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    Moving 1337
    La nouvelle version de Soulseek est arrivée

    Status bar with overal activity of your client.
    UPnP Manager (automatic port forwarding)
    Configurable Incoming TCP port.
    Search for files in rooms and in userlist.
    Faster connection and synchronization.
    Give Privileges: Give some of your own privileges to a buddy.
    Scrolling ticker in rooms.
    The Matchmaker now supports "Dislikes" as well.
    Faster processing of incoming search requests.
    More efficient threads management for Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP with Overlapped Sockets.
    Fix for transfers frozen in "Awaiting User" state.
    Fix for slow windows refresh on some system.
    Fix for negative speed rating.
    Major code cleanup and lots of reengineering for threads and events usage.
    ... and a lots more!

    Moving, 27 Décembre 2004
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    haxion BBS & LBL
    Sa change pas grand chose, mais bon, toujours bon a savoir ! :))
    haxion, 27 Décembre 2004
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    MikeTronic Elite
    Pour une vitesse de 300ko/s en download et 30 ko/s d'upload comment je dois configurer slsk ?!
    MikeTronic, 27 Décembre 2004
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