Test : AMD Sempron 2800+, 3100+

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    Pour ceux qui comprenne un peu l'anglais c ici que ca se passe :wink:

    Today, avid computer enthusiasts have their pick of some of the best computer hardware ever made available to the public. Processors and graphics cards have truly matured in the past few years, giving the general public computing power to do just about anything. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or you want to develop your own independent film, the power to get the job done is now within reach.

    But not everyone is a power user. For every enthusiast looking to build a serious dream machine, there are the mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who simply want to run common office applications, surf the Web, or play MP3s. While it may not garner all of the attention of the power-user market, the value-class PC market is thriving in its own right. Today, you can get a PC with enough power to handle the basic computing needs of the casual user for as little as $400.

    Typically, when we look under the hood of the majority of these value-based machines, however, we find an Intel Celeron processor at the core. But AMD has recently had some major success chipping away at Intel's armor, and today they aim to chip even further by returning to the value processor arena. AMD's current presence in the value market, the Duron line of processors, has been around for years but generally hasn't been a popular choice with OEMs, giving Intel the major market share.

    Today, in an attempt to give users an alternative to Intel's budget processor, AMD unveils their latest value-minded processor, the "Sempron." The goal is to offer a cheaper competitor to Intel's Celeron line while competing on the same performance level. To start, AMD has released a complete line of Socket A models, as well as a single socket 754 offering. For review today, AMD has provided us with a Sempron 2800+ Socket A and a 3100+ Socket 754 to get a taste of what they have to offer. We'll take a closer look at the details of the newest AMD additions, then we'll line them up in the benchmarking arena and see how they perform. The focus will be on general performance, gauging each processor's ability to handle the day-to-day computing needs of the budget-minded PC user.

    Et pour la suite c ici:

    Vinyx, 28 Juillet 2004
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