Sortie du Shuttle XPC SN41G2

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Morex France annonce la mise sur le marché du Shuttle XPC SN41G2. Celui-ci est un barebone comprenant entres autres une carte-mère basée sur le nForce2 IGP de Nvidia, qui comprend donc une partie graphique intégrée équivalente au Geforce 4 MX 420.

Ses caractéristiques:
- Support des processeurs Duron, Athlon et AthlonXP avec bus 100, 133 et 166 Mhz
- Chipset nForce2 / IGP
- 2 sorties VGA intégrée (Geforce 4 MX)
- 2 slots mémoire TwinBank compatibles DDR400
- Son 5.1
- 1 port AGP 8x
- 1 port PCI

Connecteurs :
- 4 USB2.0 (dont 2 en façade)
- 3 Firewire 1394 (dont 1 façade)
- 1 RJ45
- Port PS2 Clavier/Souris
Ce barebone haute-performance devrait être disponible en nombre dès la mi-janvier 2003 au prix public conseillé de 449€.



haaaaan -_'
sa se vend ou???

et sa faut le coup ?


haaaaan -_'
celle pour p4 est dja en vende chez padeg :cool:

(L)300*(W)200*(H)185 2.88Kg (N.W.) 4.59Kg (G.W.)

Front Panel USB * 2 Line-out/Headphone * 1 MIC * 1 1394 * 1 SPDIF * 1

Back Panel Serial Port * 2 1394 * 2 USB * 2 LAN * 1 Parallel Port * 1 (optional)

Extension Bay 5.25" * 1 3.5" * 2

Mainboard FS51
Form Factor Small Form Factor

Socket 478 400/533MHz FSB


North bridge:SIS 651 South bridge:SIS 962L

DDR 200/266/333 * 2

VGA SiS 651, RAMDAC up to 333 MHz

Audio AC ’97 supports 5.1 channel, Support Digital SPDIF In/Out

Expansion Slot PCI * 1 AGP * 1

IDE interface ATA-133

Power 200W (PFC)

Accessory TV-Out/DVI Support(Option), USB 2.0, Aluminum Chassis

Hot Features CPU temp. Autoguardian, P4 Northwood / Willamete CPU support, Shuttle Form Factor, Shuttle I.C.E. heat-pipe technology


et voila les premiers articles dessus
6. Jan. 2003 Shuttle has indeed come a long way with their XPC line, the SK41G and SN41G2 being well made extensions of their already very successful product list. Now that stability and usability concerns have been addressed with these latest, most mature XPCs we can finally bring ourselves to recommend them as more than just a neat product to look at.
While most power users won’t find the SK41G too attractive, the SN41G2 can very capably replace a desktop nForce2 system and hold its own with ease. (...) The benefit of the SN41G2 is that you get everything you could possibly want in a desktop but in a package that’s probably not even 25% the size of what you’re used to having underneath your desk. The system is also relatively quiet; much quieter than most desktops, although not nearly as silent as we’d like it to be. Pair it up with a Radeon 9700 Pro and you’ve got just as fast of a gaming machine as you can build with an Athlon XP processor. (...)

Even if you’re not going to use these machines for heavy gaming platforms, they are just as flexible as any desktop you could put together – just smaller, lighter and quieter. Their excellent design is also quite attractive, definitely more so than many of today’s desktop cases.

Shuttle’s bread and butter has shifted from motherboards to building these XPC systems, and with this latest series of Athlon XPCs it’s clear that Shuttle’s bet has paid off. The hard work and extensive focus on design can be seen in how polished the SN41G2 comes across. This year Shuttle is planning on introducing even more XPCs and with new CPUs due out from both AMD and Intel, you had better believe that there will be some interesting designs in the pipeline…

Tech-Report: One of the coolest products we have seen!

