steam qui se connecte pas au serveur steam gg

Discussion dans 'Windows' créé par ProfX, 14 Septembre 2003.

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    ProfX Elite
    bon kan je tente de me loguer ce truc me repond k il a pas acces au net
    ce qui est tres amusant quand j ai une conversation msn en meme temps ...........
    fo ouvrir un port ou quoi pour que cet "chose" accepte de se connecter ?
    j ai un modem routeur dlink 504
    ProfX, 14 Septembre 2003
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    elixiR Elite
    server full
    elixiR, 14 Septembre 2003
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    deaq Elite
    oui j'ai la même chose
    deaq, 14 Septembre 2003
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    Foxy2sky Touriste
    Foxy2sky, 14 Septembre 2003
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    Frooty Elite
    I'm getting an error saying I can't connect to Steam right now. Why?

    Please check your internet connection to make sure it is functioning properly.

    If you're sure that your 'Net connectivity is functioning but you are still unable to log in to Steam, it may be because the required ports are blocked by a device on your network (such as a router).

    The following ports must be "open":
    UDP 1200
    UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive
    TCP 27030 to 27039 inclusive

    Finally, if you've checked all of the above and are still having trouble, you may want to double check Steam's network status to make sure the system is online.
    Frooty, 14 Septembre 2003
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    elixiR Elite
    on a compris frooty :roll:
    elixiR, 14 Septembre 2003
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