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    La Poubelle Elite
    Faut savoir, vous vous plaignez du manque de "gameplay" et de "l'innovation"

    Quand je lis ça, il n'y a qu'une seul réponse : Vas-y, va brancher la Super Nes et amuse-toi ... Pourquoi venir "perdre votre temps" dans le Forum XBOX/PS2.

    L'autre fois, j'avais dit à Tetsuya que cela ne servait à rien d'aller dans le forum Nintendo si il aimait pas. Mais cela devrait être de même pour les Nintendomanik.

    Et toi là au fond, tu n'as pas encore rebranché ta Super Nes américaine ... allez cours-y petit galopin
    La Poubelle, 16 Mai 2005
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    Eden GamerZ2008
    AGain... ou tu vois du gameplay et de l'innovation dans Tetris?

    Et quand on parle des vieilles consoles, on parle des bons jeux qui tournaient dessus... pas des tetris.
    Moi je joue encore a Castlevania IV sur SNES. (fin emulateur)

    Trop bon ce jeu :D
    Eden, 16 Mai 2005
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    Drumns3b Elite
    suis loin d'être un fan de quoi que ce soit, j'ai passé l'age!
    tu n'as pas du comprendre la comparaison on dirait...dommage.
    Drumns3b, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Le Parrain Xbox 360 : Premier Screen

    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Tiger Woods 360

    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Xbox 360 : Top Spin 2 et Amped 3 dévoilés à l'E3

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 2005--2K Sports, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), today announced its summer and fall lineup of sports titles that will be highlighted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2005 in Los Angeles on May 18 - 20, 2005. Always setting the standard in visual quality and exciting innovation, 2K Sports' E3 2005 lineup features titles developed for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox(R) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PSP(TM) handheld entertainment system, the Nintendo Game Boy(R) Advance and the Nintendo DS(TM).

    "I'm extremely excited about E3 2005 as it gives us a chance to show off an incredible lineup under an exciting new brand - 2K Sports. The 2K line of products has always been rated among the best and now we have a brand that recognizes this legacy," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "This year, the 2K Sports lineup has grown significantly and features titles produced in our internal studios by Visual Concepts, Kush Games and Indie Built. Each of these studios has developed award-winning sports titles and they are committed to delivering the most realistic and entertaining sports experience possible."

    The 2K Sports lineup featured at E3 includes:

    -- NBA 2K6

    Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360

    NBA 2K6 hits the hardwood with all the ingredients necessary to continue its reign as the #1 rated pro basketball game***. Ballers achieve NBA superstar status with the new 24/7 mode, where created players now participate in training camps, competitions and even land endorsement deals. Players elevate their game by utilizing the innovative V.I.P. System(TM) to challenge profiles of friends and other NBA 2K6 gamers across the country that match their gameplay tendencies down to the most minute detail. With the industry leading online experience and unrivaled franchise control, NBA 2K6 offers the most comprehensive and entertaining roundball experience anywhere.

    -- Top Spin

    Platform: PlayStation 2

    Top Spin, the top-rated tennis game, slams its way onto the PlayStation 2, once again serving up everything you love: flawless gameplay, effortless controls, stunning venues and a fully customizable player creator made even better using the power of Eye Toy(R) to get you in the game. Top Spin is the only tennis game on the PlayStation 2 that gets you online competing against your friends and players everywhere. Play as one of the top professional tennis players in the world, or create your own to challenge and earn the title of the #1 ranked player.

    -- NHL(R) 2K6

    Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360

    The champion of video game hockey is back! NHL 2K6 continues its legacy as the #1 rated* and now #1 selling NHL game** with more control, more emotion and more detail than ever before. Puck fans take command of tape-to-tape passing, behind-the-net plays and precision give-and-go attacks. Players dominate the ice with NHL caliber goaltending, skating, checking and puck handling with the deeply enhanced animation system. Featuring all-new presentation elements, commentary and cut-scenes, NHL 2K6 is the ultimate hockey experience.

    -- College Hoops 2K6

    Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360

    It's that time of year again--the time of year where basketball courts around the nation are filled with excitement, slam dunks, unbelievable athletes, Cinderella stories, and championship dreams. Nothing captivates the nation quite like the NCAA(R) Basketball Tournament and no other game captures the collegiate atmosphere and pageantry like College Hoops 2K6. The only college basketball game to capture the feel of a last-second buzzer-beating basket, the euphoria of winning to play another day, and the agony of losing and going home, out coach your competition with College Hoops 2K6.

