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    Jo_ m00
    Red Orchestra vient de publier le change log de la version 2.0.

    Ils organisent un rendez-vous pour la sortie du mod, ça se passe cette nuit à 1h du matin sur le chat UT2004 de Gamespy Arcade.

    [ Red Orchestra ]

    Final changelog 1.2 => 2.0

    Fixes over 1.2
    - Fixed issue with weapons coming up in a different order in network vs. standalone games
    - Fixed precaching, so pausing should be much less frequent
    - Fixed and changed the weapon names so they are more consistant (helps with the new menu)
    - Fixed minor auto-team bug
    - Hit sounds should now use randomized sounds instead of a single sound
    - Improved the way button presses are tracked on the grenade system, should prevent any accessed none problems in
    the future
    - Fixed problem on the luger where sprinting with an empty pistol showed the anims for sprinting with a non-empty
    - Fixed bug where Kar-98 pickups were de-spawning to quickly, Kar-98 pickup lifetime has been increased to 30
    seconds from 2 seconds
    - Fixed problem where sometimes the last fire anim would be played late, or a fire anim wasn't played at all even
    though the weapon did fire
    - Fixed a bug where the G43 didn't have shell ejections in first person view
    - Fixed the G43 not showing the correct death icon when a kill is generated
    - Fixed an exploit where you could switch the firing mode on the STG44 while sprinting, and then fire while
    - Reduced the kar98 scoped bash range to 75uu's from 100uu's
    - Added more None checks to the ammo pickups to fix Accessed None problems
    - Added more None checks to the weapon pickups to fix Accessed None problems
    - Added more None checks to the weapon base classes to fix Accessed None problems
    - Fixed up some Accessed None problems related to firing a weapon you picked up
    - Fixed a bug related to ammo allocation when a weapon is given to a player on spawn
    - Fixed crouch-prone animations with MP40
    - Fixed issue where messages from unassigned players would show up in German colors
    - Fixed accessed none in ROMultiplayerHostPage
    - Fixed bug where spectators would sometimes show up on the scoreboard under a team
    - Fixed bug where the selection menu would pop up for spectators after joining a server
    - Fixed support for setting up a level to have no reinforcements at all
    - Fixed ChangedLoadout() and CycleLoadout() exploits (they're leftover UT functions that aren't used by RO)
    - Fixed instances where players could fall into terrain during the prone transition
    - Added missing bullet type for MN 1891/30 sniper rifle
    - Votekick and friendly fire punishments are no longer allowed in practice games
    - Say and TeamSay messages with no text are no longer sent
    - Fixed 1st person shells being visible to the player when in 3rd person view
    - Fixed 1st person muzzle smoke being visible to the player when in 3rd person view
    - Fixed a weapon switching bug where players could not access weapons with no remaining magazines using the
    number keys, but could do so using the scroll wheel
    - Fixed a bug where dropped magazine were always full. They are now filled according to the ammo amount in each
    magazine a player is carrying when killed.
    - Fixed an issue where throwing your last grenade while sprinting would not force a weapon switch, leaving the
    player without a weapon. The weapon switch will now occur when the player stops sprinting.
    - Fixed an issue where throwing your last grenade would not force a weapon switch, leaving the player without a
    - Fixed an issue in the burst recoil area where all automatic weapons had their recoil set too low, this has been
    - Fixed an issue in the burst recoil area where players who spawned with automatic weapons didn't receive the
    proper recoil reduction
    - Fixed an issue in the burst recoil area where the burst count wasn't correctly maintained.
    - Weapon and ammo drops no longer look like they are floating above the ground(except if they get caught on a
    - Fixed a problem where sometimes the throw animation for the last grenade in a player's inventory wouldn't be
    properly played
    - Fixed a performance issue that was caused by 3rd person muzzle flashes not being properly destroyed on the
    clients playing online
    - Fixed a performance issue that was caused by 3rd person weapons not being properly destroyed on the clients
    when playing online
    - Removed exploit where players could remove iron sight blur by lower their HUD opacity
    - Fixed exploit where players could stand up from prone while falling and reset their fall speed

