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    Je me permets de poster quelques offres d'emploi provenant de la compagnie (MobileWeb) dans laquelle je fais mon stage. La compagnie est spécialisée dans tout ce qui tourne autour des technologies mobiles et les applications Iphone/Android (et ipad). Voila en espérant que cela puisse servir à quelqu'un.


    » Product development & e-marketing - Mobile Communities
    Job description :
    » You manage the existing SMS Game communities and media partnerships (FR)
    » You develop new mobile apps in the iPhone AppStore and Android Market (from business case to launch) and you handle the outroll – worldwide scope
    » You follow up the implementation projects with a project-based approach and follow-up of implementation trajects

    » Project Manager - Mobile Internet & Apps
    Job description :
    » You are responsible for the coordination of the implementation of Mobile Internet & Apps projects.
    » Functional analysis: you translate new product features to technical requirements, you make proposals for the implementation after analysis of different options (build vs buy)
    » Project-based implementation: you manage the technical work-out; you communicate the functional analyses to the IT team; you follow up the planning and you coordinate the user tests.
    » Pre-sales support: you help the sales team in understanding the client needs and you know how to translate these to modular solutions, based on our existing products.
    » You implement Mobile Internet & Apps projects and internal projects.
    » Product roll-out: you handle the integration of new product features in internal processes, such as customers service, billing, sales, ....
    » You sell mobile internet site and mobile app (iPhone, Android) projects to clients in the media sector and to large companies.


    » Commercial employee Internal - Mobile Messaging
    Job description
    » You sell Mobile Messaging Solutions via phone and email.
    » Post-sales implementation: you handle the technical & administrative follow-up after sale.
    » You are responible for the follow-up of projects.
    » You take care of systematic reporting to key accounts.
    » Pre-sales support : you support our Sales in producing proposals.


    » iPhone / Android app developer(s) – Mobile Internet & Apps
    Job description
    » Design and build the next generation of MobileWeb's Iphone and Android apps with potentially app development for other mobile platforms.
    » Based on a functional analysis of the product, you are responsible for the technical implementation: database design, screen design, application logic and testing.
    » You are in charge of the 2nd line support of these applications towards the end users. You are familiar with the applications and can quickly solve certain problems.
    » Your passion for mobile technology drives you to keep up-to-date about the latest trends and evolutions. You are an excellent source of new insights that eventually will result in the development of new product features.
    vagrand, 12 Avril 2010