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    Hardware: The next level of aiming
    Page 2: The patch sequence
    NB! This only covers WindowsXP, check the comments to see if someone had success with other Windows versions. The ppl behind Razer said they will make patches for windows2000 this year, with their Diamondback release.
    Before you begin. It may have an affect on other usb devices, both positive and negative. So test with
    only the mouse connected first, then try adding the other devices and see if they work. If they don't try decreasing the samplerate, or go all the way back to the original file. But noone wants to do that, once they feel the power of 500hz :)
    1. Locate usbport.sys in %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers
    2. Take a backup of the file, save it like usbport.BAK for instance.
    3. Hexedit the file, locate this sequence of hex values: "3C 08 73 09 C6 86 0A 01", look in FAQ
    if you can't find it.
    (You can google for one, a lot of free hexeditors on the net. I used Hex Workshop 4.0)
    4. It's found at different offsets depending on what usbport.sys version you got. non-SP/SP1/SP2
    5. Replace that string with this one: "B0 04 73 09 52 8A 0A 01"
    6. Save&reboot
    7. Go into safemode (this is to avoid WFP), replace the patched usbport.sys in both
    %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers AND %SystemRoot%\System32\dllcache (hidden folder)
    8. Reboot, and it should all work fine.
    9. Back in WinXP, check samplerate, and you SHOULD notice the change. For the ones with total
    blindness for such things; you will notice that sensitivity feels LOWER.
    Other things: Better responsetime/less jitter/mouselag/whine from you.
    And this is the 250hz patch.
    500hz : "B0 02 73 09 52 8C 0A 01"
    1000hz : *Removed*
    500hz should be enough for all at this point.
    As you notice, the second hex value defines the milliseconds. 1000hz is the highest samplerate possible.
    Since the number is set with a whole number, and the lowest whole number is 1.
    Mice and reported success:
    Intellimouse Explorer 3 - 250&500hz&1000hz
    Logitech MX300/310/500 - 250&500hz
    Logitech MX510 - 250&450hz
    Razer Viper - 250&500hz (doesn't fix the skipping)
    By RaZiel
    3C 08 73 09 C6 86 02 01
    Voilà ce que j'ai trouvé, si quelqu'un savait comprendre ou sait déjà comment faire de le traduire :)

    merci d'avance
    julien_, 17 Mars 2005
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