    - Slightly modified muzzle smoke effect to last longer
    - Increased initial F1 grenade throw speed by 50uu/s or roughly 3.2 ft/s
    - Increased the 'charge' rate for F1 throws to 3/4's of a second from 1 second
    - Improved the visual quality of the grenade explosion effect
    - Increased the speed of the bayonet stab animations by 2x
    - Changed team references to "Axis" and "Allies"
    - Added base support for different countries
    - Restructured the way roles are handled
    - Added support for multiple models within a role
    - Added support for different headgear within a role
    - Level designers can now customize role properties to some extent
    - Headgear classes have been cleaned up and renamed to better reflect what they are
    - After joining a game and selecting everything, players exit the waiting state and go into spectator mode
    - Players who have not gone through the selection process are locked in place
    - Added specific player starts for use by players when they first join the game (Team = 2)
    - Increased points awarded to players for objective completion to 10 points
    - Dead players and spectators can no longer communicate with live players (tied to server option
    - Added protection against sending too many lines of text too quickly
    - Added the ability to make certain roles worth more points when scoring than others
    - Added support for "required" objectives. Such objectives must be completed to win regardless of NumObjectiveWin.
    - 25% increase in total stamina (can sprint a little longer)
    - Added "roversion" property to the server query response to display the version of the mod the server is using
    - Added new security class that performs a full MD5 on certain packages (makes byte hacking a lot harder)
    - Tweaked muzzle velocities to some slightly more accurate numbers
    - Increased grenade damage
    - Helmets stay attached to players after death
    - Improved replication of player movement, which should result in slightly reduced bandwidth and a smoother
    to and from sprinting as well as to and from walking with iron sights
    - Added checks to first person muzzle flash to see if firer is human controlled and in first person view before
    - Added checks to first person shell ejections to see if firer is human controlled and in first person view
    before spawning
    - Added checks to first person muzzle smoke to see if firer is human controlled and in first person view before
    - Added MG sprinting anims for DP-28
    - When holding an MG at the hip, the player will be forced to walk
    - Reduced network bandwidth usage when switching iron sights
    - Re-worked muzzle smoke to significantly reduce overhead
    - Implemented an improved grenade animation tracking system.
    - Added custom MP-41 sounds
    - Massive recoil is now applied to players who fire while jumping, this reflects the absence of ground resistance.
    - Trying to move while prone and in iron sights will lower your weapon automatically
    - Increased the Life Time of weapon pickups to 45 seconds from 30 seconds
    - All pickups now have a base life time of 45 seconds, with a randomized additional lifetime of up to 10 seconds
    - Trilinear Filtering has been turned off by default for all graphics drivers
    - Lowered wait time between jumps to 2 seconds from 3 seconds
    - Sprint now overrides Iron Sight transitions
    - Removed weapon on back functionality, RO weapons now switch out like UT2004 weapons.. This was done to fix the
    weapon-on-back firing bug until a better implementation is found
    - Increased the GoreLevel to 2 from 0
    - Slightly decreased the MinDesiredFrameRate to 30 from 35
    - reorganized texture/static libraries

    New features in 2.0
    - Players are limping temporarily following leg damage
    - Added player weapon selection
    - Added a player setup menu that consolidates the unit, role, and weapon selection
    - Damage caused by bullets is now partially dependent on the velocity of the bullet in relation to the muzzle
    - When someone is killed and they drop an active grenade, the grenade will be considered 'neutral'. This means no
    person will be given credit for kills.
    - Added support for new 3rd person shell system
    - Added initial tracer system for MG's. Tracers spawn every 5th shot
    - Trying to sprint in iron sights will lower your weapon automatically
    - Spectator mode has been improved and works in the following way:
    - Fire views the next player (does nothing in roaming mode)
    - Alt-fire switches between available modes (roaming, free chase camera, locked chase camera)
    - Added server option "ForceChaseCam" to control available spectator modes for players (0 = all modes available,
    1 = roaming not available, 2 = only locked chase camera available)
    - Spectator HUD has been redone
    - Players go to spectator mode after dying
    - Added center screen messages when reinforcements are running low and when they have run out
    - New voice menu has been added
    - Sprint speed is now based on the direction, so you will sprint forward faster than you will sprint sideways or
    - The MG barrel steam effect has been hooked in. Barrels will steam when they are over 100 deg C. Failure will
    occur at 200 deg C
    - Added MG-34 barrel changing animation (The default key for barrel changing is 'b')
    - Created a muzzle steam emitter
    - Added custom emitters for some surface types that didn't have any proper hit effects
    - New MG tracer effect uses dynamic light.
    - New menu music
    - Implemented dropping of all weapons when dying.
    - All automatics weapons(except for MG's) now have burst modifiers applied to them. The first four shots will
    result in reduced recoil offset, however if a player continues firing they will feel the full recoil effect. It
    will take a player 3 seconds of non-firing to recover from a burst and have the modifiers applied for their next
    firing group. This is done automatically and cannot be controlled by the player
    - new recorded voice commands
    - Free Aim Area has been implemented on all guns except for the MG's.
    - Mg resupply system

    MG Resupply System:
    - All roles currently carry one MG magazine
    - Players get 1 point for resupplying a gunner that needs ammo
    - You can only resupply a gunner who is carrying an MG as their current weapon
    - To resupply a gunner, center the character in your screen so you can see their name, then run up to them. Once
    you're within 10 feet of the gunner, your view of their name will change, it will include some numbers; these
    numbers indicate the current number of magazine the player is carrying and the max number they can carry. For
    example, Antarian will turn into Antarian [5/6], which means I am carry 5 magazines and can carry up to 6.
    - Once this new description appears, you are free to resupply the gunner by pressing the 'G' key.
    - If resupply is successful, you'll hear a magazine drop sound and the players name will revert to just the name
    and no numbers
    - If you run up to a gunner, and their name display doesn't change, one of two things is possible:
    1.) you've already used you carried MG ammo
    2.) the gunner already has a full load of ammo and can't carry any more

