The War Z

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    eGm_ Guinea Trump
    faut éjaculer dans la bouche pour tuer un milfmbie !
    eGm_, 10 Août 2012
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    titoum GMZ Crew optc 970.342.646
    rofl j etais pas au courant :pfiou:

    tu as fait cmb de test pour le decouvrir? :D

    et comme d'hab chkval il dit rien. parie qu il commande deja des pack de fleshlight pour tuer les zombies :-(
    titoum, 10 Août 2012
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    eGm_ Guinea Trump
    un essai !
    eGm_, 10 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!

    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Quelques posts des DEV sur dayz.

    What I really do is to snawer bunch of questions you've asked us here on forums.

    1) Why War Z will be better than dayz ?

    Uhmmmm. I really don't know . I mean I played Dayz for short period of time, and I'm playing The War Z on daily basis for a last month, but I really can't give you answer to this question. For me personally it's more like a different between two platforms. Arma is very particular game when it comes to controls, camera, weapons, character animations and controls. It's really unlike all other shooters out there. And it's clearly love/hate situation. It have very specific way of controlling your character, mostly like it feels he reacts to your actions not right away, camera moves in very specific way, aiming, shooting and handling your weapons are not like in other games as well.

    so I think it's like that - if you bought Arma because you like Arma, then I think Dayz will feel more natural to you. If you bought Arma because you want to play zombie survival game and there wasn't just any other options available on market at this time - then once again - I think The War z will be your home for a looong looong time.

    2) Title - "War Z" - really ? you stole it from DayZ.

    Hmmm, actually we're not. We had list of titles we want to use - World of Z, World of zombies, Z Day, Day of Z, The War Z, Infestation, etc. Some titles didn't worked because of trademark issues, some didnt' worked out because Dayz was announced ( for us it was like - opps they used our title ))) ), so we settled on The War Z - which was nod toward title Arktos funded - The War Inc. We've filed trademark registration for "The War Z" and got it from USPTO.

    3) How much Dayz inspired The War Z ?

    DayZ forced us to announce our title sooner than we planned. Ie - when DayZ was first surfaced, we've been like "okay, not a prob'. then it became more and more popular, so we'll have to work faster and harder and go with title announcement.

    4) Why there's no trailer or video ?

    This one is easy. As all other game developers/publishers we have a plan for marketing of our product - and we have plan for releasing assets - screenshots, videos, etc. Those plans involves partners - gaming websites, etc. So we can't just capture video and post it asomewhere, because we may have promised like "world exclusive premiere" to somebody else.

    I personally want just run fraps and capture some war z awesomeness, but I think there'sll be bunch of people who will want to kill me if I'll do that.

    5) Do you fear Dayz standalone ?

    Nope, I fear some crazy drivers on the streets. I fear Call of duty Blackops 2 more. I just don't know enough about DayZ to make any real assesment of how it'll be doing. Ie - how may of 1M "unique" players are actually still playing game ? How many players who purchased arma wasn't been able to run game, connect to servers, etc ? How many of them will do it again with standalone ? Dayz doesn't affect what we're doing right now. Our goal is to make game as we planned, to give players "easy to start" yet intense and hard to master survival experience. If we'll achieve that - we'll be okay. If not - no matter what other titles out there, players will just won't be playing our game anyway.
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    Ya une date de sortie officiel ? parce que need...
    r21t dump, 11 Août 2012
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    Ir0Kwa Havin' a dream
    Petite question si la différence se situe au niveau du gameplay ( étant donné que Dayz se base sur Arma qui est un FPS réaliste ) et que les programmeurs de chez Bohemia ont annoncés sortir un stand alone . Si il y a une simplification du gameplay accompagné d'une amélioration des graphismes , ils seront vraiment différentiables en quoi ?

    Si c'est seulement le prix du jeu , c'est bon pour nous j'ai envie de dire :-D
    Ir0Kwa, 11 Août 2012
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    0megear CHAROGNARD
    Moi ce que j'aime avec Day-z c'est le réalisme, tu peux die rapidement. Ici apparemment ca sera plus comme un left 4 dead où tu mitrailles comme un bourrin sans crainte de die. Le challenge a l'air low.

