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    bambino_pa ex membre
    Bonjour, je ne suis pas tres bon en francais, alors je vais l'expliquer en anglais... Je crois que cela va etre beaucoup plus coprehensible...

    I'm looking for the name of a certain map. I used to play it a few months ago on the server on TM. It started with a split in the road, both roads went a bit upwards and came together again. Followed by a 90° right turn, then a jump onto a long 180 turn I think. Or maybe 150° :p. Then there was a sort of mini zigzag, and then a looping. After the looping there was a sort of "vertical wall", a part of a broad looping. You had to go on it but stay low, then you jumped and you had to take another 90° turn to the left. here the road splitted again after a little hill. The road went in a sort of circle, you could take either side and you would need your speed to jump on to the next part. here you went straight, and tehre was a cut on the right. you could keep going straight, bumping into a new 90° turn to the right. Now you were nearly there, the finish was in 2 lines with open space between them.

    The average time was about 1.00 - 1.10 minutes.

    Can someone tell me the name ofthis map?

    bambino_pa, 7 Octobre 2006
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    DeflaMental [-_-]
    lol, what your name ingame ?

    Look my library : Here

    they are always the maps

    Sorry, my english is bad.
    DeflaMental, 7 Octobre 2006
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    bambino_pa ex membre
    I already checked that out, couldnt find it. Where would I find older maps

    ingame name is bambino as well
    bambino_pa, 7 Octobre 2006
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