    -- World Poker Tour(TM) 2K6

    Platforms: PlayStation 2, PSP system, Xbox, Game Boy Advance

    Take a seat at the world's most prestigious poker tournaments with World Poker Tour(TM) 2K6. Feel what it's like to play with the world's best as you compete against real WPT(TM) players, in real life WPT(TM) venues. Custom create poker games by setting rules and limits with the innovative poker editor, and take your games online to set up poker leagues with your friends. An exclusive presentation system modeled after the popular World Poker Tour(TM) broadcast, with insightful commentary by WPT(TM) commentators, turns your living room into a seat at a WPT(TM) table. It's time to Shuffle Up and Deal!

    -- Amped 3

    Platform: Xbox 360

    Snowboarding is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle. Amped 3 features the most authentic snowboarding gameplay with perfected controls and the elements of a true extreme sports sandbox. Throw down stylish tricks, white-knuckle sled rides, and experience death-defying crashes as you earn your world ranking online. Tweak your tricks, gear, runs, music, and special effects while saving your crew in this twisted story that defines Amped 3.

    -- Top Spin 2

    Platforms: Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS(TM)

    One of the top Xbox sports games, in both sales and popularity returns for another victory on Xbox 360. Everything you loved about Top Spin is back and made even better. The peerless player-creator is reborn with the powerful Digital Identity that truly puts you in the game. Experience Grand Slam events in venues that are alive and dynamic with environmental elements that react to your play. Characters are even more stunning with the addition of HD technology and the inclusion of the top players in the world like Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer. Put it all online and you once again have the greatest tennis game ever created.

    Excellente nouvelle !!!
    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Drumns3b Elite

    Coppola critique l'adaptation du Parrain:

    Bref, ce jeu risque de faire bcp de bruit...et d'être une licence gachée.
    Drumns3b, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Drumnseb, t'es positif de temps en temps ? :?
    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Kaman Elite
    Il a décidé de prendre tout ce qui se dit de négatif au sujet de la Xbox360... on va laisser couler hein sinon je pense qu'il n'arrêtera jamais, c'est son petit plaisir de nous répéter encore et encore qu'il ne sent pas bien cette console, que la PS3 sera mieux bla bla bla et tout ça en se basant sur des articles d'il y a facilement un mois... Il est tétu quoi :?
    Kaman, 16 Mai 2005
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    zergames ex membre
    zergames, 16 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Tavar3s, 16 Mai 2005
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    Corps-men Touriste
    C'est fou tout les jeux qui prévoie :shock: j'en reviens pas ... Et c'est pas venu petit à petit, depuis une semaine il nous lache plein de truc :D
    Corps-men, 17 Mai 2005
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    S'quand même vachement beau hein :shock:
    Gee_oldd, 17 Mai 2005
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    cyriak Turn on - Tune in - Drop out
    Conférence microsoft en live pour ceux qui sont encore debout

    cyriak, 17 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Final Fantasy XI sur Xbox 360 !

    Comme d'hab personne aura voulu me croire mais bon...

    Square-Enix va travailler sur Xbox 360. le site de news américain Forbes vient en effet d'annoncer publiquement le nom de Final Fantasy XI, MMORPG basé sur l'univers de la série culte de Square. Assurément un gros coup pour Microsoft, qui s'adjoint un allié de taille dans la guerre qui l'oppose au géant japonais Sony.

    Le marché Japonais va-t-il exploser enfin ?
    Tavar3s, 17 Mai 2005
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    Elohim Touriste
    Clair c'est super étonnant, square enix travaillerait donc sur 3 consoles en même temps, vive les FF pour tout le monde :D
    Elohim, 17 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Xbox 360 Retro-Compatible et Sortie Mondiale avant fin d'année!

    Rien à ajouter ;) C'est officiel :)
    Tavar3s, 17 Mai 2005
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    Kaman Elite
    Merci Tava :)

    Vais-je revendre ma Xbox ou pas? Telle est la question...
    Kaman, 17 Mai 2005
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Plein d'infos devraient arriver d'ici 1 heure ou 2...

    Vidéo de la conférence en résumer + Screenshot officiel...
    Tavar3s, 17 Mai 2005
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