6. Jan. 2003 One of the coolest products we have seen!
Each time we review one of these XPC systems, we get a little bit closer to declaring these things suitable outright replacements for conventional desktop PCs, even for those of us who like to build our own systems. The SN41G2 is the best XPC yet (although the SB51G isn't far off). If you plan on using the integrated graphics and would like to play games occasionally, the SN41G2 is the only cube to have. If you want the absolute fastest XPC system, slap in a Radeon 9700 Pro and the SN41G2 will run neck and neck with the SB51G.

Honestly, though, now that these boxes have AGP slots, performance isn't really a worry any longer. Shuttle has consistently shown that it will build motherboards in the XPC form factor that don't compromise performance significantly. The FN41 is no exception; it's one of the fastest Athlon XP motherboards anywhere. (...)

To my eye, even the SN41G2's looks are a step in the right direction (...) So what more can I say? This is one of the coolest products we've seen in a long time, and it's just the latest in a long line of cool XPC systems. Shuttle has defined a market and is edging ever closer to perfecting its products in that market. The SN41G2 is innovative, stylish, and will make your buddies jealous. (...)

Sudhian Media: A smoking LAN rig, hard to beat
Sudhian Media

6. Jan. 2003 A smoking LAN rig, hard to beat...
It looks like, to date, this is the best XPC to ever be released by Shuttle. It’s hard to go wrong with the SN41G2 simply because it’s using such a powerful, feature-rich chipset. It’s systems like these that will justify NVIDIA’s name for their southbridge – the MCP or Media Control Processor. The SN41G2 truly is suitable as a media center. Not only is the onboard video powerful enough for some entry-level games and LAN situations, but the dual VGA outputs are more than welcome. Seeing dual VGA onboard is something that has previously been reserved for laptops, and then many times the second output only mirrored the first. Using an SN41G2 you could maximize productivity with two displays in a work environment. (...)

Those of you that were holding out for the SN41G2 are going to be glad you did. The performance is excellent, and you get an AGP slot for gaming bliss. Pair up a nice video card with a 333MHz FSB Athlon XP and DDR333 and you’ll have a smoking LAN rig that anyone would be hard pressed to beat, no matter how big their case is and how much stuff they have shoved in it. (...)

After working with the SN41G2 I’m quite impressed. It performed very well, and was even able to keep a 2800+ cool enough to use the Fan Guardian to keep the system quieter. (...) If you are looking to replace your computer with something small, but don’t want to give up features or performance, then you can hardly go wrong with the SN41G2. I highly recommend it and have enjoyed working with it. This next year is going to be an interesting year. Shuttle has definitely positioned itself at the top of the pack when it comes to SFF systems, but there are many things coming this year and they will have more competition than ever. With Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition making its way into the market, there will be a variety of PC’s dubbed HTPC’s (Home Theater PC’s) coming into existence. Only time will tell what will come into play this year, what will succeed and what will fail. I’m certain that Shuttle will keep up the good work, and I’m excited to see what is coming. Highly recommended award

OCWorkbench 6 Jan. 2003

Highly recommended award
In our tests, the overall performance of this board is above average compared to the other boards. In fact, under the graphics section, it even outperform the Epox 8RDA+ based on the discrete nforce2 chipset. The performance drops once you use the integrated on board GF4 MX. To be able to tap into the speed, you must occupy the only 2 banks with RAM. Thus, if you want to buy RAM, you might need to consider buying 2 sticks of 256M rather than 1 stick of 512M. From the benchmarks, we can see that the performance level of the SN41G2 is similar to the EPoX 8RDA+. (...)

Feature wise, this board has the necessary features supporting 333/266 SDRAM up to 2GB, 5.1 Channel Audio, USB 2.0 Ports, Onboard 10/100Mbps LAN, SPDIF, IEEE1394, on board GF4 MX graphics. The only disappointment is it didn't provide only has 1 PCI and 1 AGP slot for expansion. Overclocking features are lacking from this box (...)

Overall, I find that the Shuttle SN41G2 is the first nForce2 box that provides the best AMD experience to date. The only drawback which is due to chipset is that async memory settings won't run as fast as running in Sync mode e.g. 266/266, 333/333 (AXP2700/2800+).

