[Manga] Naruto

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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    zoheir, 13 Octobre 2006
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    Le Lensois, 14 Octobre 2006
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    Janemba 1337 de campagne
    si ca tombe le manga va finir mal,
    -l'akatsuki va tout peter
    -naruto va mourir
    -oroshimaru en voulant prendre le corps de sasuke, va se planter et se retrouver dans le corps d'une grenouille (dbz.. :p)
    -et sasuke va fuir..

    bref pour le moment l akatsuki ne craint rien :colere:
    Janemba, 15 Octobre 2006
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    c'est vrai qu'ils paraissent vachement difficiles a vaincre, voir invincibles

    ca sent la surencher niveau pouvoir, j aime po ca :colere:
    Le Lensois, 15 Octobre 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    zoheir, 18 Octobre 2006
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    MystiC HOMM addict
    :Z mais non c pas possible, il fait semblant, tsunade va le remettre sur pied
    MystiC, 18 Octobre 2006
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    MystiC HOMM addict
    naruto et hinata auront un enfant et le fils de naruto va venger son pere, on aura naruto Z
    MystiC, 18 Octobre 2006
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    :D ;-D
    Le Lensois, 18 Octobre 2006
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    Le Lensois, 18 Octobre 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    #328 Script :

    No. 328: Team 10

    Kakuzu: Let’s go, Hidan.

    飛段「あのクソリーダー今度呪ってやろーか ったくよー!」
    Hidan: Fucking leader! I should curse him next time, goddammit!

    Asuma: *Cough

    Shikamaru, Chouji, & Ino: ! Sensei! Asuma-sensei!

    Shikamaru: Ino! Chouji! Get Asuma out of here!!

    Hidan: I told you! You all had better keep your asses here until we get back! That guy’s gonna die anyway! See ya, fuckers!

    *The two disappear

    Shikamaru: Chouji! Ino! Hurry up!

    アスマ「・・・もういい・・・もうオレはここまでだ それくらいは自分で分かる・・・・へっ・・・お前達も・・・分かっているハズだ・・・」
    Asuma: …it’s alright…this is it for me…even I know that much…you all…must realize it as well…

    Ino (mental): He’s been hit in four vital points…there’s nothing else…

    Asuma: I think I finally…understand…what the 3rd did…I’m always too late…one last thing…*cough*…Ino, Chouji, & Shikamaru…I have something I want to say…to you all.

    Chouji: Sensei, no more talking!

    Shikamaru: Chouji!

    *Chouji is surprised

    Shikamaru: You too Ino…These are Asuma-sensei’s last words…listen up.

    Asuma: Ino…you’re really spirited…but you’re really responsible…Chouji and Shikamaru…are both pretty inept…so watch over them…

    Ino: …..Yeah…

    Asuma: And…don’t you lose to Sakura…in ninjutsu or in love…

    Ino: Yeah!....

    Asuma: Chouji…you’re a kind-hearted guy who thinks of his friends’ feelings…that’s why…you’ll become a stronger ninja than anyone…so be more confident in yourself…

    Chouji: …yeah…

    Asuma: That and…you need to diet a little…

    Chouji: That might not be possible…but I’ll try my best…

    アスマ「へ・・・ そしてシカマル・・・」
    Asuma: A…and you Shikamaru…

    Asuma: ….your mind is sharp…and your sense as a ninja…is good…you have the talent…that could even make you Hokage…well…a complainer like you would probably just whine and moan about it though…

    Asuma: …I never even managed to beat you once…in Shougi…oh…that talk about “the King”…I guess I’ll let you in on…who that is…come closer…

    *Asuma whispers into Shikamaru’s ear

    シカマル「! アスマ・・・あんた・・・だから・・・」
    Shikamaru: ! Asuma…you…I told you…

    Asuma: …I’m leaving it up to you…Shikamaru….but…well…well enough of that…those cigarettes I stopped smoking…they’re in my pouch…I just want one last drag…

    *Shikamaru lights Asuma’s cigarette for him

    Asuma: *Phewwwwwwwww (blowing out smoke)


    三人「ゴホッ ゲホ ゲホッ」
    Shikamaru, Ino & Chouji: *Cough cough cough

    アスマ「あ!わりぃわリィ 今日から第十班の担当になる猿飛アスマだ厳しくするから覚悟しろよ!いきなり泣くなよ まだ厳しくするって言っただけだろ」
    Asuma: Oh! Sorry sorry. I’m Sarutobi Asuma and I will be heading up team 10 starting today. I’m gonna make things tough, so be prepared! Hey, you don’t need to start crying. All I said was that I was going to make things tough.

