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    Carambar He once forgot how to cry
    Carambar, 26 Mai 2003
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    titloup Elite
    Sylvester Stallone tells clan "We should talk wit bird calls, so dat way de enemy won't know if its you, or a bird.?"


    Beverly Hills, CA--After agreeing to join clan 'RAMBO', Sylvester Stallone appearently tried to convince his clanleader that bird calls should be the way the team members communicate to each other. He was quoted as saying "Its really nice, you know? Like, say, someone from the other team is comin into your base on the left right? What I would do is do sometin like, HooHoo! HooHoo! Like an owl, right?. Isn't that great? Like, and, if, you know, someone took the flag, we can go kookoo! kookoo! Isn't that really nice! So, like, if they heard the bird call, they might think its wunna doze kookoo birds."

    titloup, 26 Mai 2003
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