+ FSB (1 MHz stepping)
+ USB 2.0
+ 1394
+ AGP 8x
+ LAN Overall 9/10: capable of replacing conventional desktop PC's
7. Jan. 2003 Overall rating 9/10
Well Shuttle wouldnt have had to work very hard to gain my approval here as I already own the earlier version for P4 the SS51G. But I've tried to remain objective throughout and give an unbiased opinion. Being a fan of Xpc's already and having experience of them has been a help building this system it is very constrained inside. I would definitely consider it more of a challenge than a pc with loads of space.

The onboard graphics are quite decent and can cope with anything a normal MX440 can do although quite a bit slower. They are more than suitable for an office situation with the bonus of being able to play most games some of them with acceptable speed. (...) The Shuttle is more than capable of replacing conventional desktop pc's ever since the inclusion of the AGP slot. The fact they only have 1 5.25" bay is another sacrifice needed if that is your chosen path, fortunately there are plenty of options for you with combined DVD/CDRW drives available to fulfill all your needs. I've put it through our normal rigorous tests,and the numbers look good.

The SN41G2 is a fast system no doubt, and with the inclusion of dual outputs for the vastly improved onboard graphics and the excellent NForce2 chipset a real alternative to a large pc at similar cost. In fact all you need in addition to the shuttle itself is a cpu, memory (preferably 2 sticks), cdrom and hard drive for a basic system that can hold its own against most of the competition.

+ Dual VGA outputs
+ Comprehensive Bios with a multitude of tweak options
+ Revised design of the front panel
+ Tiny - Portable - Stylish - Powerful The SN41G2 is a very good product.
6. Jan. 2002 Rating: 16 out of 20
"The SN41G2 is a very good product."


Polo Masta
ces p'tites betes là c super pour les LAN parce que now on sais vraiment mettre la puissance d'un pc normal...mais j'ai une question!

la carte graphique est à chaque fois intégrée il me semble, mais est-il possible de mettre une carte graphique "normale" genre geforce4 Ti 4200, 9500Pro, etc??
Ca dépend des modèles


Polo Masta
ah ok, thks! c parce que mon p'tit frère en aura un vers juin pour aller faire ses LAN (meme si je trouve que c qd meme une grosse config pour une lan cs et UT (voir UT 2003lol, je suis jaloux :roll: ) si il réussi bien ses exams, alors je commence à me renseigner pour voir un peu...


Black Cat a dit:
Ca dépend des modèles
Kler. y'a des modeles de cartes graphiques qui font la taille d'une feuille A4 mais plus sérieusement je doute que ma simple GeForce4 Ti4200 rentre dans un aussi petit boitier.


Polo Masta
ben je pense qu'une gf 4Ti 4200 et meme 4600 irait dedans :p


allez voir la section "haute performance", z'allez avoir une surprise :D


Ouaa cool c'est silencieux comme truc ou bien ca se rapproche plus d'un turbojet?


Il y a réglage dans le bios qui permet de faire varier la vitesse du ventilo.

Comme on le voit sur la photo de la face arrière il y deux ventilo.
Le petit ventile l'alim (pas régulé), le grand ventile le processeur (via le heat-pipe) ET le reste de la machine. Donc si le circuit graphique embarqué est utilisé peu de chaleur peu de bruit, par contre avec une radeon 9700 et le 2700xp plus de chaleur donc plus de bruit.
PS le p2p ne demande ni ressource cpu ni graphique donc peu de bruit.


Berk c'est quoi cet écran tout bombé. Faites pas les radins investissez dans le Tft. :D


Freddy Tougaux
Si je reussi fin d année je l ai cette merveille :D

0ld Cr0w

moi j ais vus tourner le truc chez computer supplies un p4 surt tft 19 pouces c est pas mal pour le lan c est impec tu trimballe plus cinquantes kilos de matos
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