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    cyriak Turn on - Tune in - Drop out
    "In Search of" terrible album
    "The Neptune present Clones" terrible aussi
    par contre Fly or Die .... :? vraiment pas terrible du tout...
    Et sinon bah quasi toute leur prod. ont fait des hit... mais si j'dois retenir qqun ce serait Kelis...
    cyriak, 24 Avril 2006
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    Akutama Sex, Drug and Rock'n Roll
    Il n'y a rien à dire, cet homme est un génie. Il est derrière pleins de tubes interplanètaires et il nage dans le fric aussi en passant :D.

    Mais il fait des bons petits trucs, même pour moi qui ne suis pas du tout ce genre de style/ musique.
    Akutama, 24 Avril 2006
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    gl0b ▇ ▅ █ ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁ ▁ ▅ ▃ ▅ ▅ ▄ ▅ ▇
    C'est un de mes artistes/producteur préférés, si vous voulez un bon site sur lui et tout ce qu'il produit visitez ça, il y a des morceaux de son nouvel album qui passent dessus. Et ils arrachent, (contrairement à sa mixtape que je n'aime pas trop) ex mamacita, ice cream man...)

    Mais de toutes façons n.e.r.d. c'est un tout autre style par rapport à ses productions != rnb, rap (par ex le 2e album c'est une sorte d'album rock un peu old school de lycéens si on écoute bien les thèmes traités)

    moi je m'habille en B.B.C. :p
    gl0b, 24 Avril 2006
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    o0OFF *

    [gv3titre]Les productions Pharrell[/gv3titre]


    Number 1 (Feat. Kanye West)
    In My Mind (ALBUM)[/gv3box]



    [gv3titre]Les productions Neptunes[/gv3titre]


    Girlfriend (remix) featuring Nelly[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=504 Boyz]



    Star (featuring Clipse)
    I Still Love You[/gv3box]


    Don't Be Light Remix[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Alana Davis]

    My Life
    Best Part of Me
    Bye Bye
    New Glasses[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=All Saints]

    Black Coffee Remix[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Angie Martinez]

    Dem Thangz feat. Q-Tip[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Angie Stone]

    Everyday (remix)[/gv3box]


    What Happened To That Boy Feat. (Clipse)[/gv3box]


    There She Goes
    Stressed Out[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Backstreet Boys]

    The Call (remix)[/gv3box]


    Bape All Stars[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Beanie Sigel]

    Don't Stop[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Beenie Man]

    Jamaica Way
    Reggae Party
    Girls them Sugar (remix) Feat. Mya[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Ben Harper]

    Steal My Kisses (remix)[/gv3box]


    Work It Out
    My First Time[/gv3box]


    Tonights The Night[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Bow Wow]

    Take Ya Home
    The Don, The Dutch
    The Movement
    I'll Move On[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Boyz 2 Men]

    Good Guy (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Brand Nubian]

    Don't Let It Go To Head (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Britney Spears]

    I'm A Slave 4 U
    Baby Can't You See
    Boys Remix (feat. Pharrell)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Busta Rhymes]

    What it Is (feat. Kelis)
    As I Come Back
    Pass The Courvoisier Part. 2 (feat. P.Diddy & Pharrell)
    Call The Ambulance
    Light Your Ass On Fire[/gv3box]


    Feelin' It
    Ooh Ah[/gv3box]


    Guns n' Roses
    Lord Willin' (ALBUM)
    When The Last Time
    I'm Not You Feat. Roscoe P. Coldchain & LOX
    Blaze of Glory (feat. Pharrell & Ab-Liva)
    Hot Damn (feat. Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P. Coldchain)[/gv3box]


    Come Close (featuring Mary J. Blige)
    I Got a Right Ta (featuring Pharrell)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Cuban Link]

    Still Tellin' Lies[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Daft Punk]

    Harder Better Faster Stronger Remix[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Destiny's Child]

    Emotions Remix[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Dirt McGirt]

    Pop Shit[/gv3box]


    All Night[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Eric Benet]

    Love Don't Love Remix[/gv3box]


    Young'n (Holla Back)
    Tit 4 Tat
    Young & Sexy[/gv3box]


    Burnin' Up
    Goin' Out (feat. Clipse)[/gv3box]


    Rock N' Roll[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Foxy Brown]

    Candy (feat. Kelis)



    [gv3box=Guru's Jazzmatazz]

    All I Said (featuring Macy Gray)
    Supa Luv (feat. Kelis)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Gwen Stefani]

    Hollaback Girl[/gv3box]


    Thug Ones[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Harlem World]

    Not The Kids[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Hikaru Utada]

    Blow My Whistle (Rush Hour 2 soundtrack)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Ice Cube]

    Late Night Hour[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Ja Rule]

    Pop Niggas[/gv3box]


    Knock Yourself Out
    Hot Sauce To Go[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Janet Jackson]



    I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
    Excuse Me Miss
    F#@K All Night
    Nigga Please
    A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier
    La-La-La (Bad Boys 2 SDTK)
    Change Clothes[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Jermaine Dupri]

    Lets Talk About It (feat. Clipse)[/gv3box]


    Isn't This The World[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Justin Timberlake]

    Like I Love You
    Take It From Here
    Rock Your Body
    Nothin' Else
    Last Night
    Let's Take a Ride[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Kardinall Offishall]

    Belly Dancer[/gv3box]