    En plus quand je lis des truc genre
    Ca me donne juste pas envie :)
    0megear, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Y'aura un mod normal et hardcore, hardcore sera le plus réaliste possible. Munitions super rare, arme aussi. Je vous copierai la FAQ complète quand j'aurai le temps mais elle est énorme :-D .

    Sinon normalement la beta devrait être dans 1 mois +- et le jeu prévu pour la fin de l'année
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Are zombies fast like in Day Z?

    No, They are described as classical "Slow" zombies and they go from roaming to limping as they try to run.

    How do zombies detect you?

    According to an interview, they can both hear, smell and see you.

    How is Day & Night handled in the game?

    The day and night cycle is greatly increased in speed so players can experience both day and night without having to break their normal routines.

    Is it possible to pick up a nearby M249 and put holes in everything that moves for hours?

    While it is a possibility, ammo is extremely rare (depending on the caliber) to the point that you will find more weapons than bullets so it is not an advisable course of action, although you still may do so.

    Do I get to magically have all bullets in the ammo clips I throw on the ground appear in my backpack?

    No. When you reload with bullets still in the clip, the clip you dropped will be on the floor for you (or others) to pick up.

    Will we see characters names when aiming at them?

    you won't see character's names. Yet - for characters that are your FRIENDS ( ie you've befriended them in frontend UI ) you'll get small icons on top of their heads

    What is the amount of realism that Warz is going for? I'm wondering if there is going to be a limit for how much loot you can carry not slot wise, but weight wise, or something else that's real realistic, like make guns look rusty/ducktaped because of the years that went by.

    1) Yes on weight, you can carry only so much goodies.

    2) Weapons - some will be pretty new looking,s ome will be weathered, etc.

    For the map itself, we basically for each area of the map created story - what happened here. Who lived in those houses, cities, what happened to them after outbreak. and based on those stories, our designers are placing objects on the map.

    Will you be able to Spawn on Friends in The War Z?

    Well We Want it easy for people to it um play with their friends because that's kind of what game is kind of about. Unless you're a lone wolf. You won't be able to necessary spawn on your friends but you will be able to see their location on the map. As for Group play you Can join a Game as a Group with your friends & start in the same spot. So yea there are ways & Tools to make sure as you play you stay together as a group. You just won't be able to spawn on your Clan mates.

    Voilà quelques questions que j'trouvais sympa. ( Il y'en a plus de 200 sur les forums ) je copierai celle que je trouve intéressante quand j'aurais le temps :)
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    eGm_ Guinea Trump
    Fait pas genre que tu comprends l'anglais :D
    eGm_, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!

    :-D :-D
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!

    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    b3nSs Elite
    il a l'air vachement bourrin au vu des screens ! après a surveiller il peut être une bonne surprise pour cette fin d'année ;)
    b3nSs, 11 Août 2012
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    Si le jeux en est a ce stade de développement pkoi ya aucune vidéo :pfiou:
    r21t dump, 11 Août 2012
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    koubiak Retk Bitch!
    Go quelque post plus haut il est "expliqué"
    koubiak, 11 Août 2012
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    Till0u Duratec powa!
    Why are you not giving us far more info about the game? and not releasing Gameplay Footage right now?

    Loading up fraps and taking some random gameplay footage is NOT how we want to show our game to the world for the first time. We are doing a proper video trailer. Later once the game has been established we will put up other videos and once in beta we will let all of you put videos up as well.
    Till0u, 11 Août 2012
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    titoum GMZ Crew optc 970.342.646
    esperons que ca soit pas un dead island 2, tres prometteur mais plein de vent :s
    titoum, 11 Août 2012
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    Kellorgs 6030 represent bb
    c jms qu'un copié collai de CS mdr zon juste rajouté des zombi
    Kellorgs, 12 Août 2012