    Shikamaru: The smoke is making our eyes water!!

    *At the Barbeque place

    アスマ「チョウジくん・・・君は遠慮という言葉を知っているかね・・・」 シカマル「三百両は行ったな」
    Asuma: Chouji…do you even know the word “restraint”…

    Shikamaru: Man, we/he ate 300 ryou worth of food…

    *At the flower shop

    いの「(花を買うアスマに)誰にぃー?」 アスマ「いや別に誰でも・・・」 いの「紅先生によろしくねー!」 アスマ「なっ!なぜ!?」
    Ino: Who are those for?

    Asuma: Oh, nobody in particular…

    Ino: Say hi to Kurenai-sensei for me!

    Asuma: Wh…why!?

    *Out on the porch
    アスマ「ルールはこの本を読めば大体分かる 後はやりながらだな」 
    Asuma: You’ll get the hang of the rules by reading the book. After that you can learn while playing…

    Shikamaru: It’s kind of a pain…but I guess if I have enough of these then it should work out perfectly…

    アスマ「ま・・・・負けた・・・」 シカマル「手ぇ抜かなくていいっすよマジで・・・」
    Asuma: I…lost…

    Shikamaru: You really don’t have to go easy on me…

    あとはいのとチョウジ お前達も頑張れよ」
    Asuma: You’re the only one who made it to chuunin during this year’s chuunin exams (*looking at Shikamaru). As your jounin team leader, I’m pretty proud too. All that’s left if for Ino and Chouji to become chuunin. You two hang in there.

    アスマ「良く頑張ったな チョウジ、いの これで第十班は全員中忍だ そしてここでオレもお前等の担当から外れるこれからはお前等一人一人が隊長になり新たなチームを率いる事になる このピアスはオレからの中忍祝いのプレゼントだオレたちが第十班のチームだった事を忘れないようにな!」
    Asuma: You all did great, Chouji and Ino. Now everyone in team 10 is a chuunin. And this is where my watch over you all ends. Going forward, each of you will become captains and lead new teams. These earrings are a congratulatory present from me on you all becoming chuunin. Don’t forget the fact that you were all a part of team 10!

    *Asuma dies…

    Chouji: Sensei!!

    *Rain starts to fall

    *Shikamaru lights a cigarette and starts smoking

    シカマル「ゲホッ ゴホッ!ぐっ・・・うっ・・・うっ・・・・やっぱりタバコは嫌いだ・・・煙が目に染みやがる・・・」
    Shikamaru: *Cough cough! *Sobbing*…I really do hate smoking…the damn smoke makes my eyes water...

    *This week’s chapter ends with Kurenai staring out the window.
    zoheir, 18 Octobre 2006
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    j'suis over dégouté :/
    Le Lensois, 18 Octobre 2006
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    MystiC HOMM addict
    :-( pffffffff jlaimais trop, son perso aurait pu etre bien plus développé
    MystiC, 18 Octobre 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    balise spoil svp..
    zoheir, 18 Octobre 2006
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    Cho0o Touriste
    Au fait, (j'ai peut-être loupé quelque chose), Asuma faisait partie du groupe des 12 guerriers ... est-ce que quelqu'un sait à quoi il servait et ce qu'il protégait au vu du monastère ?
    Cho0o, 20 Octobre 2006
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    C'est un temple bouddhiste du pays du feu, il protégait le "chef" moine chiriku
    zoheir, 20 Octobre 2006
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    p0ire ManCity Fan
    Je suis à l'épisode 140 quelque chose et j'adore trop serieux !
    Le 1er qui me fait chier jlui fais un Kage Bunshin No Jutsu + Rasengan + Sharigan ! :pfrt:
    OKEY ? :D ;-D :-D
    p0ire, 21 Octobre 2006
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    ezok Touriste
    et on obtient ? 2x le règlements :proud: mici pOire
    ezok, 21 Octobre 2006
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    p0ire ManCity Fan
    hahaha mpdr en classe :-D
    p0ire, 21 Octobre 2006
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    ezok Touriste
    Tu la déjà commencé ? :p
    ezok, 21 Octobre 2006