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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    ca marche chez mizot
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    :-( pourtant jai testé sous firefox et ie
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
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    MystiC HOMM addict
    merci là je vois :-D c'est superbe :gne:
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    FoX2000 Revenant
    Un peu pourri le 341 je trouve...
    mais bon, fallait bien que ca se termine :p (à moins que...)
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    j'espère que la qualité graphique des next gen sera mieux que les HS parce que quand je vois la preview :-9 :pfiou:
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    FoX2000 Revenant
    T'es gentil toi mais t'es pas dans le bon topic là :roll: :-D
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    tg :cool:
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    vraiment bon le dernier chapitre :love:
    Le Lensois, 16 Février 2007
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    FoX2000 Revenant
    Ouep, On verra enfin d'autres super méchants avec des super attaques et, je l'espère, d'aures super gentils auront l'occasion de montrer leurs super nouvelles techniques :love:
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    Le Lensois Sang & Or
    ironie ou ? :[]
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    FoX2000 Revenant
    Pas du tout, j'aime le manga tel qu'il est :)
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    McEwan De Merack
    hihihihi :-D
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    #343 script translation :


    *From a camera angle looking down from above

    *There are more than 100 ninja who are now lying on the ground after getting taken down by Sasuke.

    *They’re all moaning and groaning in pain

    Orochimaru: You’ll never be able to beat Itachi if you don’t become ruthless.

    *Sasuke calmly stands up

    サスケ「あいつの前では非情になるさ 否が応でもな」
    Sasuke: When I stand before him I will be ruthless—no matter what (lit. whether I like it or not).

    *Sasuke pulls his blade out of the ground, sheathes it, and starts walking.

    *Orochimaru watches him from afar with his arms crossed.

    Orochimaru (mental): He didn't even let one drop of his own blood spill…watching him…

    Orochimaru (mental): …makes me believe that even I who used to be called a genius was just pitiful (translator note: in comparison to Sasuke the super genius).

    Orochimaru (mental): A little longer…just a little longer and he’ll/it'll be mine…!

    *The scene’s final panels are Sasuke, Orochimaru licking his lips and the sun setting over a large expanse of land.

    *The camera then shifts its angle sideways and…

    *Reveals just how many ninja are on the ground spread out across the field—numbering over a thousand.

    *Scene changes to Ichiraku Ramen. Sai, Sakura and Naruto are eating ramen together.

    Naruto: Hot hot!

    Naruto: Man, it really is hard to eat with my left hand… *His right hand is bandaged up

    *Sakura has a flashback after looking at his hand. The flashback is a hospital where Sakura is healing up Naruto’s arm.

    Sakura: The bones in your hand are broken in a few places at least…your body just can’t keep up with your jutsu.

    Sakura: That new technique of yours should only be used in a pinch! You can’t go around using it all the time, got it!

    Naruto: He he he…I’ll be fine as long as you’re around to heal it up, Sakura-chan.

    Sakura: That’s not what I’m talking about!

    Sakura: It’s not like you can just heal things up neatly with medical ninjutsu.

    Naruto: …but…it does kinda make me happy. It feels like you and I are starting to get closer to Sasuke together.

    はっとするサクラ。ナルトは笑う。席を近づけ「はい あーん」とするが
    *Sakura is surprised and Naruto laughs. Sakura then pulls her chair closer to Naruto and tries to feed him saying, “Alright…open wide”. Then something funny happens and Kakashi arrives.

    Sakura: It’s pretty rare not to see you laid out in the hospital, Kakashi-sensei.

    Kakashi: So I guess that image of me stuck then. I’m…shocked.

    Kakashi: Well, it’s because I didn’t have to resort to using the mangekyou sharingan this time.

    *Kakashi has a flashback of when he got caught by Kakuzu’s tentacles and was about to be attacked

       「今頃、イメージ通りベッドの上だったな アハハ」
    Kakashi: If you all hadn’t jumped in back there I would have definitely used it. Had I done that I really would be lying in bed right now. HA HA HA

    *Naruto is thinking about something. Kakashi looks at him.

    Kakashi: Naruto, you’ve definitely gotten stronger. Enough to be on the same level as me or even higher.

    Kakashi: But the bigger a jutsu is, the more you have to think about the risks involved in it.

    Naruto: Yeah…

    *Scene change to Orochimaru’s hideout

    *Orochimaru is in bed coughing.

    カブト「もう限界ですね これだとランク10の薬を投与しないと体が・・」
       「薬を取り替えてきます 少しお待ちください」
    Kabuto: It would seem you’re at your limit. We’ll need to give you the rank 10 medicine otherwise your body won’t last...I’ll go change out your medicine. Please wait a moment.

    *Kabuto leaves the room

    *For some reason or another Orochimaru starts laughing like a madman. But he soon begins to cough and hack up blood.

    *It looks as though he has patterns resembling cursed seals wrapped all around his arms.

    *Suddenly an extending chakra blade shoots into the room, aimed at Orochimaru.

    *Orochimaru blocks and stops the blade by putting up both of his arms to guard himself.

    Orochimaru: This chakra nature is…but I have never seen its shape altered like this before…

    Orochimaru: Who’s there?

    *Camera angle changes to a birds-eye view. We see that the chakra blade is stretched out around 20m.

    *Sasuke appears after cutting down the door.

    Orochimaru: I see…so I guess it’s like that then.

    Sasuke: I have nothing more to learn from you.