    I Don't Care Anymore (P. Collins)
    Caught Out There
    Good Stuff
    Get Along With You
    Ghetto Children
    I Want Your Love
    No Turning Back
    Roller Rink
    In The Morning
    Wouldn't You Agree
    Young Fresh n' New
    Popular Thug (Feat. Nas)
    Flash Back
    Daddy (Feat. Malice)
    Scared Money
    Shooting Stars
    Digital World
    Perfect Day
    Easy Come, Easy Go
    Get Even
    Mr. UFO (Feat. John Otsby of Spymob)
    Little Suzie
    The Spot (B-side)
    Protect My Heart
    Sugar Honey Iced Tea
    Rolling Through The Hood[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Kid Rock]

    Cowboy (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Krayzie Bone]

    I Don't Know What (featuring Kelis)[/gv3box]


    My Life
    Dirty Girl
    Long Time
    House Party[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Lil Jon & the East Side]

    Boyz Stick That Thang Out[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Lil' Kim]

    How Many Licks (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Limp Bizkit]

    N2gether Now (remix)
    Nookie (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=LL Cool J]

    I Wanna See You on the Floor
    Luv U Better
    Niggy Nuts
    Clockin' G's
    U Should[/gv3box]


    Southern Hospitality
    It Wasn't Us (feat. I-20)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=M.C. Lyte]

    I Can't Make A Mistake
    It's All Yours[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Mary J. Blige]

    Steal Away[/gv3box]


    Looking At Me[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Maxi Priest]

    Brenda's Got a Baby (featuring Beanie Man)[/gv3box]


    Honey (remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Ms. Jade]

    The Come Up[/gv3box]


    Shake Ya Ass
    Been So Long (Danger)
    Jump (Any Given Sunday Soundtrack)
    Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)
    Go 'Head
    The Return[/gv3box]


    In Search Of… (Album)
    Fly or Die (Album)[/gv3box]


    Cocaine Business (Hysteria)
    Oh No
    Head Bussa
    Consider This (featuring Kelis)
    Full Mode
    Put 'Em Up[/gv3box]


    The Flyest (Feat. AZ)[/gv3box]


    Hot In Herre
    Flap Your Wings
    Play It Off[/gv3box]


    Independence Day

    [gv3box=No Doubt]

    Hella Good
    In My Head

    [gv3box=Ol' Dirty Bastard]

    Recognize (remix)
    She's Cold
    Got Your Money (featuring Kelis)
    ou Don't Want to Fuck With Me[/gv3box]



    [gv3box=P. Diddy]

    P. E. 2000 (remix) [/gv3box]

    [gv3box=P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz & Pharrell]

    Show Me Your Soul[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Papa Roach]

    Don't Look Back (feat. N.E.R.D.)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Perry Ferrell]



    Frontin' (featuring Jay-Z)
    Can I Have It Like That

    [gv3box=Philly's Most Wanted]

    Suckas (remix featuring Beanie Sigel)
    Cross The Border
    Philly Celebrities
    Street Tax
    Dream Car
    Ladies Choice
    Please Don't Mind (featuring Andre Wilson)[/gv3box]


    Greatest Romance Ever Sold (remix)[/gv3box]


    For The Nasty - Feat Busta Rhymes[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Ray J]

    Out the Ghetto
    Wait A Minute
    Formal Invite
    Let's Take a Ride[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Robin Thicke]

    Want To Love You Girl (Feat. Pharrell)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Rolling Stones]

    Sympathy for the Devil (Remix)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Rosco P. Coldchain]

    Hot (feat. Pusha T & Boo-Bonic)
    Mask N' Glove Style[/gv3box]


    By Your Side (remix)[/gv3box]


    Someday (feat. Faith Evans)[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Sean Paul]



    Niggas Gone Die[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Slim Thug]

    I Ain't Heard Of That
    Like A Boss
    Click Clack (feat. Pusha)
    Already Platinum (feat. Pharrell)
    Ashy To Classy
    Playa You Don't Know
    This Is My Life

    [gv3box=Snoop Dogg]

    From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace
    It Blows My Mind
    Drop It Like It's Hot
    Let's Get Blown
    Drop It Like It's Hot (remix) Feat. Jay-Z and Pharrell
    Pass It Pass It[/gv3box]



    [gv3box=Super Cat]

    The Don of Dons (Put De Ting Pon Dem) (feat. Jadakiss)[/gv3box]


    Use Your Heart
    When This Feeling[/gv3box]


    I'm Serious
    What's Yo Name
    Freak Though[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Talib Kweli]

    Broken Glass[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Tha Liks]

    Best U Can[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=The Lox]

    If You Think I'm Jiggy (remix)[/gv3box]


    In Your Arms Tonight[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Toni Braxton]

    Hit The Freeway[/gv3box]


    When Boy Meets Girl[/gv3box]


    I Don't Know
    U Don't Have to Call[/gv3box]

    [gv3box=Vanessa Marquez]

    Good Girl
    Gangsta Boogie[/gv3box]

    o0OFF, 10 Août 2006
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    ah ouais o_O
    Gee_oldd, 10 Août 2006
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    o0OFF *
    Et hop, après le rappel de toutes les prod, un petit thread sur In My Mind, le 1er et nouvel album de Pharrell dans les bacs! ~ KLIK HIER!

    o0OFF, 10 Août 2006
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    useless # supersonic !!!
    n1 job
    useless #, 10 Août 2006
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    ronz0 Touriste
    après écoute, on dirait qu'ils n'ont produit que No Hay Igual...

    sinon, Timbaland est votre futur nouvelle idole...
    ronz0, 10 Août 2006
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    o0OFF *
    Il avait fait de chuettes choses pour Aaliyah,...
    Et le Cry Me A River avec Timberlake se laissait écouter.
    o0OFF, 10 Août 2006
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