    Baham Elite
    Putain quelle affiche, j'en serai aussi! :)
    Baham, 21 Août 2009
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Oui c'était déjà 47€ l'année passée :p actionblood @ I Love Techno \o/
    haxion, 21 Août 2009
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    faLc Be-Danceux
    Obligatoirement présent
    faLc, 21 Août 2009
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    Rooran Jaedong Jr
    Présent aussi :D Et cette fois ci j'me ferai aps coui!llonné comme au pukkel pour Crookers avec une salle comble!

    Pour les BBS, tu seras pas déçu, ils ont tout simplement mis le feux au Pukkelpop, JAMAIS j'me suis autant éclaté :love:
    Rooran, 24 Août 2009
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    kelete I'm the f*cking game.
    Oué 'bah viens une petite heure avant hein alors :p

    L'an passé c'etait Birdy Nam Nam qui ouvrait et apres les Crookers. La salle etait comble 1/2h avant leur debut (enfin c'etait Birdy Nam Nam avant mais il etait quand meme que 22-23h quoi :cool: )
    kelete, 24 Août 2009
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Je sais bien que je serais pas déçu de Bloody, je les ai vu l'année passée dans la switch vidéo room (cette année dans l'orange room <3) et faut dire que voir Steve Aoki sauter des platines dans le public, ça le fait à mort :) J'irai me faire un petit Surkin et un Luke Slater aussi :p Maintenant ça sera sûrement comme l'année passée : "oh, du bon son, hop hop hop, direction le bon son" :-D
    haxion, 24 Août 2009
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    ailless Asimov, Sagan, Carlin, Hitchens
    présennnnnt !
    ailless, 25 Août 2009
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    Rooran Jaedong Jr
    Surkin je l'ai vu une fois j'ai été assez déçu, enfin faut dire qu'il avait du enchainer sur un final de Fake Blood plus qu'exceptionnel, son intro "lente" avait un peu cassé la "folie" que Fake Blood avait installé et j'ai pas pu tenir jusqu'au bout :p'

    Et je confirme, Steve Aoki est une vraie bête de scène :love:
    Rooran, 26 Août 2009
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    XploSeR ex membre
    présent aussi normalement grosse line up =)
    XploSeR, 5 Septembre 2009
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Moins bonne que les années précédentes je trouve, mais quand même assez sympa pour passer un bon petit moment :) Je regrette juste qu'il n'y ai pas des artistes comme Felix Krocher ou un bon DJ Rush... et je suis pas le seul à penser comme ça :x
    haxion, 6 Septembre 2009
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    atom Touriste
    je cherche 2 ou 3 places. étant étudiants nous n'avons pas les moyens de douiller 100euros/place donc si quelqu'un est raisonnable. merci d'avance
    atom, 18 Octobre 2009