[Mars]Programmation du Magasin 4 - Bruxelles

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    March@Magasin4, Brussels

    + THURSDAY 03.03.2011
    KIM Novak (FR) + The Engines Of Love + An Orange Car Crashed

    + SATURDAY 05.03.2011
    Electro punk / ska rock festif
    GameBoys Physical Destruction (FR) + Witness Theater (FR) + Edith and two man's + Les Crocs (FR) + Abuzska + Small Brains

    + SUNDAY 06.03.2011
    Other / Psychedelic / Noise
    Bo Ningen (JAP/UK)

    + THURSDAY 10.03.2011
    Punk Rock
    Les Vulgaires Machins (CAN) + Forest Pooky and Rene Cooper (FR/NL) + Corbillard (BE/FR) + La Smala Et Moi

    + FRIDAY 11.03.2011
    HIP HOP LADY'S NIGHT Rap / Hip Hop
    La Mélodia (NL) + Thug Angel et 13hor + Suppa Fly Dj's

    + WEDNESDAY 16.03.2011
    Stoner / Psychedelic / Doom
    Sons Of Otis (CAN) + Beehoover (DEU) + Zippo (IT)

    + SATURDAY 19.03.2011
    Lydia lunch & The big sexy noise (US/UK) + ZËRO (FR) + Baby Fire + DJ Agent Palmer

    + SUNDAY 20.03.2011
    Jean Louis Costes (FR) + µte (B)

    + THURSDAY 24.03.2011
    Sludge / Noise
    Overmars (FR) + Binaire (FR) + TerraFormer

    + SATURDAY 26.03.2011
    Bloodshot + Strike Back (Fr) + Trouble Kidz

    + WEDNESDAY 30.03.2011
    FACE THE CHAOS TOUR Death metal
    Ease Of Disgust (RUS) + Smashed Face (CZ) + Crimson Falls + Hurt Them Back

    All infos :

    Avenue du port, 51B
    B-1000 Brussels
    ben_zoulk, 22 Février 2011
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    SUNDAY 13.03.2011 ::
    GONE BALD (NL/HR) + POINO (UK) + PERVERTED Alternative / Noise / Rock
    » Gone Bald (NL/HR)
    Noise / Rock
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Gone Bald is a noise rock band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The band was founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 1994. Soon thereafter, the band hitch-hiked to Amsterdam and that's where the band still lives, even though singer/guitarplayer Razorblade Jr is the only original member left after numerous changes in line-up.

    Gone Bald has toured Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and shared the stage with bands like The Jesus Lizard, Butthole Surfers, Chinese Stars, The Ex, Ninewood, Today Is The Day, Neptune, Sebadoh and The Flying Luttenbachers. The band released work on tape[disambiguation needed], 7" single and CD on labels like Narrominded (The Netherlands) and Interstellar Records (Austria).[/FONT]

    » Poino (UK)
    Alternative / Noise
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]South London trio Poino first knocked notes in 2006. Since then they have been revealing ther musical abstractions in venues abuxt the English countryside. A term of indulgent subterranean recording in the early months of this year has succeeded in them bearing fruit to their self-realised debut album ‘Moan Loose’. Combining erudite proficiency with flailing ignorance they offer up a melee of caustic ambiguity from within the deepest hollows of a disenchanted consciousness. Whatever the hell that means.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Derived from the Greek/Latin term for pain, punishment and penalty, Poino have just released their new album ‘Moan Loose’ on Horse Arm Records . The band features Ross Blake from Buttonhead, Gaverick of the late great Giddy Motors and the flailing torse of the sonic Houdini that is John Greenhorn

    For fans of: Chavez, Charlottefield, Shellac[/FONT]

    » Perverted (BE)
    Noise / Rock
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Belgian Indie-noise-weirdness band, founded 1984. Formerly Perverted by Desire. Latest release Vote Reverend Greed (2010). Group core is drum, bass, guitar, though use of guest artists enables a wide-ranging sound palette, reminiscent of The Fall, PIL, Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth.[/FONT]
    ben_zoulk, 12 Mars 2011