    Free Aim Area Description:
    - Free Aim Area is a system where the gun a player is holding can move freely within a small 'box'. While the
    weapon moves within this box the player will remain stationary; however if the player moves the weapon far enough
    in any direction, it will cause the player to turn.
    - The movement of a weapon within the Free Aim 'box' is set independent of the MouseSensitivity, however the
    actual player movement is still dependent on the MouseSensitivity.
    - Weapons currently have 2 different movement speeds within the Free Aim 'box': medium and fast. Currently, all
    pistols are set to move fast, and all other weapons, except for MG's are set to move medium.
    - While a player is prone, Free Aim will be de-activated
    - Recoil is handled differently on weapons that use Free Aim; recoil is now applied to the weapon first. What
    this means is that if a player is using a weapon that uses Free Aim, firing the weapon will cause the weapon to
    move within it's Free Aim 'box'. Recoil will be applied to the player if the weapon passes its movement threshold

    Menu changes:
    - The Configuration Menus now have the same organization as the UT2004 Menus. That means that ?Configure
    Controls? and ?Speech Binder? are now under the ?Input? tab on the Configuration Menu. The ?Speech Binder? menu
    now has RO specific voice bindings.
    - The ?Player? Tab under the configuration menu shows 3D renders of the player models.
    - There is a ?Voice Options? sub menu under the ?Audio? Tab for configuring Voice Chat options.
    - New RedOrchestra specific tips have been added and will be showed during maploading.
    - On the in game menu (esc key) there is now an option to get to Communications menu. The Communications menu has
    options for muting players.

    New Weapons in 2.0
    - Norwegian Colt M1914
    - Russian DP-28 machine gun
    - German MG-34 machine gun
    - The Mauser C96 pistol has been issued to all SS roles

    New models in 2.0
    - Added German Heer Greatcoat player models
    - Added German SS Fall Camouflage player models
    - Added German SS Spring Camouflage player models
    - Added Russian RKKA Greatcoat player models
    - Added Russian RKKF player models
    - Added Russian NKVD Spring Camouflage player models
    - Added Russian NKVD Fall Camoflage player models

    New maps in 2.0
    - Konigsberg
    - Sevastopol
    - Porechye
    - Kaukasus

    Revamped maps in 2.0
    - Berlin
    - Ponyri
    - Donets
    - Moscow Highway

    New Ragdoll Physics
    Jo_, 21 Mai 2004
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    Tifox ou pas
    C'est pas du changelog de tapette, ça !
    Tifox, 21 Mai 2004
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    KraiS Elite
    KraiS, 22 Mai 2004
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    Carambar He once forgot how to cry
    Attention à l'installateur. Modifiez le chemin d'installation pour qu'il pointe sur l'endroit où vous avez installé UT2004.
    Carambar, 22 Mai 2004
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    Inferno Sans Titre
    sa pompe aussi 409 Mo, vais éclater mon quota :cry:
    Inferno, 22 Mai 2004
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    KraiS Elite
    méééé, je trouve pas c koi la touche pour viser-sniper (aim down the sight) ..?

    g un autre prob: g installé le jeu et j'ai testé mais kan je reviens sous windows, l'icone red Orchestra devient "inconnue" et je sais plus relancer le jeu (désinstall-réinstall oblige)?

    y'a encore des progrès à apporter pour la version finale mais sinon les maps sont bien, pas mal d'armes, ça promet...
    KraiS, 22 Mai 2004
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    Inferno Sans Titre
    tu va dans communauté , mods et tu choisi red orchestra.

    sinon moi aussi je le trouve bien et c'est qu'un beta, par contre j'arrive pas a viré l'accelération souris et sa fais ch***
    Inferno, 22 Mai 2004
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    D m S Elite
    Je vais tester çà :)
    D m S, 22 Mai 2004
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    Jo_ m00
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    EnTrAnCeD Elite
    Du le d/l 2 fois et ca foire :

    "UT2004 Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-05-10_17.18]

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 2107 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: RADEON 9800 PRO (6436)

    General protection fault!

    History: UGUIStyles::TextSize <- (None) <- GUITabControl::preDraw <- (GUITabControl Package.GUITabControl) <- UGUIMultiComponent::preDrawControls <- (ROUT2K4PlayerSetupPage Package.ROUT2K4PlayerSetupPage) <- GUIMultiComponent::preDraw <- (ROUT2K4PlayerSetupPage Package.ROUT2K4PlayerSetupPage) <- GUIController::NativePreRender <- UInteractionMaster::MasterProcessPreRender <- FPlayerSceneNode::Render <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level Moscow Highway <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 676F4C57 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

    Qqun capte ce qui va pas là..?

    Les progs non officiels ca déconne tjrs jvais devoir de nveau tout réinstaller ca SUX :cry:
    EnTrAnCeD, 23 Mai 2004
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