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    We are looking for a consultant able to undertake a least two of the following missions:

    1. Onsite Support:

    Users onsite support level 1 & 2, including tasks such as:

    * Installing and supporting workstations in order to provide state of art material to all users
    * Support users in order that maximum productivity is achieved
    * Respond to helpdesk issues
    * Provide technical expertise to users by verbal or written means
    * Coaching users
    * Help with office moves regarding IT equipment; patching network cables; provide telephone systems; support out-of-office users connecting on a secure way to the network
    * Ensure that company assets are maintained responsibility in order to guarantee availability of assets
    * Ensure that all users are provided with application support in order to minimize unplanned downtime due to technical problems
    * Ensure when working under pressure to stay calm and diplomatic in order to be as helpful as possible

    2. Desktop Engineering:

    Workstation support (level 3), Telecommunication support (GSM, Blackberry, Vodaphone Cart...) & Audiovisual support including tasks such as:

    * Workstation support Level 3
    * Customer Relation.
    * Onsite VIP Support
    * Interaction Expert Windows - Software.
    * BlackBerry BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) Management
    * Blackberry - GSM - CarKit (560 BB - 1000 GSM) Management
    * Mutlifunction network printer configuration and management
    * Audiovisual support (meeting abroad included)

    3. Helpdesk Analyst:

    Phone & mail support (level 1 & 2) including tasks such as:

    * Welcome the end-users calling or addressing their requests to the Global Helpdesk.
    * Describe the incident as concisely as possible by following internal workflows. This initial description is fundamental for further understanding by end-users (confirmation e-mails) and for the diagnostic of the incident.
    * Troubleshoot every case by asking the right questions to the end-users, check the opportunity to restore the service or give an acceptable workaround in order to meet the immediate business needs.
    * If the call cannot be solved immediately by the helpdesk, assign the tickets to the appropriate team by following internal procedures and documentation.


    * Languages FR - UK (Dutch is an asset)
    * Educational background in IT
    * A minimum experience of 2 years as an onsite agent.
    * Good knowledge of common IT tools used by end-users
    * ITIL minded
    * Stress resistant
    * Client minded
    * Excellent communicational skills
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