[Série] Castle

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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Oh the irony.


    That is field marshal pervert to you. :cool:

    I'm even wearing a mask. :cool:

    Skynet. :cool:

    I was pretty close. :cool:

    Haha, rise of the machines. :cool:

    That doesn't diminish the act of heroism. :cool:

    Mwais bof quand même sur le finish. x:
    Sig le Troll, 26 Mai 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    That name's so fake it sounds like something out of one of your books. :cool:

    Too soon. :cool:

    Dafuq terminer sur la demande en mariage. :x
    Quand même nin terrip' comme ep. :x
    Sig le Troll, 27 Mai 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Et ça reprend. :cool:

    I want him comfortable ... and visible. :cool: :D

    You realize that only makes me more curious. :cool:

    Haha, la nouvelle partenaire. :p

    Smooth. :cool: :D

    Ste gros cliffhanger ... mais bon, je ne pense pas qu'ils vont le faire, ce serait pas sérieux. :p
    Sig le Troll, 23 Septembre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Obvious qu'ils n'allaient pas le tuer. Maintenant, totalement cliché et quelconque comme ep.
    Sig le Troll, 7 Octobre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    I wanted to surprise you.
    Well done. :p

    2 cool for school. :cool:

    This is outrageous. :cool:

    This is low, even for you. :cool:

    And I would love me more for doing it too. :cool:
    Sig le Troll, 9 Octobre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Looks like Mr Stokes is gonna be trading in his big house for the ... Big ... house. :cool:

    Bon, cheesy à crever comme ep. :/

    Edit : bon, deuxième ep (et donc 05).

    Crazy theory. Favorite case. :cool:

    Nice réf à Doctor Who. :p

    Not where, when. :cool:

    Sympa l'ep sur le time travel, surtout que le mystère reste entier. Nice. :p
    Sig le Troll, 27 Octobre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Waht are you doing? :p

    A real life "Da Vinci Code". :p

    Don't ruin it. :p

    The ark of covenant. :cool:

    The scavenger hunt. :cool:

    I can't believe you fell for that. :cool: :D

    De plus en plus fantaisistes leurs histoires.
    Sig le Troll, 28 Octobre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    You should be writing. :cool: :D

    Usually I do that with Beckett.
    :cool: :D

    Ah, ils arrivent un peu à changer la dynamique de l'histoire, pour ne pas avoir tout le temps la même chose. :p
    Enfin, ça reste du Castle.
    Sig le Troll, 5 Novembre 2013
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    Elian Techno Mofo
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    Le monologue lolologue de Maître Sig le Trollolol.
    Elian, 8 Novembre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    Or maybe its an occult gem of great power, smuggled out of nazi Germany, shoved up some ... :cool: :D

    That didn't even cross my mind. :cool:

    That is surprisingly plausible. :cool:

    Et retour aux classiques. :x


    Castle, are you using our honeymoon as an excuse to go and tour middle-earth? :cool:

    Albania and Finland ... that's all you got left? :cool:

    Okay, seriously ... "amazing potential"? :cool: :D

    Dude ... we were having a moment here. :cool:

    It has free wi-fi. :cool:

    Ah, le retour de 3xk, même si j'ai un peu oublié qui est le type. Moche de vieillir. :x


    How about we don't fight in front of the baby. :p

    Ruggedly Handsome Dad. :cool:

    Stop, I know where babies come from, Castle. :cool: :D

    This is so not fun. :cool:

    How long have I been gone? :cool:

    Watch those balls. :cool:

    And its ruined. :cool:
    Sig le Troll, 26 Novembre 2013
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    May I suggest ... "Cosmo"? :cool: :D

    I'm ... marrying him. :cool:

    Sillier than the "arsonist" which starts with "arse"? :cool:

    Further proof that the internet has somthing for everyone. :cool: :D

    Mwais, c'était obvious qu'ils allaient sortir. :p


    You see what I ... did there. :cool:

    Really Beckett? I expected that from jackass, but not you. :cool:

    We really don't have the information to speculate at this point. :cool:

    Even I have my limits. :p

    There's an app for everything now. :p


    Alexis, this is Mandy. :cool:

    Do you believe everything they write in the newspapers? :cool:

    He's having dinner with his other ex-wife. :cool:

    Be pretty fun ... space. :cool:


    ... or Katy Perry. :cool: :D

    Stare all you want.
    Really? :cool:

    Murder is the new black. :cool:

    La femme Nikita. :cool:

    I guess murder is not his type of accessory. :cool:


    Madison made the Hulk angry. :cool:

    This is a real-life "Carrie". :p

    Stephen King. :cool:

    For protection. :cool:

    Rick Astley. :cool:

    Tell me again why he left the country? :cool:
    Sig le Troll, 12 Février 2014
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    Elian Techno Mofo
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    Je me lance dans la suite, enfin entamé la saison 5 ;) Je vais pouvoir te lire à nouveau mon p'tit troll.
    Elian, 24 Février 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    If you do, it was made by elves. :cool:

    Not so boring after all. :p

    Come on, give us one of your theories bro. :cool:

    Really? Alternate universe? That's how little you think of me ... :cool: :D :D :D

    You know how I like the weird stuff. ;) :cool: :D

    Outstanding. :p
    Sig le Troll, 10 Mars 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    If I can ... manage to focus. :cool:

    Mwais, un ep sur la "trame principale" ... pas convaincu. Mais bon.
    Sig le Troll, 17 Mars 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    The Great Throwdini. :cool:

    A ninja ... stole the murder weapon. :cool:

    I bet she's never even seen "Ninja III : The Domination". :cool:

    It would be a huge letdown. :cool:

    Well, if this is a tea company, I htink I want a cup. :p

    ... and that's when the ninjas attacked. :cool:

    I told you there were two ninjas. :cool:

    Not boring. :cool:
    Sig le Troll, 19 Mars 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    More like a polar vortex. :p

    I gove you a dollar if you ask her. :cool:

    That sounded a lot better in my head. :p

    Castle, you've done it again. :p
    Sig le Troll, 25 Mars 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll

    Something she can't turn into an over-the-top disaster ...
    I'll keep thinking. :cool:

    Actually, you wil have a problem. :p

    Can we speak outside, captain? :cool: :D

    Oh, she did her part, all right. :p

    I'm sorry, what? :cool:

    What the hell is going on here? :cool: :D

    La glissade. :cool: :D

    Nice ep. :D :p
    Sig le Troll, 22 Avril 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Le scrabble. :cool:

    Extremely handsome. :cool:

    Rollerball. :cool:

    I hope you're not too tired for ... you know. :cool:

    Weirdly nice. :cool:

    Let's never speak of this again. :cool:

    All-in. :p
    Sig le Troll, 30 Avril 2014
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    fraggahh ROFLCOPTER
    nice, je dois en avoir 2-3 de retard a regarder :D
    fraggahh, 30 Avril 2014
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    Sig le Troll Vî Troll
    Bon, finale classique, on va boucler des boucles dans la "trame" principale. Je préfère nettement quand ils font des ep "fun", après tout, c'est "le but" de cette série. Le sérieux ne leur va pas top.
    Sig le Troll, 6 Mai 2014