    サスケ「・・アンタの前でも・・ 非情になれそうだ」
    Sasuke: …and it would seem as though…in front of you…I can be ruthless.

    *Sasuke activates the sharingan and the level one cursed seal pattern spreads across his face.
    zoheir, 22 Février 2007
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    McEwan De Merack
    Roh ! Surtout ne pas céder ... ne pas regarder !!! :dead:
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    Actifed 236.443.443
    omg vas-y Sasuke :D
    vivement le 344
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    McEwan De Merack
    Roh les scans avancent à grand pas ...
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    zoheir cvm.mangaleet()
    #344 :-9


    *Sasuke pushes the chakra blade even further into Orochimaru’s arms. The blade goes all the way through his arms and stabs the wall behind him.

    サスケ「大蛇丸 アンタはオレより弱い」
    Sasuke: Orochimaru, you’re weaker than I am.

    Sasuke: …so there’s no more point in me giving my body to you.

    Orochimaru: The Uchiha chick…sure has a mouth on him.

    Sasuke: Hmmph…if I weren’t a baby chick then there’s no way you could’ve gotten me here, right?

    *Both of them looking down on each other while Orochimaru thinks.

    Sasuke: Itachi was out of your reach…so that’s why you targeted me, the baby chick right?

    「そうだろ? ”三忍”と謳われた天才さんよ」
    Sasuke: Isn’t that right, genius called one of the “sannin”.

    Sasuke: but at the end of the day you’re just a genius in the world…

    Sasuke: Not enough to surpass or even match the name of the Uchiha.

    Sasuke: No matter the genius, they all fall to mediocrity in front of the Uchiha.

    Sasuke: As someone with the name Uchiha it’s pathetic and laughable to see you drug yourself up and switch bodies just to inch yourself a little closer to the power of the Uchiha.

    Sasuke: That and I don’t like the way you go about things…just what is your goal?

    「この世の道理を解き明かすだの何だのと 下らない利己的な理由で他人を 玩具のように弄び続けている」
    Sasuke: To continue using other people like tools just to unlock the order of the world or whatever the ridiculous other reasons you have.

    *Sasuke flashback. Itachi saying, “To measure the depth of my own ability—that is what is important.”

    Sasuke: It makes me sick.

    *Sasuke storms at Orochimaru suddenly.

    大蛇丸は口をあけると何かが 飛び出す。そしてそれはサスケの横を通り過ぎる。サスケはそれを見定める
    *As Orochimaru opens his mouth something flies out. It shoots past Sasuke. Sasuke manages to see what it is.

    Sasuke: A white snake…so that’s your true form then…

    *Behind Sasuke is a big snake made of many little snakes. That is Orochimaru.

    Sasuke: In order to jump from body to body…you kept performing your experiments.
    Sasuke: So after all that this is your form then.

    Orochimaru: Well then…Sasuke-kun…give me…

    「私 に ち ょ う だ ぁぁ イ!!!」
    Orochimaru: …that body of yours!!!

    *Orochimaru attacks Sasuke. Sasuke dodges and stops the small snakes’ attacks with his sword. Sasuke is up against a wall. He takes off his jacket with one arm and begins to change to his cursed seal level 2 form.

    サスケ「地を這いずる蛇が空を飛びたいと夢見たところで しょせん無理な話・・」
    Sasuke: A snake crawling around on the ground starts to dream about flying in the sky…at the end of the day it’s nothing but an impossibility…

    *Orochimaru’s little snakes start to wind themselves around Sasuke.

    Sasuke: But you still wanting to accomplish it somehow crawled in the nest to get the baby chick and became the target yourself…

    大蛇丸「!」 蛇たちが爆発する
    *Orochimaru: ! *The snakes all explode

    サスケ「これから空高く飛び立つ ・・鷹の目にな」
    Sasuke: …in the eyes of a hawk…that would soon be the one flying in the sky.

    *A panel of Sasuke spreading his wings in his level 2 form.

    大蛇丸「・・」(かなり焦っている)「サ ス ケ ェェェ !!」(飛びかかる)
    Orochimaru: … (*now totally freaking out) Sasuke!! (*Orochimaru jumps at Sasuke)

    *Scene change to a grave

    *It’s the grave of Orochimaru’s parents. We see Orochimaru as a child with a young 3rd Hokage there.

    大蛇丸「! 何だろコレ?」
    Orochimaru: ! What on earth is this?

    三代目「おおそれは白蛇の脱皮した皮だ よく見つけたな」
    The 3rd: Oh, that’s the molted skin of a white snake. I’m surprised you found one.

    The 3rd: It’s quite a rare thing that most can hardly ever see.

    Orochimaru: Why is it white?

    The 3rd: Hmm, I’m not really sure why. I don’t think anyone does.

    The 3rd: Just that ever since the old days these white snakes have been thought of as symbolizing good luck and rebirth.

    Orochimaru: Good luck and rebirth…

    The 3rd: …

    三代目「この墓で見つけたのも何かの因縁 お前の両親もどこかで生まれかわっているかもしれないのォ・・」
    The 3rd: I guess finding them at this grave must be a kind of fate. Maybe your parents were born again somewhere else…

    Orochimaru: So that one day…they might see you again all grown up.

    Orochimaru: ….when would that be…?

    The 3rd: …well I don’t know when.

    *The chapter ends with Orochimaru smiling while staring at the white snake’s shedded skin.
    zoheir, 27 Février 2007
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    McEwan De Merack
    Thx !!!
    McEwan, 28 Février 2007