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    Carambar He once forgot how to cry

    Auteur : ductonius
    Notes : Première carte réalisée pour UT2003.
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    Silviculture n. The care and cultivation of trees; forestry.

    CTF-Silviculture is a silviculture industrial plant where they grow trees for the ultra rich. The wide hallways and rooms were origonally constructed to accomodate robotic silvicuture drones but but were
    spotted by a Tournament scout for thier large ammount of manuvering space. Once the Tournament location scout made the offer the company jumped at the chance to recieve thousands of pounds of fresh meat as
    fertalizer. Fluid surfaces and moody lighting make for a eye-pleasing event suitable for 16-24 opponents.

    Includes all weapons except redeemer (sucide is NOT painless) and ion-painter. All powerups are included."



    Carambar, 29 Janvier 2003
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    Inferno Sans Titre
    oué et deja jouer depuis un certain temps, mais me souviens plus si elle est bien ou pas
    Inferno, 29 Janvier 2003
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