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    Thanks for flying with QuakeNet by froo
    Tuesday 01. April 2003 @ 01:36 BST
    Due to a pending lawsuit against QuakeNet by a german internet company (We cannot name this company due to legal reasons) providing bnc's and shells to it's customers, QuakeNet staff has been forced to choose between closing down the network or suspend all of it's active staff pending the outcome of the lawsuit. Meanwhile F and H will take care of the support in #feds, O will keep the servers running and Q will handle our users. Helpers will provide all network support.

    Unless the lawsuit falls out in QuakeNet's favour, the servers will be running until O goes down itself.

    Some of the staffmembers have chosen to stay to keep the most important services up and running, link servers after netsplits etc, but the lawsuit prevents these staff members from participating in discussion of any kind with our users and will also leave the network in a very near future.

    We wish you all good luck in the future, and a huge thanks go out to all our users for making the Quakenet the (short) success it was.

    Je sais pas si ca a déjà été posté ... Mais bon. :?
    Ochinko, 1 Avril 2003
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    Crisp100, 1 Avril 2003
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    Carambar He once forgot how to cry

    Edit: Espèce d'enfoiré va ... looooool :D
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    Fish Bouillant même !
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    Thanatos slaps Ochinko with a large april's fish
    Vinchy, 1 Avril 2003
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    héhé :wink:

    Merde personne s'est fait prendre :-(
    Ochinko, 2 Avril 2003
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