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    That Will Johnson is a powerful and prolific songwriter is not up for debate. Over the past eight years, Will has proven himself a veritable magnet for critical and peer affection; the words "cult following" tend to hover near any description of either his folk-pop juggernaut, Centro-matic, or its gray-skied cousin, South San Gabriel.The world is filled with trained vocalists, but there are a very few singing voices which convey a particular sense of raw emotion so immediate as to be simultaneously transporting, arresting and a little unsettling.

    Date: 02/05
    Doors: 19.30
    Venue: Henegauwenkaai 43 Quai Du Hainaut // Bruxelles 1080 Brussel

    More info: http://www.vkconcerts.be/conc0502willjohnson.htm
    vkconcerts, 24 Avril 2009
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