Tournoi de poker à Dublin

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    baciami1988 Touriste
    Qui va à l'Irish poker???
    baciami1988, 9 Septembre 2008
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    Quelqu'un l'as compris?
    sANCHEZ_-, 9 Septembre 2008
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    ThuG Elite
    Jpense que personne le comprendra il doit être dans un bad trip très profond
    ThuG, 9 Septembre 2008
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    ThuG Elite
    Jusque là ca va.


    WTF :gne:

    ca==> :pfiou: et ca==>:-s et ca aussi ==>:beuh:
    ThuG, 9 Septembre 2008
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    ThuG Elite
    Jusque là ca va.


    WTF :gne:

    ca==> :pfiou: et ca==>:-s et ca aussi ==>:beuh:
    ThuG, 9 Septembre 2008
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    golog Serie Addict!
    il c'est manger un bad beat à coup sur la ... :cool:
    golog, 9 Septembre 2008
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    [ peP ] Elite
    quel irish poker ????
    [ peP ], 10 Septembre 2008
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    Ochinko Jedi
    Ca pourrait etre sympa un tournoi de poker au sommet de la guinness storehouse :p
    Ochinko, 10 Septembre 2008
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    ThuG Elite
    ThuG, 10 Septembre 2008
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    [ peP ] Elite
    Jsuis à 1km de là, j'irais demander à l'occasion :D
    [ peP ], 10 Septembre 2008
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    Zwane Elite
    lol y a personne au courant de ce championnat sur gamerz :)

    va plutot voir du coté de clubpoker pour des infos sur ce tournament avec une structure de reve: )
    Zwane, 11 Septembre 2008
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    Zwane il fait le gars qui comprend les pokereux
    sANCHEZ_-, 11 Septembre 2008
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    Zwane Elite
    bah je le comprends oui et alors ?

    chacun s'y connait dans son domaine c'est normal ;p
    Zwane, 13 Septembre 2008
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    bah explique noobshitdelabite:-(
    sANCHEZ_-, 13 Septembre 2008
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    Globi El Globite de pelo verde
    Si j'ai bien suivi y a quelques temps, c'est un gros tournoi à "faible" buy-in. Une centaine d'euros de buy-in pour un tournoi à (si mes souvenirs sont bons) 1k+ joueurs.
    Globi, 14 Septembre 2008
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    non oui mais je viens de voir qu'il a editer son message mais c'etait bcp moins comprehensible a la base :D

    Puis meme le threads a 5 mots voila quoi ...
    sANCHEZ_-, 14 Septembre 2008
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    MoTh Elite
    Bon allez pour ceux qui font semblant de suivre le monde du poker :

    International Poker Open 2008
    17th/18th/19th October

    Location; The International Poker Open 2008 will take place
    in the Regency Airport Hotel, Swords Road, Dublin 9 from Friday 17th to
    Sunday 19th of October 2008.

    Players must register online through before midday on
    Thursday 16th October in order to take part. (the website will be up and
    running by tomorrow morning 9th July but registration opens from 2pm today
    on so you can be one of the first to register).

    We are expecting over 1,200 players to attend. 600 players will take part on
    Day 1A (Friday 17th October) and 600 more will compete on Day 1B (Saturday
    18th October). Approximately 200 players will return for play on Day 2
    (Sunday 19th October) and an International Champion will be decided before
    the night is out.

    Entry; costs €150 (€135 + €15 registration fee).

    Poker Ireland achieved a field of 1,072 players last year. However, we are
    not taking anything for granted this year. We recognise that one of the main
    reasons we were successful in 2007 because so many players and tournament
    organisers around the country and Europe got into the spirit of this event
    and helped us to get the word out to every single poker player out there.

    This year players are going to experience the very best in terms of customer
    service and professional staff (both online and live) for an even smaller
    registration fee with lots and lots and lots of added value courtesy of

    The winner of this tournament can expect to take home over €35,000 for
    taking part in two days of live poker and over one hundred and twenty
    players will turn a tidy profit for their troubles (full payout structure
    will be displayed over the coming weeks, it will be very flat and will offer
    those that cash just inside the money a healthy profit).

    Players should be aware that no cash entries will be accepted on the day and
    that if they wish to participate they should visit as
    soon as possible (the site is up and running from tomorrow morning, 9th
    July, at the latest) as this event is likely to be sold out well before the
    deadline for registration.

    The Regency Hotel is extremely well located within minute’s drive (taxi or
    public bus) of Dublin Airport and Dublin City Centre. There are three top
    class, reasonably priced restaurants on site as well as numerous others
    within walking distance and as well as having fantastic leisure facilities
    they have put on a special rate for the weekend (€145 per night for three
    people sharing, including full breakfast, free wi-fi and a few more extras).

