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    218 fr out :)

    vivement le suivant !
    Neomatrix@LamZ, 12 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
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    liitwow grosso6
    n'empeche que dark ichigo (qui est blanc en fait :cool:), inside ichigo ou je sais pas trop comment il s'appelle, il est pas mal stylé version bankai :cool:
    liitwow, 19 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    Real word/Spirit world
    zoheir, 19 Mars 2006
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    liitwow grosso6
    ok :cool:
    Sinon, hâte de voir la suite : )
    liitwow, 19 Mars 2006
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    219 fr out :)

    vivement le prochain pour pas changer... :p
    Neomatrix@LamZ, 19 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    si tu ne lis que la trad fr, il vaut mieux attendre la version de bleachsoul
    zoheir, 19 Mars 2006
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    mon impatience me perdra :p

    Bah je trouve quand même que c'est compréhensible mais merci pour le conseil :wink:

    tiens c'est mieux de lire la version anglaise en raw (qu'est-ce que ça veut dire "raw" en passant?) ou alors une version fr? Je veux dire entre bleachsoul et le raw qu'est-ce qui est mieux? :)
    Neomatrix@LamZ, 19 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    le raw, c'est la version jap tout simplement
    si tu es impatient, télécharge la version raw et recupère le script traduit en fr... (trouvable sur les forums concernés)
    zoheir, 19 Mars 2006
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    ah ok merci pour l'info je savais pas !

    En fait ce qui prend du temps pour les teams c'est effacer les bulles et réécrire alors si le script sort plus tôt !
    Neomatrix@LamZ, 19 Mars 2006
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    Gylian Limace Paraplanaire
    l'anime a été licensié :-( :-( :-( :-(
    Gylian, 19 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    Le temps que la team "clean" le chapitre, le/les script(s) sont déjà disponibles, en tout cas en anglais...

    pas une grosse perte pour le moment :D
    zoheir, 19 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    Le script du 220 pour ceux que ca intéressent:

    script by djudge

    Fanning: The crisis which continues inside the Inner World! Matching the ferocity of the keen fight in the real world!

    Lisa (Risa): Huff, huff, huff, break time's when, huh?

    Hirako: If we rotate all 8 of us here every 10 minutes, we can continue for an hour and twenty minutes before then.

    Hiyori: 8 people it is, but you keep forgetting that one of us has to pull him back out so it's really 7, baldie.

    Hirako: Well, 7 people times 10 minutes is still over an hour!

    Hatch (Hacchi): Well, right now we're stretching out this battle out pretty thin, and I have to keep this barrier so... those calculations, should I be in them...?

    Lisa (Risa): (He's pretty strong... ! Looking back at it now... unless Kensei... this won't...)

    Muguruma fights Masked Ichigo and manages to score a hit on its left shoulder with his Zanpakutou, but the wound heals instantly.

    Kensei: (Instant Regneration?!)

    Muguruma extends a fist and fires off a Kidou at close range.

    Love (Ravu): Oi oi!

    In the attack, Masked Ichigo's left arm is blown off at the shoulder. Muguruma approaches Masked Ichigo as it collapses. At that time, Ichigo's Chain of Fate shoots out of Ichigo's stump and the jaws at its end attack Muguruma.

    Kensei: !...Wh... What the shit!? Chi...

    Muguruma repeats the last Kidou to blow off the Chain, but a new arm has completely grown in its place.

    Kensei: ...Totally unexpected you'd convert to a Hollow so quickly.

    Lisa (Risa): (If the maximum amount of time for prolonging the fight to fully control Hollow coversion is around an hour without Hatch is an hour...) I'll be putting a stop to this next time I'm up.

    Bleach c220 King & His Horse
    Anti-Ichigo is the featured character on the chapter cover page.

