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    Elian Techno Mofo
    Serj Tankian, leader de System Of A Down, avait crée son propre label Serjical Strike. D'après la site officiel du label et du chanteur, ses 3 premières sorties seront des groupes de Los Angeles qui répondent aux noms de Bad Acid Trip, Kittens For Christian et Slow Motion Reign...

    Pour les fans de System Of A Down, sachez que Serj Tarkian, le bassiste Shavo Odadjian et le multi-instrumentiste Arto Tuncboyaciyan ont formé un projet parallèle nommé Serart et que leurs enregistrements seront bientôt disponibles sur le label du chanteur.


    C'est la collaboration de Serj Tankian avec Arto tuncboyacian, Jazz man du groupe Night Ark et créateur du Armenian Navy Band ... C'est aussi le gars qui fait les voix sur "Science Has Failed ..." et qui a composé le Bonus track de Toxicity sur le thème de DerVorormia (l'hymne de l'église armenienne) ...
    Les sources sont très rares mais j'ai lu qu'à eux deux ils faisaient un album des plus hétéroclites possibles : Folklore arménien, rock, electronic, drum and bass... l'orgie quoi.

    System Singer Does Side Projects

    Tankian to release collaborations with Armenian multi-instrumentalist, Scottish vocalist

    In the downtime between their recently wrapped Pledge of Allegiance tour with Slipknot and a series of December radio festivals, System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian has recorded a full-length collaboration with noted Armenian multi-instrumentalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan. The tentatively titled "Serart" is slated for release next year on Tankian's own Serjical Strike Records.
    Fans who dug Tuncboyaciyan's curious noisemaking on System's newly platinum Toxicity will surely enjoy "Serart," a collection Tankian says is a marked departure from that band's prog-metal barrage. "It's really crazy world, jazz and experimental," he says. "With some rock and hip-hop, beats, dance beats, electronic beats. Arto plays the Coke bottle, water droplets, an ancient flute, percussion of all sorts, little toys and shakers. And he doesn't use any words. It's all scatting. I sing a little in English, but only on two tracks."

    System bassist Shavo Odadjian, who occasionally DJs parties and raves under the name DJ Taktix, works the wax on two of the fifteen tracks. The title "Serart," is more than just a combination of the first three letters of each musician's name as Tankian explains, "'Ser' means love in Armenian," he says. "So it's a way of saying, 'Love art.'"

    No official street date has been set for the album, but Tankian hopes to have it fully mixed before System flies off to play Australia and New Zealand in mid-January. He is presently shopping Serjical Strike to various major labels, hoping to shortly secure a joint venture deal. The label has thus far signed three acts, abrasive thrashers Bad Acid Trip, progressive rockers Big Elf and art-goths Kittens for Christian, whose forthcoming album Tankian co-produced.

    While Tankian hopes "Serart" will help establish Tuncboyaciyan beyond the world music market, his intention was always art before exposure. "I would like to get him more attention," Tankian says of his collaborator, "But beyond that I just wanted to do an album with [Arto] 'cause he's so fucking amazing."

    Tankian also has an electronica album in the can called Bad Girls, which he's hoping will see light in 2002, again courtesy his own label. The record, a collaboration with Scottish vocalist Petra Jolly, was crafted over the last few years during rare breaks from System's constant touring and recording schedule. Tankian describes Bad Girls as "very Massive Attack-ish -- trip-hop with really, kinda poppy vocals."

    (November 28, 2001)
    Elian, 24 Mai 2003
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    Sankaman Touriste
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    Sankaman, 24 Mai 2003
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    google > outils linguistiques :D
    Guest, 24 Mai 2003
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    Tuur Fan(t)a(s)tique
    Et puis
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    (ah we heu: SOAD ROCKS, j'adoooore, SERJ ruuulz)
    Tuur, 24 Mai 2003
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