    There is limited availability on triple rooms so early booking is advised.
    Please quote the words “BoylePoker” to the reservations desk as we have
    blocked booked the hotel for the entire weekend for players (if a member of
    staff tells you they are fully booked please contact me immediately –

    If you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask (by
    email -

    Regular online satellites will be running on for the next
    three months and details will be posted here shortly.
    I hope that every single player will make their first choice
    on the iPoker network from now until forever This tournament really could
    not happen with anywhere near this level of service and value for money
    without BoylePoker’s input.

    Also, the amount of money generated through general online play over the
    next three months is going to have a direct effect on the amount of
    prize-money added in October. BoylePoker are doing this not only to give
    players control over how much money is added in 2008 but also to see their
    business grow and grow in the long term (if things go well I am going to ask
    them to sponsor a 3,000 runner event next year, and we will probably try to
    double that number again the following year J).

    Blind Structure and Timings for the International Poker Open

    Structure and schedule for Friday 17th Oct (Day 1A)
    Time Blinds Dinner Break + Race Off
    16:00-16:40 Level 1; 25-50
    16:40-17:20 Level 2; 50-100
    17:20-18:00 Level 3; 75-150
    18:00-18:40 Level 4; 100-200
    18:40-19:00 (Break 20 mins)

    19:00-19:40 Level 5; 150-300 Group A (Staggered Dinner Break)
    19:40-20:20 Level 6; 200-400 Group B Race off 25's
    20:20-21:00 Level 7; 300-600 Group C
    21:00-21:40 Level 8; 400-800 Group D
    21:40-22:00 (Break 20 mins)

    22:00-22:40 Level 9; 500-1,000
    22:40-23:00 Level 9; 500-1,000
    23:00-23:40 Level 10; 600-1,200
    23:40-00:00 Level 11; 800-1,500
    00:00-00:20 (Break 20 mins)

    00:20-01:00 Level 12; 1,000-2,000
    01:00-01:40 Level 13; 1,200-2,400
    01:40-02:20 Level 14; 1,500-3,000 Race off 100's
    02:20-03:00 Level 15; 2,000-4,000

    Blind structure and schedule for Saturday 18th Oct (Day 1B)
    Time Blinds Dinner Break + Race Off
    14:00-14:40 Level 1; 25-50
    14:00-15:20 Level 2; 50-100
    15:20-16:00 Level 3; 75-150
    16:00-16:40 Level 4; 100-200
    16:40-17:00 (Break 20 mins)
    17:00-17:40 Level 5; 150-300
    17:40-18:20 Level 6; 200-400 Race off 25's - Staggered Dinner Break
    18:20-19:00 Level 7; 300-600 Group A
    19:00-19:40 Level 8; 400-800 Group B
    19:40-20:00 (Break 20 mins)
    20:00-20:40 Level 9; 500-1,000 Group C
    20:40-21:00 Level 9; 500-1,000 Group D
    21:00-21:40 Level 10; 600-1,200
    21:40-22:00 Level 11; 800-1,500
    22:00-22:20 (Break 20 mins)
    22:20-23:00 Level 12; 1,000-2,000
    23:00-23:40 Level 13; 1,200-2,400
    23:40-00:20 Level 14; 1,500-3,000 Race off 100's
    00:20-01:00 Level 15; 2,000-4,000

    Blind structure and schedule for Sunday 19th Oct (Day 2)
    Time Blinds
    13:00-13:40 Level 16; 2,500-5,000
    13:40-14:20 Level 17; 3,000-6,000
    14:20-15:00 Level 18; 4,000-8,000
    15:00-15:40 Level 19; 5,000-10,000
    15:40-16:00 (Break 20 mins)
    16:00-16:40 Level 20; 6,000-12,000
    16:40-17:20 Level 21; 8,000-15,000
    17:20-18:00 Level 22; 10,000-20,000
    18:00-18:40 Level 23; 12,000-24,000
    18:40-19:20 (Break 40 mins) - Dinner
    19:20-20:00 Level 24; 15,000-30,000
    20:00-20:40 Level 25; 18,000-35,000
    20:40-21:20 Level 26; 20,000-40,000
    21:20-22:00 Level 27; 25,000-50,000
    22:00-22:20 (Break 20 mins)
    22:20-23:00 Level 28; 30,000-60,000
    23:00-23:40 Level 29; 40,000-80,000
    23:40-00:20 Level 30; 50,000-100,000
    00:20-01;00 Level 31; 60,000-120,000
    01:00-1:40 Level 32; 80,000-150,000
    01:40-02:20 Level 33; 100,000-200,000
    02:20-03:00 Level 34; 120,000-240,000
    03:00-03:40 Level 35; 150,000-300,000

    Side event structures and schedules can be emailed on request and will be
    posted here soon. We aim to accommodate every player for every type of game,
    both big and small stakes, with very reasonable registration fees.

    Stephen Mc Lean,
    MoTh, 29 Septembre 2008
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