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    Signed to EMI, The band describes their sound as “high voltage”, “killbilly”, “banjopunk” and “blues-grass”. Albeit tongue and cheek descriptions, they exemplify the fact that this trio that hails from Stockholm, Sweden doesn’t play by anyone’s rules when it comes to creating a sound that is pure and unique and not bound to a specific genre. The Bondesson sisters - Greta, Stella and Sunniva, evoke a rebellious attitude that is more punk in attitude than most of their contemporaries that play roots infused music. Their incendiary sound is ignited by Greta’s six string distorted slide banjo playing, all while providing beats with her feet on kick and snare, Sunniva’s emotive twangy vocals and frenetic rhythm guitar playing and Stella’s hard driving slap driven upright bass.

    Date: 28/05
    Doors: 19.30
    Venue: Belle Vue Café - Henegauwenkaai 43 Quai Du Hainaut - Bruxelles 1080 Brussel

    More info: http://www.vkconcerts.be/conc0528baskery.htm
    vkconcerts, 7 Mai 2009
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    on le ban quand ce bot?
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