    Translator's Note: The title this week is an allusion to a line from King Richard III by William Shakespeare. It implies that like Richard III, Ichigo will be willing to give up an entire kingdom (his Inner World) just for the sake of a horse (Zangetsu). From the play's fifth act, fourth scene, lines 10-17:

    Richard: A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!
    Cate: Withdraw, my lord; I’ll help you to a horse.
    Richard: Slave! I have set my life upon a cast,
    And I will stand the hazard of the die.
    I think there be six Richmonds in the field;
    Five have I slain to-day, instead of him.—
    A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!
    Ichigo: Zangetsu...

    Anti-Ichigo: For the last time, he's mine! Zangetsu "is me"

    Ichigo: You dirty cheat...

    Anti-Ichigo immediately moves toward Ichigo and launches him into a nearby building.

    Anti-Ichigo: No surprise that you let every little thing get to you, airhead. What are you doing with that blank stare unarmed? ...Listen, can you tell what makes a king different from his horse?

    Ichigo: What's that?

    Anti-Ichigo: Well, it's not as simple as matter of who's got how many legs. In terms of form, ability, and power, people have thought that they could've been the one and the same once. Yet, eventually the persona which gains the upper hand becomes a "king" and the one left out becomes a "horse" that can only support its master. So what makes them so different in the first place?!!

    Anti-Ichigo: ...It's only one thing-- instinct!!! Such a concept is vital to those who have equal power but seek something more. The power that is necessary who dons the persona of a "king" should use it solely for waging war. Mercilessly continuing an onslaught, mutilating the enemy, a total yearning for carnage!! Skinning ourselves, tearing off flesh and nerves, and crushing our bones, all for the sake of sharpening our killer instinct!!! Yet you just don't have this! You're too general, too bland, needing only one reason to fight and defeat your opponents. Just who exactly were you going to kill when you began to lose your sword? This is why you just don't stack up against me!! Ichigo!!!

    Translator's Note: As you can see, for those of you still clinging onto the notion that Anti-Ichigo isn't totally evil... this pretty much confirmed that he's a raving engine of destruction that loves to indulge in sadism.

    Anti-Ichigo impales Ichigo in the gut with his thrown sword.

    Anti-Ichigo: Don't mind me, I've got no idea exactly where the old man is. But, I'll be damned before I let a weak-ass king ride on my back. You're not nearly worthy Ichigo, you'll disappear and then I'll take the throne.

    Anti-Ichigo walks towards Ichigo, but Ichigo uses the sword in his gut to block the coup-de-grace.

    Ichigo: (Instinct, eh? If it's a sword fight you want, and you won't hand one over... ...a sword...)

    Ramming his hand into his opponent, Ichigo pulls a sword out of Anti-Ichigo's chest. The white Zangetsu immediately turns black. Both of them take their distance from each other and stare into each other's eyes.

    Translator's Note: Anyone besides me have any flashes of Revolutionary Girl Utena or FLCL? Seems like Anti-Ichigo can fall into the Rose Bride and Naota's camp now.

    End of c220.
    zoheir, 23 Mars 2006
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Nice le 220, surtout la dernière image avec les yeux de Ichigo. :)
    haxion, 23 Mars 2006
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    Azinou Ancienne LV
    hmm, je trouve pas la raw ~~
    tu saurais m'aider a l'acquérir ? :p
    Azinou, 23 Mars 2006
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    J'ai été sur Bleachsoul comme conseillé par cvm mais le zip est corrompu apparement, je l'ai donc pris sur bankai-team :)
    Neomatrix@LamZ, 23 Mars 2006
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Sur BleachSoul, si tu veux les liens, un petit pm. :)
    haxion, 23 Mars 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    jt'ai passé les meilleurs liens pourtant -_-'
    zoheir, 23 Mars 2006
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Vrai que bleachsoul est pas mal, mais ya encore à redire parfois. Ca donne envie de se lancer dans le biz ça. :D
    Sig le Troll, 23 Mars 2006
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    Azinou Ancienne LV
    ah merde
    c'est vrai, j'ai pas regarder sur les autres, m'était arreté a tazmo :p'
    Azinou, 23 Mars 2006